No Recreational Value
by Arkwright
Citation:   Arkwright. "No Recreational Value: An Experience with Eszopiclone (exp113990)". Feb 3, 2020.

T+ 0:51
1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 0:00 6 mg oral Pharms - Eszopiclone


Trip Report - Eszopiclone

I had a pretty chill mindset at the time, just wanting to do something recreationally to pass the boring time here while I live with my mom. Basically, I wanted to get high. No special preparations were made, just straight up took the goddamn thing and sat on my PC. No other drugs were taken during this experience. I know each body reacts differently to substances, but my main goal was to see if it was possible to hallucinate from this drug. Since I didnít find much information online, I figure a trip report might be useful to those willing to try this.

20:57 Ė 6mg orally administrated dose of Eszopiclone.
21:13 Ė Nothing in particular. A heat wave washed over my body, as if raising its core temperature. Iím currently worried I might blackout, and sleep on top of my keyboard. Hopefully the effects appear with enough nuance that I realize when Iím getting fucked up enough so that I lay down and sleep already.
21:31 Ė Iím not directly aware of the effects yet, but a metallic bitter taste has started to show inside my mouth, up on my palate. It may be kicking in, Iím not sure yet.

21:36 Ė There is a remote possibility that my thoughts are adverse, and my motor coordination impaired, both not in a high level, just slightly. The weird taste intensifies. Iím browsing the web on my bedroom during this whole experience. Letís see if I can get a relaxation and integration vibe with this shit. Letís do it.
21:40 Ė Yeah. A sense of moderate relaxation sets in, but itís possible itís more intense than I can realized, as sombody said you canít see how much youíre fucked up when youíre in hypnotics. If this is it, Iím not blacking out at all, unless something totally random happens. I feel awake, but moderately relaxed, and minimally euphoric. The crappy taste slightly augments.
21:54 Ė Cigarette + mom socialization. Nothing out of the ordinary, just treating her kindly. Definitely feeling a bit of motor coordination impairness, the relaxation slightly goes up, and the euforia is really unnoticable, but itís there. If I were to lay down, I guess Iíd sleep, but thatís not the point at all. Iím trying to have hallucinations.
Iím trying to have hallucinations.

22:05 - I'm already feeling a little "something". My body is mildly relaxed, it has risen in temperature and feeling mild euphoria. These I all felt way more from other substances, but, this is a sleep pill, after all. Other neutral effects: impaired motor coordination, just a bit, but noticeable. Also, thought patterns are kinda weird. What's interesting though is this bitter taste in my palate. When I inhale air, I can taste it. Not super strong, but increasing over time. At this point in time (22:05 - I took it 20:57) I'd say this drug does not have recreational value, I guess. Anything it does, another one does better.

22:21 Ė Browsing the web like crazy, music sounds good. Body with high levels of temperature. Not gonna eat anything, just go with water. Feeling mildly euphoric but super relaxed now. Everything is OK. Again, other drugs manage to do this quite better, but it is a good feeling nonetheless.
22:32 Ė Where the hallucinations at??? I'm waiting
23:11 Ė No hallucinations yet. Effects peaked in medium to low euforia feeligns and high body relaxation, almost like a benzo feel, but weaker. Mildly sleepy.
23:31 Ė Iím about to conclude this report, I looked up, I have a few quotes writen on my bedroom wall. They look like theyíre wiggling, nothing too intense. OK, maybe itís just the roomís darkness.
23:51 Ė Here I finish this trip report. Nothing else to say, Imma head to bed.

POST NOTE: When trying to sleep, opening my eyes was really trippy. I could see some undefined shapes as in when I close my eyes and shit. Nothing like a defined LSD visual, but more like delirium.

Exp Year: 2020ExpID: 113990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Feb 3, 2020Views: 1,305
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