Hits You and Quits You
by theholydrug
Citation:   theholydrug. "Hits You and Quits You: An Experience with α-PCYP (exp114194)". Erowid.org. Apr 2, 2020. erowid.org/exp/114194

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral α-PCYP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:00 35 mg oral α-PCYP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 10 mg oral Pharms - Escitalopram (daily)


Summary: Fleeting euphoric stimulation preceding an uncomfortable crash.


Being interested mostly in research chemicals, I've dabbled with and used habitually a handful of different stimulant class substances in the past 3 years. Primarily Isopropylphenidate (IPPH) and 4F-MPH, with limited experience using 4-FMA, 2-FMA, and 4-FEA. No previous Cathinone experience. This report will mostly be relative to those substances. My stimulant tolerance could be considered low to medium; a typical effective IPPH dose for me being 20-30mg, a 4F-MPH dose 20mg, and 2-FMA 25mg. Haven't experienced pharma stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin. I take an SSRI as well, Escitalopram 10mg daily. Mirtazapine 15mg too, semi-regularly.

I primarily seek stimulants for functional and therapeutic use, and less often for recreation.
I primarily seek stimulants for functional and therapeutic use, and less often for recreation.
I'm not diagnosed with ADD but have trouble staying focused on work and maintaining discipline and motivation. IPPH and 4F-MPH have helped me significantly in that realm, while providing a hint of a feeling of purpose, like I have a real objective with the power to accomplish it. I Acquired a-PCYP out of curiosity and wanting something with a wider range of effects rather than a purely functional stim.

Previously I tried vaping it in an oil burner without success (no effects noticed). I have no experience vaping other substances or using an oil burner so that can likely be blamed on improper technique. Since that was a fruitless attempt I'll consider the following my first and only experience, with a redose/boost shortly after the first dose felt complete. Please note that I did not take a precautionary test dose before a full dose, which I should have done.

Context & Preparation:

Experienced at home alone during a work day (remote job), doing creatively focused tasks. Notes written during the experience, beginning at about 11am. No other substances consumed.

Substance is in crystalline form with a slightly cloudy, off-white or yellow color. A few larger crystals ~1-2mm in diameter are in the bag but it's mostly small crumbles. No analysis on its identity was performed, but having been obtained from a reputable and longstanding vendor I'm fairly confident it is genuinely a-PCYP.


T+0:00 - Measured out 30mg on a mg scale (accuracy +/- 5mg), put in gel capsule and consumed orally on an empty stomach.

T+0:45 - Subtle stimulation, slight mood boost.

T+1:15 - Onset is fully noticeable by now. Initially an increase in mood, and stimulation approaching that of 2-FMA. No physical effects noticed.

T+2:00 - Peak effects felt. Working on some creative tasks and feeling good. A definite sense of disinhibition, ego inflation, heightened music appreciation, increased sociability, and confidence. Generally a Moderate cognitive euphoria. Those effects feeling on par with or slightly stronger than a typical Phenibut dose. Around that, a-PCYP absolutely preferable to Phenibut at this point (the latter almost always comes with a headache and stomach doing flips).

There is a subtle physical euphoria as well. 4F-MPH and IPPH come with a slight physical discomfort for me. Sort of restless, slightly jittery vibe which is less present with a-PCYP. Physical effects mostly positive but certainly not intense.

I'm not feeling entirely focused on or consumed by my work like I am with my usual stims; I'm carelessly getting distracted by more interesting activities. Pleasure seeking impulses abound. So far it feels more like an indulgence-driven stimulation than a focus driven one, maybe a 70/30 split.

T+3:00 - Peak effects winding down, mood boost and other effects not as significant. Still energized and awake but not to the extent I would be at this point on 4F-MPH or 2-FMA. Moderate desire to redose. Haven't eaten all day, but an appetite is not present.

T+3:30 - I seem to be coming down at this point. Mood is baseline, but gloomy relative to earlier (disinhibition compelled me to text an ex which turned out to be a mistake and might be affecting results). Stimulation level lower than an hour ago, but still active. Music, work, and most other things are losing their appeal and my attention.

T+4:00 - Stimulation winding down more. Feeling a slight creeping anxiety, discontent, and tiredness. Mood effects almost entirely gone, but there is still a lingering physical euphoria. Come-down feels rapid.

T+4:40 - Effects have worn off almost entirely. I would consider myself at baseline, however I'm left feeling anxious and melancholic. I've ceased working, being completely unmotivated to do anything productive and instead aimlessly internet surfing. Still no appetite. An urge to redose is present and continuously returns to my thoughts, but it's not overpowering.

T+5:00 - I take another dose, 35mg orally.

T+5:45 - Effects are progressing faster this time, and are feeling more powerful although I don't have much relief from the first come-down; only reciprocating euphoria and melancholy, and my mind can't decide which to land on.

T+6:30 - Peaking on the second dose is not going as smoothly as the first.
T+6:30 - Peaking on the second dose is not going as smoothly as the first.
I try to get back on task but I end up getting lost in various pockets of the internet, feeling pedantic about appropriate usages of semicolons, considering every possible way to format this experience report, but ultimately not finding any satisfaction or real enjoyment in any of these activities. The euphoria is fickle, anxiety persists and I'm not enjoying the experience so much. I feel dirty and tweakish, but not guilty or regretful, more just disappointed and weak.

Physically, some things are coming through that I didn't experience on my first dose. I feel generally uncomfortable, restless, and I notice I have a semi-voluntary tic of swaying backwards and forwards rapidly, something I haven't experienced with other stims.

T+7:30 - Coming down is no worse than the first time, maybe not as bad even since I know what to expect and don't miss the peak effects as much.

T+8:00 - Consumed by melancholy and ennui I come terms with that fact I've just wasted the day.


My initial impressions during the peak of the first dose and an hour or two after were that it was an overall pleasant experience but not incredible. However the second dose not long after and its subsequent comedown has me leaning more towards an overall unfavorable view of the experience.

Disappointing length of duration, with a significant but not overpowering desire to redose. Come down is definitely apparent, rapid and somewhat unpleasant, but not terrible. Undoubtedly more euphoric than IPPH, 4F-MPH or 2-FMA but that only lasts so long. Maybe comparable to 4-FMA, but a-PCYP has more of a disinhibiting, ego inflating euphoria closer to Phenibut than 4-FMA's smooth entactogenic effects. It does not feel as 'clean' as 4-FMA and comes with some undesirable aspects. Not ideal for functional purposes. While it might be fun very briefly (1-2 hours), the comedown and unfulfilling redose prevent me from really liking it, and I don't see any particularly unique or superior qualities in a-PCYP compared to other stims and research chemicals in general that I've tried. It feels more potently stimulating than previously mentioned chems, but there does not seem to be any 'enhancement' that comes with it. Creatively flat, accelerated thoughts that are unorganized and lead nowhere. Poor focus and short attention span. Rapid mood change. Just an empty euphoria that comes and goes too soon to truly indulge in. Swallowed up, spit out.

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Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 114194
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 2, 2020Views: 6,503
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