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Every Thought Was More Detailed and Colorful
PRL-8-53, Piracetam & Citicoline
by ass
Citation:   ass. "Every Thought Was More Detailed and Colorful: An Experience with PRL-8-53, Piracetam & Citicoline (exp114102)". Feb 27, 2020.

5 - 20 mg sublingual PRL-8-53
  4.8 mg oral Piracetam
  500 mg oral Citicoline
  10 mg insufflated PRL-8-53


[Reported Substances: Piracetam, Citicoline, PRL-8-53]

5mg PRL-8-53 was placed under the tongue. A slight burning, almost spicy tingling sensation came on with a slightly sour and quite bitter taste, likely somewhat contributed to by the HCl salt nature of the compound, which was quickly overshadowed by a strong local anesthetic effect, numbing every part of the mouth and tongue it came in contact with. PRL-8-53 is noticeably less acidic than phenibut HCl, but by no means whatsoever is it safe to insufflate. I won't go into great detail but after testing multiple doses of the compound sublingually, I became curious about insufflation as, unlike phenibut HCl, was a viable sublingual compound. The effects of railing 10mg was one of the worst burning pains of all the compounds I've insufflated. It turned my entire face red, the eye on the corresponding side more red than a heavy bong rip, caused me to tear up, hit like snorting staples, turned my snot into glue, clogged up my entire sinuses, but slowly disappeared as per the numbing qualities of the compound. As the compound absorbed, I was, over the course of several minutes, hit with visual sharpness, a slight grey-yellow hue shift, slight euphoria, significant pro-motivational effects, and a strong antidepressant effect. I felt capable, no longer helpless. Otherwise, the effects followed a slightly stronger version what will be described shortly. The side effect of this was that my nostrils and sinuses were filled with lots of abnormal snot for the following two days, mixed with a decent amount of blood.

5mg sublingually - no real noticeable effects. It was a bit easier to remember what I was looking at just by a short glance and closing my eyes. 5mg sublingually is difficult to discern from placebo.

10mg sublingually - at 10mg, effects were subtle but discernible from placebo. At a glance, visual images were more detailed, crisper, and my visual short-term memory was significantly enhanced. I noticed a significant shift towards remembering visual images I'd seen, as opposed to my regular method of verbal memory. This shift allowed my memory to take on new degrees of complexity beyond mere words, tone, and rhythmic variation that already allowed me to remember large amounts of data. I noticed my ability to chunk with color, texture, size, and shape. I memorized my credit card number, expiration, and security code quite easily. My subtle number-color and letter-color synesthesia became much more powerful. Time was slightly but noticeably accelerated at this dose.

20mg - I decided to take 20mg before one incredibly boring classes as 10mg demonstrated a noticeable time acceleration comparable to a low dose of pharmaceutical stimulants. 20mg significantly built upon the effects of 10mg. As I walked into the room, I noticed significantly brighter colors. I also noticed the less attractive features of people's faces, though without any negative association. It was like my brain was doing less filtering and simplification of faces, and more detail was available to me. Irises noticeably stood out to me. Everyone's eye colors were more pronounced. I walked up to the professor and explained my previous absence, making eye contact more easily and readily than usual, exerting a more dominant posture, and overall feeling more sociable and confident. I got a positive response, and even was invited to an office hours meeting to discuss options for extra credit which was rarely offered for that class. I was told what group to join and to remember it, and simply blinking I saw the number in my mind's eye, dim cyan with pastel blue dashes, a forest green outline, and a drop shadow. I went back to my seat and waited as time flew past me. It felt like the class went by in at least half as much time. As the lecture was redundant and meaningless, my eyes scanned the room looking for information to test my enhanced memory on. A 5 digit number caught my attention written on one of the boards, 15535. It presented itself in my mind's eye as two chunks, a pastel red 1 with a drop shadow, 55 as orange and underlined and 35 as a brighter pastel blue fading like a gradient into an orange 5, accompanied by a gradient pale navy to maroon gradient drop shadow. I glanced over again to 15536 written next to it, which was similar except for the last two numbers which were a slightly lighter but intensely bright pastel blue with an even brighter sky blue glow. The brightness also inherently conveyed that 36 was 6*6, 9*4, and 12*3, containing undertones of all of these numbers.

Overall I'm fascinated with this compound and its ability to create powerful, detailed, colorful memories and enhance synesthesia. I'd be very interested to see how PRL-8-53 would combine with psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 114102
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 27, 2020Views: 1,344
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PRL-8-53 (640) : Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), Not Applicable (38)

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