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I Felt More Grounded in the Present Moment
by c9
Citation:   c9. "I Felt More Grounded in the Present Moment: An Experience with 1cP-LSD (exp114623)". Aug 3, 2020.

75 ug oral 1cP-LSD (blotter / tab)


Boxing the Experience

After the small 25ug experiment with this substance in which I made sure that the effects were felt and that they were safe I went on and had a standard trip, some 2 weeks after the LSA one, in order to allow the tolerance to reset.

I still had the other ĺ of the blotter conveniently left and I decided that it was a good enough quantity for a trip being basically at the limit between a low and common dose (at least thatís what itís like on LSD dosages). I had planned the trip on a relatively hot summer day of Sunday. While the initial weather forecast announced some potential rains, the skies were clear for the most part. I made sure I had no chores for today or tomorrow morning. I prepared my backpack with some essential goods: fresh fruits, water, clipboard with pen and paper, umbrella, vitamin C, a cigarette, a lighter, some gummy worms, tissues and headphones. My phone was fully charged and had all my favorite music at the ready.

Apart from the physical preparation, I also prepared myself mentally for the trip, meditating the days before, reading some general trip advices, constantly telling myself that I am in no danger, and mapping out a plan of action. I decided that I will take the blotter at home then go to a park, at some 40 minutes walking distance. I will stay there for most of the peak and then I will come back home in the evening and do more chores around the house. I prepared some alarms on the phone to let me know how much time has passed.

I hadnít told anyone about this trip, friends or family. I wanted this to be my own experience. Be the master of my own destiny for once. Prove to myself that I can handle psychedelics safely. So, after a good night sleep and a consistent breakfast, I was finally ready for the adventure. Below, what I have written down during the trip as is, and then after that I will explain several commentaries and fill in the details.
12:35 - intake 75 ug
13:10 - Dry mouth! Come up is slow and calm
13:20 - Some spontaneous body sensations
13:35 Ė Thoughtfulness Mental buzzing Pupil constricted?
13:43 - Time dilation
13:52 - Easy distractions... Time relative to actions
14:06 - Body sensations more prevalent?
14:10 - Soft visuals - things hazy and breathing
14:23 - Senses get blurred together when you are not focusing on them
14:30 - Closed eyes visuals. Wavy sounds
14:35 - Something about synesthesia Things take forever Feeling of insight Lost in chewing
14:47 - If you're vision is unfocused, you can see underling geometric patterns
15:00 - Thought connectivity Feels as if more grounded in the present

15:38 - Laying here, next to the tree, feeling of oneness
16:01 - Feeling like skin texture flipped
16:04 - Loss of visual depth
16:13 - Skin patterns breathing
16:20 - Jerked awake by automatic urinals
16:25 - A looooong smoke Would've preferred weed
16:40 - Going home. Emerged victorious
16:47 - Sounds in echo
17:10 - Subconscious and conscious fighting Self-fulfilling prophecy
--managed to finish a game. Seemed a lot more eventful
17:27 - Laughter, giggle fits
18:09 - Music is more enjoyable, but not so insightful for meaning Forgot pen and paper
18:24 - Feel more comfortable around people Read some wild experience report on the substance
18:45 - I'll call it "come down rejuvenation"
19:00 - Nvm.. pupil dilated
19:13 - Sudden moments of clarity Appetite suppression Occasional muscle spasm
19:24 - Very pleasant evening breeze
[Boxing the experience]
[Feeling as if the others' conscious experience is tripping]

There were loads of spelling mistakes in this live reporting that I corrected post transcript. Basically, I went to the park. I waited for the effects to be in full swing. I noticed that the come-up was slightly longer than for regular LSD and it maybe had a slightly more physical/tactile component from the spontaneous body sensations and occasional muscle spasms. Other than that, it was very similar to the regular thing.

Another weird thing is that my pupils didnít seem to be dilated until I got back home some 6 hours after intake. There were some moments of paranoia and anxiety, but I managed to ignore them, and luckily nobody really disturbed me. I kept reinforcing the original idea that this is my plan, that I am going to be successful and nothing is going to stop me.

Still, it is annoying how these substances make the conversations I hear feel like they area about me or somehow related to me, even though itís just people having minding their business. Related to this idea is also the second thing I wrote in-between brackets at the end as insight from the trip. Just how we donít know for sure if any other human around us is conscious and self-aware as we are, but we just assume they are since we are and it seems the reasonable thing to do, when I am tripping, I sometimes get the false impression that the people around me are also experiencing the same psychedelic conscious experience.

Physically I didnít do much, beside staying on a bench, checking my phone, walking around, sitting next to a tree or simply laying in the grass. Oh, and going to take a piss. This happened a lot, since I made sure to keep myself constantly hydrated. Itís interesting, since the urinals were so different from the environment in terms of structure, smell and visual, they basically acted as some mini alarms to remind me where I am and what I was doing.

While sitting in the grass, I had a lot of synesthetic experiences, feeling waves of sound and colors flowing through my body. There were also both closed and open-eyed visuals. From seeing my skin breath, to colors dancing in between the tree leaves, all the way to noticing some strange hexagonal patterns forming as I was looking in the distance. I also felt more connected with nature, and I made sure to hug the tree that supported me during this trip.

The last thing that I noticed during the peak, and that I noted in the first brackets after the experience is this tendency that psychedelics have of boxing the experience. I mentioned how I felt more grounded in the present moment and this is what it refers to. Basically, while sober I think about a lot of thing, many of which are very distant in either time or space. But when I was tripping, while I could technically think about things outside the current moment, they didnít seem important
when I was tripping, while I could technically think about things outside the current moment, they didnít seem important
. It felt like this area of the park and this moment in time are the only things that exist, and everything else seemedÖ disconnected.

Finally, after my second alarm at 16:30 when I basically marked that the peak will start to fade, I was filled with joy. I completed my mission, and I felt more motivated and awake than ever. Of course, I was still tripping, and I do seem to have this tendency of underestimating the time of these effects. Even after I got home, some 6 hours after ingestion I was still under the influence, although a lot more stable.

Of course, I listened to music on my way back and I even went out again to enjoy the evening breeze and do some shopping. As always, the music sounds really good, although this time around the verses didnít seem to trigger any weird thought connections.

Thatís about it. I did stop writing at about 19:30, but the effects did keep me well into the night, and I only managed to fall asleep at about 3 am, but I finally managed to have a successful psychedelic trip, without locking myself in the room or having someone watch over me. I canít really spot much of difference between this substance and regular LSD, that couldnít be chucked to set and setting. I will maybe consider one more trip on this, some time in the future before I draw a definite conclusion, but all in all it was a good adventure.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Aug 3, 2020Views: 3,240
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1cP-LSD (906) : First Times (2), Personal Preparation (45), General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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