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Memantine & Phenibut
Citation:   GlaciatedNorth. "Quarantrip: An Experience with Memantine & Phenibut (exp114253)". Apr 18, 2020.

T+ 0:00
90 mg oral Pharms - Memantine
  T+ 0:00 500 mg oral Fluorophenibut
  T+ 0:00 500 mg oral Vitamin C
  T+ 11:00 1500 mg oral Vitamin C
  T+ 11:00 12 mg oral Melatonin
  T+ 20:00   oral Vitamin C
  T+ 20:00     Pharms - Ibuprofen
Memantine "Quarantrip" Experience As a forward, the first time I tried memantine was a bit over 5 weeks ago at my private college apartment. The dosage was 73mg and the experience was enjoyable and unique. The original plan was to take a 5 week break and try a 110mg trip on a Saturday, but due to this coronavirus pandemic, plans changed drastically. As such, I am now at home with my brother who is still in high school and my mom who still is working in these times.

I am familiar with the effects I experienced on 73mg and didnít want to give up the opportunity with the abundance of boredom, but didnít feel comfortable to charge into uncharted waters. I still had to deal with family at home and couldnít be too high to function. For this reason, I compromised and decided on a 90mg dose instead.

I originally planned on dosing at 9:00 a.m, but didnít have the house to myself until 11:00 a.m. Drug come ups stress me out (Less so after latter uses as I become familiar with where I will plateau, but the unknowns on the come up are still nonetheless a bit unnerving.) so I needed a few hours to see where I would plateau and see how ďsoberĒ I world be when I needed to interact with people.

T+ 0:00: It is 11 a.m and a weigh out 90 milligrams of memantine and dissolve it into 250mL if water. The taste of the solution wasnít bad and in fact, very novel to anything I ever tasted. The best way I can describe it is what I would think an alien fruit might possibly taste like. Furthermore, I took a small dose of 500mg of phenibut to take the edge off and 500mg of vitamin C to slightly acidify my system. From my last experience, the onset occurs within 30 minutes and the plateau within 1 and a half hours (These values are a lot shorter than what is on PsychonautWiki. Although the experience is different for all, I recommend the lower bounds be changed, I was caught way off guard with this my first time.) The second time was no different. I decided to use the time to take a shower and have a small bite to eat as eating on dissociatives is not a fun time.

T+ 1:00: I decide to lay down in bed with my cat and watch some Netflix, the come up was rapid and the onset was like last time, within 30 minutes of dosing. I begin to feel more and more detached from reality and the world around me no longer feels real. Everything heads towards an ethereal state. Objective Perception (The way things look) stays the same with no hallucinations, but subjective perception (The way things feel) changes drastically.

T+ 1:30: My brother, who is a very late sleeper wakes up at 12:30. At this point Iím at the plateau and can still walk and talk normally with effort put into these actions. Unlike being sober with things feeling natural, I instead feel like Iím operating the machinery of my body. The conversation is normal and I go about my day. Due to having no control over my setting, I do not have the encompassing feeling of peace like last time. Later when I try to go outside, I am immediately taken aback by the intensity of the sun. The radiation of the sun felt harsher and less pleasant than when sober. The temperature was also nearly 90 degrees, so I did not stick around in my yard long. The next few hours were spent inside doing nothing of value.

T+ 4:00: Nothing much happens over the next couple hours. Two things of note however is that when I look at myself in the mirror, things seem off about my reflection. My brain's recognizes the image as myself, but there seems to be a qualitative difference in how I see myself. The effect when viewed on a glass window or phone screen is worse, with the reflection almost being ďgrotesqueĒ in nature. The other thing to note was the subtle changes in spatial perception. When my eyes were open, my environment and place in it seemed normal. However, if I laid down on the floor and closed my eyes, suddenly I felt a swaying sensation and the floor rock under me. The sensation was akin to being on a ocean bound ship.

