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Surpassing All Expectations: Cartoon Carnival
S-Ketamine, 4-HO-MET, Cannabis & Blue Lotus
by TornIntoEnthrallment
Citation:   TornIntoEnthrallment. "Surpassing All Expectations: Cartoon Carnival: An Experience with S-Ketamine, 4-HO-MET, Cannabis & Blue Lotus (exp114429)". May 30, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 50 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 25 mg insufflated 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 g oral Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (tea)
  T+ 0:00     Ginger (tea)
  T+ 0:45 30 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 1 bump insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15 70 mg insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:45   smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (extract)
  T+ 2:45 2 lines insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:10 1 bump insufflated S-Ketamine (powder / crystals)


It is now 2:00pm as I am typing this, and I came down around 3:00am. I was still having vivid CEV’s that were intricate and brightly coloured until at least 5:30am…. I cannot recall if I slept or just lay meditating in a state of astonishment and awe; for that last trip was the deepest K-hole I have ever traversed. Never have I been so far gone from my reality, quite literally transported through a metaphysical plane of dimensions…. While simultaneously being completely aware of whom I was and where I was.

The setting for this was my room; which was unfortunately messy due to renovations taking place in my bathroom. I was by myself with nothing to do. I had 325mg of S-isomer ketamine left from my stash…. Now, I have been using ketamine for years, and I thought I had hit the k hole numerous times…. but looking back on it, I believe I only truly hit a “k-hole” 3 times. The first 2 times were accidental, although a couple weeks ago I dipped into my stash, and looked up dosages online… Previously, I had always eyeballed my doses and thought I was taking big lines, at a k-hole dose….
Previously, I had always eyeballed my doses and thought I was taking big lines, at a k-hole dose….
I mean, I was very dissociated to the point you could say I was tripping; I really thought I knew what I was doing with this drug…… boy was I wrong.

I recently bought a fine jewellery scale for my 4 substituted psilocin analogues that I bought from my local RC vendor (4-aco-dmt, 4-ho-met, and 4-ho-mipt). So I dipped into my stash of k a couple weeks ago and scaled out a “k-hole” dose…. Surprisingly, a k-hole is much more than I previously thought. That trip shattered my grip on reality and provided some of the most intense hallucinogenic anesthesia I could have hoped for. When I came down from it, I was so blown away that I had to call my friend and explain my trip.

So fast forward a couple weeks and I have nothing going on for the evening; I decided I want to traverse that state of mind again. Now, normally I would be working, out in the woods, but my boss got into a gnarly mountain bike accident and I had to rush him to the hospital the night prior. My day was spent driving 3.5 hours to the lodge we had been staying at, to retrieve our belongings. I got home, cooked a fantastic meal for my family and was in a very good mood; despite being worried for my boss and best friend (he was going to be okay). THE TIME TO TRIP WAS NIGH.

I scaled out a gram of sacred lotus 25X extract, brewed a tea and proceeded to smoke a few bowls (Lindsay OG and Mothers Milk) from my bong. I had the bright idea of mixing 25mg of 4-HO-MET fumarate (which I will refer to as methylcybin or colour) in with my initial pre-load bump of k…. when I do K, I always start with a good bump(s) to get well acquainted with the effects first; before I take my fat “trip-rip” and lie down. I had done colour thrice prior and didn’t find 25mg to be that visual of a dose. I expected I would have mild OEV’s, but I just wanted to add more distortions to the k-hole. I was excited to try a new combo like this. I have combined mushrooms and ketamine many times and knew I could handle it.

T+10:30pm- 50mg of ketamine and 25mg of colour have been insufflated. Colour burns like hell to snort and tastes horrid in comparison to K. I begin drinking my sacred lotus (with some ginger tea added into the mix) and already notice alerts 5 minutes later. The familiar warmth and euphoria of K begins to make my face heavy and I notice textures have way more depth, minor perceptual distortions begin 25 mins later. I was taken aback by how I didn’t expect that amount to get me on such a good trip that was increasing in intensity; normally after 40 mins I would be either at the peak or past the peak. Yet, it kept increasing (probably due to colour taking longer than k to take effect.) Blue lotus and ketamine is a combo I have done many times, which provides unbeatable euphoria, and allows me to trip off less.

