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Almost Dead
Heroin & Naloxone
by yogurl
Citation:   yogurl. "Almost Dead: An Experience with Heroin & Naloxone (exp114449)". Aug 18, 2020.

    Pharms - Oxymorphone  
    IV Heroin  
    inhaled Naloxone  
      Pharms - Buprenorphine (daily)


I have 2 experiences I would like to share. The dangers of IV fentanyl and heroin are well known, due to the millions of people that have passed away from using such.

In February 2016, I have been prescribed Opana for a year and a half from a bad car accident (I had approx. 20 injuries and was in a coma). My doctor came up with the bright idea of slowly tapering me off over the course of 8 months. When I was down to 10mg of oxycodone a day, I was very ill on the daily. One day I flipped and went to detox, and by the 4th day I was kicked out because a girl sold me her e-cigarette and smoking was banned, along with caffeine. We had decaf coffee and it sucked, so I chewed my nicotine gum and drank 15 cups of decaf coffee. It ws terrible, and after I was kicked out I was sober for the first time after the car accident, which had caused me a brain hemorrhage, thrombosis that cut off blood supply to my brain, my brain was shaken like a magic 8 ball, and I had cranial edema. So I started shooting crack, and I didn't know how to shoot up to someone did it for me, they missed, and I didn't get high. I tried again with no avail. I hung out with my friend whom I convinced to shoot dope (heroin) with me. I did a shot, thought I should be high instantly so I thought I needed more, and then I overdosed. I had a seizure, was legally dead for 10 minutes, and my friend had given me a nasal narcan. When paramedics arrived, it took 3 more narcan to revive me
my friend had given me a nasal narcan. When paramedics arrived, it took 3 more narcan to revive me
. I was still high, and I think it had to be laced with fentanyl.

Fast forward to June 2016, when I moved to Los Angeles with my ex after being in 2 Florida rehabs. We started smoking tar, and I visited home for Christmas. I went to the trap with my friend whom I overdosed with, and we shot dope and partied. I tried to go a few days later, and my dad followed my uber. Obviously he told me to get the fuck in the car so I did. The next day I went to see a lawyer with my mom because my medical bills due to the auto accident weren't being paid, and even though MI law says that legally I have coverage anywhere, I had to move back because Farm Bureau is bitches and break the law without a care. So, I had to move back home.

I went back to Cali, told my ex the bad news, and since I only had 2 weeks, we started shooting heroin and he skipped the apartment payment and got evicted. His mom came for my last day to help us pack, and I wanted to go to my ex's friends to get high, but his mom wouldn't let me. I moved back to MI, got sober, and did NA.

I switched to AA after 15 months, because NA doesn't have too many women for sponsoring. I made the switch, and my sponsor was good, she really cared about my sobriety. The problem was that my depression was getting severe, and all of my associates from the program were 40 years old or older. I felt very alone, most of my friends didn't want to hang out with me because I was living the AA lifestyle. After a couple months, I left, and started hanging out with my neighbor. We drank and smoked a little, nothing crazy.

I still felt very alone, so I texted my 'best friend' whom I spoke to 2 times over the year and a half I was in the program. All of the sudden she was interested in hanging out with me since I could drink. We would go to the local bar frequently, and her friend and I started dating a few months later.

My depression improved from August-January. My 'best friend' was treating me like shit starting in January and it really made me feel like shit. My depression continued to worsen, she got mad at me because I said that I felt like she only wants to hang out at the bar, and then my depression tanked.

I started a new job in phlebotomy, and I trained full time. My pain was really bad and the depression didn't help. So, I started smoking heroin with my friend. My friend ended up overdosing and was in ICU, but thank god he survived. I connected with a girl I went to high school with and the one time I shot dope with her I overdosed. She gave me nasal narcan and I didn't respond. She called 911 and the paramedics gave me 3 narcan to revive me, but this time I was in precipitated withdrawal. I called my boyfriend to tell him and he came to see me at the hospital, took me home, was pissed af at me, and we broke up the next week.

I looked at my drug test panel they ran and I didn't test positive for anything except cocaine. It had to have been fentanyl that caused the overdose. Fentanyl is a whole other animal, and falling out from it is so easy. PLEASE get yourself free narcan. I'm on Suboxone and don't use any other opiates
I'm on Suboxone and don't use any other opiates
, but I got myself narcan from the NEXT organization in my state. They sent me 3 vials of narcan and 4 23 gauge syringes, and I have it in my drawer with the brochure that contains directions. Your state probably offers online training and free narcan like my state (MI) provides. You can save someone's like or someone can save yours, and it's so easy to obtain. It really doesn't hurt to just have the training and narcan just in case. You could make a difference in someone's life.

Exp Year: 2016-2020ExpID: 114449
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 692
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Heroin (27) : Depression (15), Overdose (29), Medical Use (47), Addiction & Habituation (10), Health Problems (27), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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