T+ 6:00: Temperatures cool off enough to go in the yard and I spend a little bit of time outdoors. Mom comes home from work, though this isnít a big deal as I did all the chores yesterday as I didnít like the prospects of doing them high.

T+ 8:00: The day begins to head towards dusk and I spend over an hour watching the skies change colors. I go back inside to snack on some granola bars as solid food is a lot easier to handle while dissociated. Since 11:00 a.m, the only thing I had to eat was the small meal for lunch and a lot of water.

T+ 10:00: It is now dark outside and I stargaze for a little while. I have mild double vision and small light sources like stars are duplicated with both eyes open. The half moon in the sky seems normal and the amount of ambient light is enough to get around easily. Throughout the experience, it is noted that music is enhanced, but audiobooks are not. I have a small homework assignment to do online, but it was easy and only involved using formulas and not too much critical thinking. I do not recommend doing math while dissociated, it is quite the nuisance.

T+ 11:00: I head back inside and take a shower, taking a candle in with me. The warm incandescent and flickering light of the flame has a calming effect when sober and still maintained that effect under the influence of memantine. Nothing is particularly notable when showering dissociated as the dose wasnít really that high. Before going to bed, I take 12mg of melatonin and 1,500mg of vitamin C. By 11:00 p.m I head off to sleep after watching a few short videos on YouTube. My dreams were downright bizarre and Lovecraftian, with twisted versions of childhood stomping grounds and unsurprisingly contained zombies and coronavirus. Nothing new as I had become used to this B.S happening at night since I was four, so whatever.

T+ 20:00: I wake up feeling hungover and groggy. At this point I was well off the plateau and in the long annoying comedown this substance has to offer. Luckily Iím quarantined and donít really care. I take some ibuprofen and more vitamin C and get on with the day still feeling completely out of it. I do not know what it means that memantine has a stimulating effect as I have never really felt above baseline in terms of energy while under the influence, though to be fair, I did drink less caffeine during the experience.

T+ 26:00: Starting to feel a little more alive but still out of it. Outside of some brain zaps, I donít necessary feel bad, but instead quite apathetic.

T+ 30:00: My head feels normal again, but I still feel foggy, fatigued and a little ill.
T+ 30:00: My head feels normal again, but I still feel foggy, fatigued and a little ill.
The best way to describe it is the fatigue from flu, minus actually having any respiratory or throat symptoms. This feeling is probably a mix of the ďafterglowĒ and not really eating the best diet in the last 48 hours.

T+ 48:00: Still have a headache and a bit of fatigue. These have been an issue before dosing, so I donít know how much is being contributed from the memantine. I no longer feel any hint of dissociation and taking 1,000mg of vitamin C day and night. Unlike last time, I didnít gain much and donít feel like the experience was worth it. I underestimated how much set and setting matter with this substance, being stuck with family during a deadly pandemic isnít the best backdrop for this kind of drug. I definitely will stick to scant phenibut use going forward. Iím not giving up on memantine, but donít intend on using for a long time until I have my own privacy again. That probably wonít be an option until 2021 given the severity of the global situation. I donít feel depressed, but Iím not exactly having a good time either.

T+ 60:00: Headache and fatigue are gone, only some minor fog remains. Confident I will be at baseline after a good nightís sleep. I feel like most of the issues regarding the third day stemmed from stress regarding current events. Hoping for no weird dreams, but those are a given for a couple weeks after I use dissociatives.

T+ 72:00: I have returned to baseline after a third night of sleep.

Conclusions: Does this drug have recreational potential for me, yes. Last time was a insightful and novel experience. However, the circumstances were a lot better at the time. The escapism offered by memantine doesnít seem inherent to the drug, but instead enhances a well set up environment. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance, and little planning went into this. 3/10 experience on this trip.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114253
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Apr 18, 2020Views: 6,278
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Pharms - Memantine (309), Smarts - Phenibut (379) : Combinations (3), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Alone (16)

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