I put on the album The Magnolia Electric Company, by Songs: Ohia. Holy fuck I feel good; I am experiencing amazing synesthesia…. Although, I started getting weird and dark vibes, like something was gunna pop out and jump at me. I look down at my un-made bed and saw an aerial view of a scene from my memory, of me and my ex-girlfriend back in 2012, making love. I felt the intensity of the love in the moment, as though I was reliving it in real time. Obviously, this was just a bunch of pillows and crumpled bed sheets, but I re-experienced a precious memory. I had always had a toxic and co-dependant relationship with her, but we always remained friends and never stopped loving each other. I became so happy for her and where she was; in love with another man, I became so proud of her for finally getting the psychological help she needed and cherished the times we spent. A single tear of joy rolled down my cheek. FUCKING WOW I thought, that’s deep.

T+11:15- Effects have barely gone down slightly, for someone on horse tranquilizer I’m very lucid mentally. The lotus and K must amplify the visual effects of the methylcybin, because I feel like I’m on a level 3 mushroom trip. I rip another 30mg ketamine up my nose and in minutes this drastically increases the effects. I feel an almost electrical euphoria and I feel warm, as though I’m sitting next to a campfire. I take off my shirt and crack my basement window to smoke some bong out of it. I rip another small bump (25mg?) of K and sit on my bed smoking weed…. Suddenly, I see two glowing green eyes approaching and getting bigger in the darkness; I get a wave of K effects increasing, and think my reality is falling apart…. I swear I thought I was having a stroke, as a wild raccoon tried to sneak its way into my house from my window, right before my eyes. In a knee-jerk reaction, I leapt to my feet and tried to scare it off. This only angered it, as it hissed at me loudly; so I punched it in the face and screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU DIRTY FUCKIN COON!” as it scampered off into the distance. Obviously, I was referring to the raccoon, and my heart was pounding with adrenaline… but I became self-conscious of how racist what I just screamed out my window sounded. I laughed very hard afterwards and shut my window.

T+11:45- I’m having a very groovy trip, like I am on mushrooms and my motor coordination is impaired. Spacing out provides astounding open eyed visuals, which refocus back to a level 2 mushrooms trip when I stop zoning out. I have been smoking weed consistently and chatting with friends online until this point. I feel as though the colour is beginning to peak for me. I rip another 70mg of ketamine and it is otherworldly. My floor is fractalizing. I feel like I am k-holing, but still very aware of who I am and where I am. I go to the bathroom and discover that walking is surprisingly much easier than one would expect. Normally, walking on ketamine feels foreign and weird, yet this time I feel fantastic and walk with a smooth gangster strut, off to the pisser. Peeing was very hard; I had to go sitting down in order to get my stream going…. I then sat on the toilette after peeing - forgetting I just peed; and tried to pee again to no avail.

T+12:05- I was seeing the checkered pattern on my bedsheets flow like water, with the texture of clay. I closed my eyes and saw 3 dimensional Aztec and indigenous artwork playing before me. My ponytail brushed my back in a creepy way. I began to feel paranoid of spiders. A slight shadow in my room seemed darker than it should and fractalized in a way that could resemble a spider, though it was not a spider… I didn’t let this get to me, though I felt a strange wave of uneasiness as the K kicked into gear and smacked me in the face. Suddenly this intensified, and I got an extreme sense of “environmental orbism.” My own paranoia, combined with after images of my surroundings, manifested into a very pale outlined image of a jumping spider (looking dead in the eyes), right on my wall; made of slightly different orange, peach, yellow and emerald green hues. This manifested for 2 seconds, before morphing into a trippy looking cat and vanishing. This would normally freak me out, but I was in a wondrous state of anxiolysis. I soon kept zooming in on textures around my room, to a state of wild macropsia, and realized everything in this Claymation realm I was in was changing materials; and that material was cats. I was seeing, almost on a cellular level that everything around me was made of soft, adorable kitties. Purring, whirring, writhing around and snuggling. The carpet - everything as well as my body, was just a quilted mesh of kittens.

