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Explosion Sounds in Head, Otherwise Nice
Citation:   theAngryLittleBunny. "Explosion Sounds in Head, Otherwise Nice: An Experience with Kratom (exp114598)". Erowid.org. Jul 23, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114598

3 - 5 g oral Kratom
I heard about Kratom maybe 3 to 4 years ago with claims that in could be used during a MDMA comedown to make it more bearable. I never tried MDMA, but I used several stimulants like Methamphetamine, Methcathinone and mainly Mephedrone which all had horrific comedowns, even though I only "binged" on them for never longer then 35 to 40 hours. I hoped that Kratom would help with any stimulant comedown and I think this was the main reason I decided to try it.
I hoped that Kratom would help with any stimulant comedown and I think this was the main reason I decided to try it.

I would buy Red Vein Borneo Kratom from a herbal store and I mostly remember using it for the Methamphetamine comedowns, and WOW, it REALLY helped. I often felt like the effects of the comedown were completely masked by the Kratom. I would usually suspend about 3 grams in some kind of Juice to make the taste bearable and drinking it while gagging. It helped so much that even if I was coming down and feeling absolutely horrible, I would still take the one hour trip to the herbal store to get it and relieve the symptoms. The comedowns were usually so bad that when I would get to the store I would be stuttering, barely being able to ask for the Kratom since I could barely come up with the words. The Kratom didn't do anything for the cognitive symptoms of the comedown, it just made me feel better.

I also started just using Kratom by itself, and I could definitely feel the opioid like effect of it. I had used Tramadol a bit and had one experience with Hydromorphone, and Kratom did feel somewhat similar to these, just not as strong. I would just feel content, slightly euphoric and a bit sedated. It did make me feel a somewhat similar to maybe getting a hug, which is generally a characteristic opioid feeling. Another very common effect was nausea. If I would take more then 4 grams I was pretty much guaranteed to get pretty bad nausea. And if I would get nauseous I would just feel really sedated and fall asleep.

At some point buying it from the herbal store felt like a waste of money and I ordered Kratom from an online shop for much cheaper. The first time I can remember ordering was maybe march 2020 when the epidemic was starting and I overall just felt really depressed.
The first time I can remember ordering was maybe march 2020 when the epidemic was starting and I overall just felt really depressed.
I ordered 500g of a red vein strain and got 5 10g samples of other strains with it for free, which actually were all better then the red vein I ordered. So I kept using the usual doses of 3 to 4g, sometimes a few times a day every day. I remember reading that Kratom surpresses appetite, but I remember that sometimes it did the opposite for me, since it masked the depressive mood I was in at this time which sometimes would make me not eat for up to three days. I have to say that from all the potentially addictive drugs I've tried Kratom is one of the few that never really caused problems. The tolerance increase for me was extremely slow. Even when I would use it maybe 3 to 4 times a day every day for a month, my dose would only increase from 3g to about 3.75g to 4g and I would get the same effect.

But another weird and at first very scary side effect appeared. I often would feel quite tired on the Kratom and just lay down and fall asleep for 2 to 3 hours. However, one time just before I was falling asleep on it I suddenly heard a really loud "WHOOM" sound in my head and suddenly was wide awake with my heart racing. This effect would occur more and more, and at some point I had to wait a few hours after the last dose before I could fall asleep. Sometimes this was extremely annoying, because I often would feel really sleepy on the Kratom but just had to force myself to not fall asleep since I was scared of this "WHOOM" sound. And when I would decide to go to bed I would often be scared that I didn't wait long enough after my last dose and would get this effect again. When I had my eyes closed I would also get light flashes. Sometimes it was also a really short and loud whistling sound or a gunshot sound.

But there were even more weird side effects that started appearing. Sometimes, often a while after dosing I would feel quite anxious, but in a rather strange way. It is really difficult to describe, but when I would lay in bed, just my thoughts would seem really scary. If I would think about a sound, it almost seemed like as if this sound would carve through my brain. Often thinking about loud sounds while lying in bed would trigger this "WHOOM" sounds in my head as well. This is all really strange, because normally Kratom would have a quite significant anxiolytic effect, by far not as much as Benzodiazepines, but still quite a bit. But Kratom would always make me a bit jittery and a bit more sensitive to loud noises.

I still kept using it on and off, and later I ordered four other strains. The best one was Red Dragon, which I remembered from the sample I got, plus another red vein, green vein and white vein. I should note that except for maybe the white veins I always only got sedative effects from Kratom. And with the white veins I'm not sure, the only time I can remember is when I got nauseous from taking it and I generally just didn't really like white veins. I used up the 500g of red vain Kratom the first, but I honestly don't really feel a difference between red vein and green vein. Now I'm using maybe about 10g a day, but I still wanna stop in the near future because the time between my last dose and when I'm able to sleep gets longer, now it's about 7 to 8 hours, even though the effects of the Kratom only last about 2 to 3 hours for me. I also start to slowly get other adverse effects, mainly getting nauseous more easily and my stomach generally being more sensitive, which I'm pretty sure is from ingesting 10g of undigestable plant material every day.

So my overall experience with Kratom is positive, and I think it is definitely one of the less addictive drugs, at least for me.

Exp Year: 2018-2020ExpID: 114598
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jul 23, 2020Views: 1,122
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