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Advances in Cathartic Self-Therapy
Mescaline & Moclobemide
by SacralChakra
Citation:   SacralChakra. "Advances in Cathartic Self-Therapy: An Experience with Mescaline & Moclobemide (exp114536)". Jul 1, 2020.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Moclobemide (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 250 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 9:30   inhaled Nitrous Oxide  


I report on the effects of a rarely documented combo mescaline + moclobemid. Moclobemid is a reversible MAO inhibitor. Warning: the effects of mescaline last much longer and are greatly amplified.

* Basic Details
I am a 37 year old male with deep interest in self-development (bodywork, breathwork, meditation) facilitated by plant medicines and psychedelics. I suffer from a complex developmental trauma (C-PTSD). I consider myself mentally stable, with manageable anxiety and occasional insomnia. I do not take any medications. My previous experiences involve psilocybin, Ayahuasca, synthetic phenethylamines, LSD and MDMA.

* Preparation + Context
Two weeks before the session I had been slightly depressed, experiencing apathy, sadness and being stuck in my uncomfortable emotions, running in loops through my mind. I decided to dive in a deep process with mescaline potentiated by moclobemid, a reversible MAO inhibitor. In my experience, psychedelics can help me break through the boundaries my mind puts on me. I experienced the session in my apartment alone.

* Timeline
-0:30 Moclobemid 150 mg, pill

+0:00 Mescaline (HCl, powder) 250 mg

+0:30 First effect: awareness turning inwards. I sit down on the floor and do some yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama)

+1:00 Body load kicks in, I feel sick, mainly nauseous. It's getting worse. To break through the annoying come-up I engage myself in strong holotropic breathing.
To break through the annoying come-up I engage myself in strong holotropic breathing.
I have done that many times on the come-ups of various substances. I put on fast percussive music.

+1:30 I throw up meanwhile I hear emotionally intense music. I feel it as a chance to let go some stuck energy and emotions and allow the body to purge. It feels empowering and I start to make heavy animalistic sounds, like an angry wolf or a tiger and I scream. The purging brings emotions of rage and anger. I bring some pillows and cushions and vent my anger physically. The come-up brings some unresolved trauma emotions and this moment is a chance to resolve some of them and let them express.

+2:30 I'm at the peak, but I feel exhausted from the purge. I lay down in my bed, surprisingly I can close my eyes and rest, there are no closed-eye visuals. Then I put some soothing music and a guided meditation. Compared to a sober state, the guided meditation feels like a direct surgery on my heart.

+3:30 I have a walk to the toilet and I notice the intense (neon-like) colors

+4:40 I do ecstatic dancing, a free movement practice. I feel alive and kinda reborn.

+5:00 I'm still deeply in the process. Because of moclobemid, this trip is not gonna end up soon. I sit down near the window and enjoy playing percussions. The sound of a drum feels calming. It's a shamanic drum made from a beef skin. I can feel the soul of this instrument.

+6:00 I'm sitting in a meditation position. I'm calm, but I sense the auditory hallucinations, like random background sounds, chatter, tinnitus, similar to and LSD experience. I turn my attention to the breath, listening to it coming and leaving as waves of the ocean. Suddenly I realize the background noise is almost gone. Now I feel peace. Is the chatter just my mind trying to cover my consciousness with a veil to hide some uncomfortable emotions?

+7:00 I cut an orange with a knife and feel amazed by the intense radiating orange color. Gosh, I'm still tripping hard.

+7:30 I decide to end my session with a self-massage, I pour warm oil on my naked skin. The pleasure is exquisite compared to a sober state. Thanks, mescaline.

+9:00 After so much seriousness I want to have some fun. I do a few N2O balloons. While going back and forth to the anesthesia, it gives me interesting insights. However, I always fail to capture them by words. As if I was learning new intuitive knowledge.

+11:00 I end the session by taking a sleep pill hydroxyzine dihydrochloridum (25 mg)

* After effects:
The day after I feel tired, but fresh enough to do a long walk in the woods. I still notice some intense colors and enhanced details. I feel happier for a week.

* Conclusions on this combo:
PROS: The trip is cheaper and more visual.
CONS: body load and duration

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Jul 1, 2020Views: 801
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Mescaline (36), Moclobemide (75) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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