Seeing this and realizing this tickled me with delight. I felt so enthralled with joy that it reminded me of a child, who knows he’s been good, and that his parents and Santa love him on Christmas; wholesome as fuck. I closed my eyes and saw an epic purple flying fortress that looked like a sabretooth tiger and an Egyptian cat god on top, his sceptre emit golden fractal light and this palace opened up at the mouth and sucked me inside of it. I was soon in a purple and blue digitalized esophagus portal, just being sucked into a massive subterranean cave, containing an indigo and emerald green coloured flower, made of mineral crystals and was moving as though it was a sentient being; shimmering beautiful auras of light.

I opened my eyes and I was sitting on the end of my bed. My carpet looked purple with blue spots, and the weave of the carpet manifested into some symmetrical texture repetition, protruding out of what looked like an elf-alien’s head… a bright blue electrical aura grew around it as my jaw dropped in astonishment... I smoked a fat bowl with blue lotus extract on top. Moving around made my external hallucinations dissipate and become less apparent. I lay back and basked in the euphoria. My closed eyed visual were absurdly wild.

At one point, I became one with the realm of my closed eyed visuals and saw Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob Squarepants freaking out; inside this comical machinescape of whimsical cartoon imagery I was beholding. In the most shrill, exasperated and guttural tone, she started screaming, “OHHH SPOOOONGEBOB, YOU CRASHED THE BIIKE, NEVER CRASH THE BIKE!! YOU FAILED, FAAAIIIILED!” My field of visuals panned over and I saw my friend/boss who recently crashed his mountain bike, all fuckin’ mangled and plastered onto a big rock; his skin had the texture of SpongeBob and the way he was plastered, literally looked like some kind of sea sponge. “I broke me cunt!” he replied, in the thickest Australian accent imaginable. “I found a fukken rock, it looks like a sword….FUCKIN OATH, CUNT” he stated, as he cut Mrs. Puff in half; popping her like a balloon. Bubbles, stars, and lightning poured out everywhere like a piñata; I laughed my ass off.

I opened my eyes and realized I was definitely at the peak. I noticed that I needed to go to the bathroom. I had listened to the Songs: Ohia album twice, and put on the album Rastaman Vibration, by Bob Marley. I sat there vibing out to the music for a couple songs, before realizing I was gunna piss my pants soon. It was dark between my room and the bathroom, yet I decided not to turn on a light, because I could transparently see my CEV’s with my eyes open. The song Johnny Was, played and became fainter in the distance. The further away I got from the speaker, the song began changing. Eventually, my mind was processing the song in a way where it was a completely different song. This background noise, accompanying the ceiling fan in my bathroom, created a monstrous symphony of blackened death metal music. This was blowing my mind harder than any mortal song ever could. It was the best song ever fucking made! I started doing vocals to this music I was hearing and became a rockstar. As my piss stream began, a ripping guitar solo started shredding. My mind was thoroughly exploded.

I turned off the ceiling fan and the music stopped. I walked through my dark basement, back to Bob Marley. My CEV’s were less apparent in the dark, but they were still there. A translucent film creating level 5 geometry was sprawled across my visual field. My basement was a realm of red lightning and levitating red cubes, along with blue orbs and stars fluctuating around the room. I saw 3 pufferfish swimming around the room, in fishbowls that were levitating. These fish looked like a cross between my friend and Mrs. Puff. “HOLY FUCK” I thought as one of them swam by while it said in a nasally voice, “Fuckin weiiird”. My imagination was in overdrive.
My imagination was in overdrive.
I came back to my room and smoked some more weed; as these effects were starting to diminish.

