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Can't Believe How Hard This Hit
DMT & Heroin
by Dutch
Citation:   Dutch. "Can't Believe How Hard This Hit: An Experience with DMT & Heroin (exp114386)". May 12, 2020.

15 mg IM DMT
  10 mg IM Heroin


I decided to try injecting Freebase DMT with some heroin to calm the nerves. I weighed 60mg of DMT and 40mg of Heroin in a cup and added 2ml of sterile water. Then I added 40mg of medical grade citric acid and heated with a torch lighter until everything was fully dissolved. I guess because of conversion of the polar freebase DMT to an acid in liquid solution there appeared some oil on the surface of my solution. I used 2 clean antiparticle and antibacterial micron filters to fill 2 syringes. 1 syringe with 0.5ml of the solution and one with 1.5ml of the solution. 15/10 and 45/30 mg of DMT/heroin respectively.

Then I injected the "0.5ml of solution with 15mg of DMT and 10mg of heroin" into my right leg first to see if the DMT freebase was even converted and active if injected with citric, because if it wouldn't convert it probably wouldn't do a thing and this was meant as a test in case I would have an adverse reaction. I planned to do the other shot right after the first if I was fine, but boy, was I in for a ride.

After I injected myself with the smaller dose, I thought nothing had happened and that it failed. But suddenly, it felt like a snake tightened around my skull, and my white walls warped and turned into pure blue energy, my tv became a dimensional gate through which a dragon glided and I tossed the syringe, pretty shocked that my stupid idea had worked.

I held both hands forward, and looked at them, and noticed 2 extra pairs of arms and hands, my whole body was glowing purple, and I now had 6 arms. All of my arms were holding the syringe that I had just tossed, and I threw them again and again, but time seemed not to care about what happened in the past or future. I started to panic a little.

My hands suddenly started to feel like they were made of pure energy and it felt like they were liquefying and starting to vaporise into thin air. I panicked and pushed my face into my pillow, and closed my eyes. It felt like I could feel the light from the walls bouncing off my back and my brain formed an image of the room and myself in it. The room then started to open up into a vast space and I was floating in nothingness. I felt like I was trespassing into another dimension.
I was floating in nothingness. I felt like I was trespassing into another dimension.

This is either an extremely holy or extremely unholy place, the beings here were made of raw power. And they seemed not to care about my fate, taking no action. However, I could feel that it would cost them no effort to return me, or to cause me eternal suffering. I decided to beg for my life, to return me home. And instantly I was back in my bed, I felt completely sober.

I was kind of stunned about how quickly I was sober, stood up from my bed and walked to my living room. At this point, I felt something in my leg where I injected, and instantly realised some of the inject-able stayed behind in my leg and I was in for another trip, because I realised I suddenly had 6 arms again. Shocked I looked at my leg and it was twice as thick and felt like it was on fire. Thick blue veins started growing and rolled up from my leg to my torso, through my arms and I though I was going to die and to be dragged to hell, for not being grateful enough for having been returned. Then suddenly I was sober.

I still can't believe how this is possible. I did not have any head-space, I could think clearly and the only thing that was affected was my visual, auditory, tactile and spacial awareness. How can science explain this!? And am I even allowed to tell this story about this place that I visited? Surely it wasn't REAL so it should be fine! Right?

I looked at the time, and 2 minutes had passed. I had smoked DMT before, but that gives me considerable head-space and normally last 15 minutes where I don't really know what's going on. This was different and too insane for me to comprehend.

I threw away the 1.5ml mega-dose I had originally planned to use. Very grateful that my stupidity had a limit and that I used a "small" dose first, instead of shooting a 60mg DMT/40mg heroin death trap straight into my vein, not knowing what to expect.

On a side note, I didn't notice heroin being in the mix at all, even though both my DMT freebase and afghan heroin were near maximum purity. The DMT was cleaned very thoroughly by the seller, and both substances didn't leave any residue on being dissolved except for the oil that was formed by the conversion of the DMT.

At least I now know for sure that injecting DMT freebase is possible if prepared in the same way as heroin, but the breakthrough happens at an incomprehensible speed, and time seems to suddenly reverse, and the whole experience is suddenly crammed into an extremely short time, but doesn't feel shorter. I can't say I enjoyed this more than smoking at all, it kinda sucked.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114386
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 12, 2020Views: 1,071
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Heroin (27), DMT (18) : Unknown Context (20), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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