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While Quarantined
Citation:   bdjamal. "While Quarantined: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp114414)". May 22, 2020.

5 - 20 g oral Nutmeg
While quarantined, I was unable to buy weed, so after I ran out of what I had left I decided to try out nutmeg as I’d heard it could get you high. I did some research into it, read all about dosages, possible effects and such. Just to be sure that I wouldn’t have an adverse reaction, I took a micro-dose of 5 grams. There was little effect but some mild distortions of an unpleasant nature for an hour or two about 8 hours after the initial dose, so I decided it was safe to try a real dose. I decided on 20 grams, because I read 1 gram per ten pounds of body weight is the standard dose. I weigh 200 pounds, stand at 6’2 and I am averagely active, not especially athletic if that matters. I meditated and waited till I had been in a good mindset for a few days before taking the 20 gram dose. I went in feeling apprehensive due to the plethora of unpleasant side effects commonly reported, but I felt safe in the comforts of my room with my favorite playlist on low volume while I did some work on my computer. My mindset was mostly positive despite that tinge of worry about the negative side effects.

At around 1 pm, I measured out the 20 grams via 4 teaspoonfuls, which I added to a glass of water. I tried to mix it, but it was not soluble, and just floated on the top of the glass like an oil. I bit the bullet and decided to just gulp it down. It wasn’t very pleasant, like downing a glass of hard liquor with four spoonfuls of sand in it, but after I got it all down, the aftertaste was kind of pleasant, very earthy. After dosing, I sat in my room with my music playing and did some work. For 3 hours after dosing, I felt completely normal. At this point, 3 hours from dosing I began to feel a familiar high, similar to that of pot. At first it was almost exclusively physical, but as it progressed over the next hour it became stronger mentally, it felt a lot like a strong hybrid strain of weed. Music became very intense, it felt like it was pulling me out of my body and into the melody. About 4 hours in, it peaked and felt mildly psychedelic. I was listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5 and the “music pulling me out of my body” experience got so intense that I genuinely felt like my soul and physical being had been separated. There was no ego death or anything, no epiphanies, just a very ethereal pleasant euphoria. From here, the feeling diminished back to a body high like before, and then even further till I no longer felt any semblance of a pleasant high around 5 hours in.

5 hours in, I felt an unpleasant mental fog, with short term memory loss effects and confusion. I became uncomfortable sitting in my room because of an unexplainable sense of fear. When I describe this, it sounds very scary but I assure you it wasn’t very intense. It was more mildly uncomfortable than scary. Despite it only being around 6 pm, I felt mentally exhausted. I walked downstairs for the first time since dosing to grab something to eat and play some video games now that I was unable to do any work. I noticed that the colors I were saying were more drab. I was not seeing in black or white, but green was less green, red was less red and so on. It felt like a horror movie lens had been placed over my vision, the colors and drabness of the environment suggested that there was a monster waiting to jump out or something, but nothing ever did. Again, this was just mildly uncomfortable. I wasn’t in a ball on the floor or anything like that. At this point, I played video games till 10 or 11 PM and I didn’t notice any symptoms.

When I went upstairs and got into bed close to 11 PM, about 10 hours after dosing I had some distortions. I noticed the bookshelf in my room would disappear into the wall like it was never there if I stared at it, but when I ignored it, it would behave normally. I stared at my ceiling and noticed what appeared to be a chair, upside down sitting on the ceiling as if it was the floor and gravity had been reversed. Other than these especially hallucinogenic anomalies, there were minimal effects at this point.

I woke up expecting the dreaded “nutmeg hangover” but there was no such thing for me. I felt great the next morning. I had a great day, went on a long walk in the woods and felt no effects. I would definitely do nutmeg again if I’m ever stuck without weed again. I would like to try smoking while on nutmeg, perhaps the effects would be more intense. I am wary not to make a habit of nutmeg due to the link between deliriants and dementia, but it is a solid “reserve drug” for when I'm stuck in the house.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114414
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 22, 2020Views: 1,154
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Nutmeg (41) : General (1), Alone (16)

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