T+1:00am- I was still righteously high, though I knew I was coming down from the K and possibly the methylcybin. I sat up on my bed and saw the remainder of my K, all busted up into one massive line. I’d say the dose was at least 150mg. I was so thoroughly impressed by this combo; I knew I had to dose it all at once. I also knew I had to do this sooner than later, as I didn’t wanna be up all night (in hindsight this made no difference, as I didn’t sleep regardless). The Bob Marley album finished and I put on the album, The Magnolia Electric Company by Songs: Ohia again. I divided this line into 2 lines and smoked one final bowl in preparation for the k-hole.

(NOTE: This is where my trip truly becomes otherworldly. I am doing my best to describe these hallucinations, as there were possibly thousands of them; and many of which I can’t remember. So I will take a break here just to list different works of art; in the hopes that others can view them and get a better grasp of this level 8B geometry I became a part of. Try to envisions all these hallucinations and geometry in the same form of style as these paintings and artwork
Gaia - Alex Grey
Breakthrough - Larry Carlson
Abstract - Matt W. Moore
Ott – Owl Stretching Time (album cover)
Study for the Great Turn - Alex Grey
City With Animals - Max Ernst
The Nymph Echo - Max Ernst
The Eye of Silence - Max Ernst
Dur Hausengel - Max Ernst
Swans Reflecting Elephants - Salvidor Dali
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening - Salvidor Dali
The Visionary Origin of Language – Alex Grey
I saw also many occult symbols and sacred geometry as well)

T+1:15am- I made my bed and went over to my desk to rip these lines. I took one line up each nostril, grabbed a glass of water, took a difficult piss (mild urinary retention) and came back to my room. I got comfortable in my bed and noticed my trip was kicking in fast. I felt like I was flying around on a rollercoaster, as an orgasmic body high took over. My teeth became numb as well as my fingertips and felt like they were being stretched through a vortex; almost like being sucked through a black hole. Any visual effects of the 4-HO-MET became drastically increased, until I was blasted off into level 7 geometry. From this point on, I started flying through dimensions, landscapes, scenarios, and scenery as my entire field of vision became an interactive canvas for incredible surrealist paintings and Claymation seeming environments. I began feeling like I was melting into my bed, in an orgasmic kind of way. The scene I was viewing before (a window, my closet, and a desk) morphed through some visual haze, into an ornate palace made of flowing, iridescent playdough. I was transported through a portal into some magical fairy-tale land full of mushroom forests, dinosaurs and dragons. I likened this to being in a Super Mario level made of fucking playdough.

This massive shift in environment frightened me. My jaw dropped in astonishment. “Am I dead?” I asked myself. I felt my heart and noticed it was beating quickly, but it was still healthy and normal. I noticed my breathing was consistent and normal and I was fully self-aware that my name was Eric and I was tripping on K and methylcybin in my room. Suddenly a green portal opened up and a demented and psychedelic version of Rick and Morty crawled out, on top of the palace. “Goddamnit Morty, this is why I use the portal gun” Rick said, as they both retreated back where they came from. This scene quickly morphed into an ancient Chinese empire made of sandcastles.

“Holy fucking fuck!” I thought to myself, ecstatic with delight. A pink and gold version of Shenron from Dragonball Z flew overhead and winked at me, as fractals made up the sky and frogs climbed the steps to the palace, before disintegrating into orbs. I closed my eyes and got sucked closer to the palace, until I was outside the entrance. The drawbridge opened and an elf-alien head was looking me dead in the eyes. It seemed like it was very impressed that I managed to arrive before it and it opened its mouth. Sucking me into a completely other world of wonder. Everything became digitalized, in an almost mechanical seeming way, as I was falling down a hole of psychedelic geometry. Some of these colours were colours I didn’t know existed and when they appeared it was like they melded through my eyes, behind my field of vision and crept into my soul. I was now one with my visuals. I became these landscapes and geometry. I simultaneously perceived an exposure to semantic concept networks while becoming the inner mechanics of my consciousness…. THIS ENTIRE TIME, my ego was fully intact with itself. I could get lost in these dimensions but I always knew who I was and what was going on.

