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From Top Executive to Homeless
Armodafinil & Unknown
by Mira
Citation:   Mira. "From Top Executive to Homeless: An Experience with Armodafinil & Unknown (exp114183)". Mar 17, 2020.

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250 - 2000 mg oral Armodafinil (daily)
    oral Unknown (daily)
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
7+ years of hell on Nuvigil/Provigil

To help me out of deep blues my doc added 250mg to my antidepressant
my doc added 250mg to my antidepressant
AT START. To take every day : ( Boy was I high that first time. Remember like yesterday. The pharma Cephalon AND even the doc lied about tolerance buildup or maybe wasnít known enough at the time. The doc kept raising and raising it. Within one year doc brought me to... 800mg! Iím 5í5 102 pounds hello?

Fast forward 7 years. Every day use built up insane tolerance. Now up to 1,200mg/day just to function, to feel normal : ( Hello Pills Anonymous. Were times had to go up 2,000mg/day. Two failed rehabs and even a ward lock in. Changes your brain. Original doc (who Iím advised to sue) dropped me short after 800mg.

After 7 years docs got more educated and couldnít find their one whoíd prescribe it at all! Nor who can help get off it! Had to order from overseas. Trying to taper down. Trying to get out of this mess myself.
Trying to taper down. Trying to get out of this mess myself.
Two years hardly any success.

Withdrawals are HELL. No no such HELL that I screamed as if I were being butchered. Was scared Iíd get evicted. Someone called 911 few times. Max was able to make w o it 6 weeks. 6 weeks of panic attacks, suicide planning, 6 weeks bedridden and screaming from withdrawals. It's like both body and brain hurts canít explain. Was in support groups next to heroin addicts who were doing well 4 weeks off their thing. I was 6 weeks off and hysterical. Was taking 10 hrs alone to crawl out of bed to the group.

Obvi relapsed. Withdrawals did not diminish even a bit over 6 weeks clean.

Long story short this drug ruined my life entirely in every possible way : (

Lost job, about to lose home, isolated, lost all friends, all relationships, left spouse, hardly functional, but still on it and unable to quit. Two years trying.

Note I used to be a top executive, kinda well known. First saw Nuvigil as blessing. But itís VERY VERY ADDICTIVE.

Worst part is itís so new no professionals who knows how to treat its addiction.

Every day I curse the day I picked up that darn prescription.

Exp Year: 2013-2020ExpID: 114183
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Mar 17, 2020Views: 553
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Armodafinil (507) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Medical Use (47), Depression (15), Addiction & Habituation (10), Not Applicable (38)

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