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Married to Sister Morphine
Citation:   Harrold Smack. "Married to Sister Morphine: An Experience with Morphine (exp114274)". Dec 22, 2020.

400 - 1400 mg IV Morphine (daily)
  1 tablet oral Loratadine (daily)
I am a 53 years old male, living in Switzerland (again, after 22 years living in Australia). I started on Opiate-substitution about 7 years ago, in Australia, with Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) after getting addicted to Tramadol and Poppyseed-Tea. I was first offered Methadone, which I kindly rejected. I know how hard it is to quit Methadone, so… Thanks, but no, thanks!

On return to Switzerland, about four years ago, my drug-counsellor switched me from Subutex to Sevre-Long, a slow-release Morphine sulphate medication. I started on 400mg a day, but quite quickly increased my dose to 1400mg/day (!!). I also quickly started to inject my dose every day, in single doses of 400mg/ 5ml of water. Morphine sulphate is not very soluble in water, therefore the large volume of water. Sevre-Long comes in capsules of 30, 60, 120 and 200mg. They contain a coarse, waxy, grainy powder which does not dissolve at all in cold water. The trick is to boil the mix and leave it to cool down, until the wax builds a hard layer on the surface that can be carefully lifted off in one piece. The leftover solution gets boiled again and micro-filtered, with a 20 micron syringe filter. I was always a bit worried to inject cloudy solutions, so therefore the micro-filter. So far, so simple. However, most people react allergic to i.v.- Morphine. I got severe nettle-fever (rash on arms, legs, chest and face) and extreme needles-and-pins-feeling. Not very pleasant. The solution to that turned out to be a simple OTC Anti-Histamine (Hayfever medication like Claritin). One of them a day pretty much stopped the nasty side effects almost completely. So I would inject, 3 times a day, 400mg and that kept me going for quite a while.

But tolerance is a bitch, and I slipped back in to other drugs, namely Cocaine, Ritalin, Benzos and Diaphine (pharmaceutical Heroin that gets dispensed here to addicts as well. I used to shoot Heroin in the late 80s, early 90s, so I was very pleasantly surprised by the Diaphine-Tablets (200mg for 20 Bucks). So much that I applied for it at my Addiction clinic, and 5 days later, I could go twice a day for my shot of pure Heroin, completely legal. Wicked, or so I thought…I was hoping, that it would keep me from consuming other drugs on the side, but no luck. Here in Switzerland, there is no need to be clean from street drugs in order to get kept in the program, so I got worse and worse really quickly. I was working full time, I am married with two adult sons, and my wife wasn’t aware of my i.v.-consumption, however, eventually I had to come clear, to save our marriage. The reaction of her to the truth was so extreme, so heartbreakingly severe that I swore to never hurt her again like that. It broke my heart. She was literally howling in pain…I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it now. I am now in a detox clinic, since 8 weeks (because of Corona-Pandemic!) and will go on in to a psychiatric therapy in a anthroposophical clinic here. We live in the birth-place of the Anthroposophical movement, close to the Goetheanum, which is their main seat.

I am now taking MST Continus (as it’s called here, MS Contin) at a dose of 700mg/day, and am slowly reducing, eventually down to zero!

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114274
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Dec 22, 2020Views: 1,640
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Morphine (211) : Not Applicable (38), Addiction & Habituation (10), Combinations (3)

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