For example, ads kept popping up on YouTube and taking away from the trip. I knew to skip them! I could see my speaker shining clearly within this machinescape, because this fantastic environment was actually an emanation of the synesthesia my speaker was producing. I skipped the ads with no difficulty and proceeded to vibe to the music again, basking in the divine splendor. I could feel these hallucinations physically, as the machinescape was constantly shifting and changing. I closed my eyes and saw a prehistoric marsh, full of angels and surrealist looking creatures. A gigantic toad’s head rose up from the marsh, shot its tongue at me and ate me. I became sucked through another digitalized esophagus made of purple, green and blue geometry, until I ended up in a belly that was another fairytale type land. I saw what looked like a cross between a lion and a serpent, smoking a joint in a room that seemed like Alex Grey must have painted it.

I managed to get to my weed and bong and smoke a bowl. This increased these effects to incredible levels. After this point, it would be almost impossible to describe the hallucinations I was receiving. My mind was processing info at a ridiculous speed, as I became a thousand different landscapes and hallucinations. I felt fucking amazing.

T+2:40am- These incredible effects started to leave and I knew I was well past the peak. I had listened to the same album a few times and decided to smoke a bowl and try to sleep. I smoked my bowl, and scraped whatever tiny scraps of K had stuck to the plate into a tiny bump. I was still very high and impaired; I went to take a pee and returned to my bed. I sleep in a basement, with pillows over the windows, so zero light can enter my room. As soon as I turned off the lights, I was immersed again in a brightly colored machinescape of CEV’s. Thousands of them! One distinct one that I remember was a science fiction type landscape that looked like ancient Egypt, made of gold and sapphire. UFO’s were flying overhead, as reptilian beings danced and smoked a hookah with this caterpillar race of people. I was seeing absurd scenarios like the Eric Andre Show, which could not be explained, but were fucking hilarious.

T+ ????- This visual imagery was becoming less bright, but I could still not sleep as a result. Considering I was coming down off an anesthetic, I was unnaturally horny.
Considering I was coming down off an anesthetic, I was unnaturally horny.
I started dry humping my bed, until I had to give in to my fantasies. These fantasies played out like actual memories I was reliving. This felt so good, that I may as well have actually been fucking these girls I slept with. In my dark room, I moaned uncontrollably like a slut, as I ejaculated so hard I soaked the top of my shoulder. As I came, I saw an entire nebula of galaxies erupt from my dick like a geyser.

My ex gf was named Ocean, and a psychedelic and beautiful version of her manifested; levitating in mid-air. She had beautiful flowing blue hair, much like an ocean, as amazing auras of energy and dolphins radiated from her. She sucked my load of galaxies into her mouth, like a supermassive black hole, and made precious eye contact. I don’t know how to explain my psychological reasoning behind this… but I felt as though my cosmic orgasm literally gave birth to new universes and dimensions; possibly thousands, maybe millions of them. I cleaned myself up and relaxed in astonishment. Meditating in silent wonder, I played some creepypastas on YouTube and tried to sleep. This was an exercise in futility… HOW CAN YOU SLEEP KNOWING EXTRADIMENSIONAL TRAVEL IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!?

T+10:30am- If I did sleep, I didn’t notice, and couldn’t have slept more than a few minutes… Not wanting to interfere with my sleep schedule, I got out of bed and began really reflecting on how incredible that trip was. This trip will be next to impossible to beat. I have full intentions of repeating this combo. As there are almost no reports of it online, I knew I had to record it for science. I eagerly await the future where I am able to acquire more ketamine and am in a proper spot to repeat this trip (possibly with higher dosages).

It is important to note, that although I did not sleep, I did not feel hungover. I mowed the lawn, did some gardening, and began writing this report until about 1:00am.

In conclusion, this trip surpassed all expectations, transported me to other worlds and is now held in my eyes as the BEST psychedelic drug combo EVER. Jah bless! <3

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114429
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 1,624
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4-HO-MET (436), S-Ketamine (797) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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