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Frame by Frame
Amanitas - A. pantherina
by Ronin
Citation:   Ronin. "Frame by Frame: An Experience with Amanitas - A. pantherina (exp114767)". Oct 15, 2020.

14 g oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (dried)


Morning after report. This is an unusual substance for me; in my 20's I had done cannabis, psilocybe mushrooms and LSD a few times each. MDMA once in my 30's. Muscimol is somewhat different in that it is categorized as a deliriant, and that's an appropriate name.

-slow onset (possibly due to slow consumption)
-it's physical: initial energy, 'intoxication', and even social boost, somewhat disconnected from body, followed by twitches and sweats, difficult to control body.
-time broken into quick frames or moments that flash back and forth like a slide projector. Maybe having something to do with the deliriant effect on eyesight.

I ordered some panthers from the Baltics and was eager to test them. I received them mostly dry (not cracker dry but good enough). In house alone yesterday evening. I had worked out, had sex, was well rested and felt generally good and mellow.

I did not want to take the entire dose of 15g so I first had a few small pieces as a test at maybe 830pm?. It tastes and smells fairly decent. 30m and nothing. Eat a few more smaller pieces. 30m nothing. A few more, beginning to feel a *very* mild intoxication. I made dinner, even had some dessert and noticed how much I love those little Russian gingerbread cookies. Ate some more panther pieces and roughly 30m later, still not much effect. Reading some articles and listening to youtube music, threw some Dead on for apropos. It was at least 3hrs from the first pieces and plate was over half gone. Really wanted to feel at least a small something to gauge the stuff, so I ate a few more. Sitting at the computer, I figured I'd get out of the wooden box (my apt) and go for a walk.

Walking on the tree'd path at night feeling pretty good w mild intoxication. I notice I feel somewhat disconnected from my body. Notice I am swerving slightly. Stopped to feel a tree and realized maybe some effects kicking in. Closed my eyes, nothing blatant or particularly strange behind the eyes or sense of touch. (*note: I suppose I have a truly unusual physiology, as I never got many if any visuals even when on those other hallucinogens, and I twitch on even strong weed). I'm peeing alot. I have energy and walk briskly, stalk and chase a couple rabbits for fun. I noticed a slight sexual vibe also, nothing I ever got from other substances. I thought I'd like to do these and go party: concert or club or something, something I'm not very wont to do these days. Did some mild tree climbing. The path was along a river, and in the dark I did mistake the off colored banks for water. That was interesting and I laughed about how I didnt want to get wet. I broke into a full jog most of the way back. This phase I can *somewhat* compare with drunkenness, although with a more lucid mind state. The 'framing' thing begins somewhat.

Not sure of the time, but must be at least 6 hrs from initial consumption. I arrive home and towel off from sweat. I wrap up in the towel and am shivering somewhat. The evening was cool but I had been very active, so its hard to gauge what my body regulation/temp was doing. I put on a shirt and wrap up in towel but am sweating and shaking. Try to watch some vid's. Put on a Bach organ piece and the opening prelude seemed like an eternity, and I cant at all make sense of the notes. Trying to type on the keyboard but I almost literally could not-- I'm in the wrong window, hitting the wrong row of keys, fingers randomly typing/clicking, spazzing my mouse across the desk. Lol. Unbelievable effort to write a single short sentence yet I manage.

The main effect that I titled this for is the broken stream of perception. I'd be looking at something, then spontaneously it was a moment ago where I was seeing something else
I'd be looking at something, then spontaneously it was a moment ago where I was seeing something else
, then whoop back to the moment after I left. All this in no more than a second or so. So instead of 1-2-3-4 like a normal movie, it was 1-3-2-4. I noticed very mild nausea but nothing much.

After a short while I gave up and headed to bed as it was after 3am I think. I get ready and was fairly persnickety and probly random or compulsive (I'm guessing) to an outside observer. I recall laying there thinking I probly poisoned myself due to the physical reaction of sweating and shivering, hoping I'd not have to go to the hospital or effects not last another whole day. I'm not a very panicky person so this was all matter of fact. The entire time, 'I' was mostly present and 'sober', just not very able to control much. I do recall muttering some nonsensical things out loud, recalling I had intended to say something normal, but what came out was gibberish. I assume I just passed out as that's the last I remember. Next day and I feel fine, no different in any way at all really. No monumental experience or introspective lesson to take away that I can consciously recall. Maybe something subconscious happened.

Overall I dont think muscimol has much direct psychoactive effect-- imo any such effect was the result of the deliriant effect on my body and senses, and perhaps my brain trying to logically process that, which it has a hard time with. I'll probly eat the few small remaining peices at some point for a body high later; I'll be able to see whether its a time or dose size thing then.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114767
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45 
Published: Oct 15, 2020Views: 713
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Amanitas - A. pantherina (71) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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