The Beings Were Very Positive Toward Me
Huasca Brew (Banisteriopsis caapi & Diplopterys cabrerana)
Citation:   Chris. "The Beings Were Very Positive Toward Me: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Banisteriopsis caapi & Diplopterys cabrerana) (exp114564)". Jul 13, 2020.

2 cups oral Huasca Brew
Ayahuasca Trip Report


I am writing this in hopes that it will serve other people as a guide. This herbal remedy is powerful medicine. I have been using a lot of herbs to cure disease as I believe they are designed by a higher intelligence (God) for us to cure disease. I no longer take pharmaceuticals unless left with no option, I am not saying they are bad necessarily but I have had too many problems from them in my life, and too many people die from them every year. My mom has depression and I have ADHD. I made the ayahuasca because I have seen many new studies about how it help people with depression. I will add that this medicine cured my mom's depression at least for one day after taking a small amount, and it also seems to have completely cured my ADHD at least for some time after taking it, perhaps for a few days I don't know the extent yet.


1 bag of Caapi Vine

1 bag of Chaliponga

Cooked in a pressure cooker several times over and reduced in a large pot to one coffee pot and one wine bottles worth

2 coffee cups of Ayahuasca

It seems my stuff was weak and I needed double the normal portion to begin to trip. I felt like I was at the beach, like everything was blue and crystal clear. I felt myself entering the trip and the things my girlfriend was telling me was hard to understand. But I was able to make a good reply after thinking for a moment. Soon after I noticed similar hallucinations that happen on LSD and shrooms, it maybe felt like some combination of the two probably closer to LSD. But there was a whole different aspect. The trip created 'beings' or 'consciousnesses' that really tried to interact with me except I was ignoring them, which frustrated them. I don't think they were real entities, but things created by my subconscious. I don't know but I think all the stuff I heard about DMT was influencing my trip because I saw all the things that people talk about. These entities were trying to contact me, most notable an entity called "Ayahuasca" a female entity that was trying communicate beneficial things for my life.

The hallucinations would occur especially on anything that had patterns like curtains or carpets. They would come up like a flood from behind things like the TV, and I could hear the voices of the entities telling me that I was going to enter the DMT void. The voices told me that the hallucinations were the portal to the void coming and taking me there. They said I need to take more to fully enter the void, and encouraged me to take more but I did not. It was a place, like another dimension. (I do not believe the DMT void to be a real place but a subconscious creation like a dream, although it was presented to me like a real place.) Inside the void there are repeating patterns of so many different types that move and change, and there are faces of different people and entities moving in and out with the shifting pattern. It seemed like such a strange and fascinating place that I thought I should write this down. It seemed as if this realm could generate these conscious being like particles generate in empty space, or perhaps some of the entities were people that entered the DMT void in the past by taking it. Or perhaps it was both with other beings that live there as well. Very strange.

The beings (Christian theology would probably say these beings were demons, lying spirits acting like DMT void entities) were very positive toward me and seemed to want to help. They were telling me how special my girlfriend was and there was a halo of light around her. They also told me I was chubby and I needed to wake up every morning and get to the gym which I did this morning. I would say that the high from DMT in lower amounts is very positive and happy, but the higher doses where you are tripping and entering the void are scarier but also positive and negative. It seemed like the creatures in the void were more unhappy than happy, as if there was some suffering. But also they were in another state of being so it did not seem to matter as much as it would in our realm. Very strange.

The next day I noticed my ADHD seemed to be gone and I had a lot more energy and motivation, but also more love and calmness at the same time. No doubt my neurotansmitters were firing more as I likely had higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. This stuff is powerful medicine. It's like a roller coaster that lasts for three hours maybe a little scarier.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114564
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Jul 13, 2020Views: 1,250
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Huasca Brew (268), Banisteriopsis caapi (169), Diplopterys cabrerana (157) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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