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Warmth, Confusion, Insanity and Clarity
Citation:   Fweep. "Warmth, Confusion, Insanity and Clarity: An Experience with 3-HO-PCP (exp113965)". Jan 5, 2020.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 3-HO-PCP
  T+ 1:40 8 mg oral 3-HO-PCP
I got a sample of etizolam from a vendor the morning before this night. Took the etizolam early in the day, fell asleep and woke up at good old 1:00 AM. Well fuck, here I am wide away at 1:00 AM. What to do? Might as well take a high dose of 3-HO-PCP.

t :00

I dose 15mg orally at 1:30 AM. At this point I'm just chilling on my computer. My buddy has a weird sleep schedule due to his work schedule so he was online for this entire experience. I eagerly wait for the comeup with this extremely minor etizolam afterglow so I can spend this long night not bored out of my mind.

t :45

The dissociation finally sets in. I feel a calming warmth come in waves over my body as I lay back in my chair soaking it in. I was ready for a good night, but not ready for the insanity that was to come within just a few hours.

t 1:20

I feel great. The slight mania is keeping me in a giddy mood. I feel relaxed have an overall sense of peace. It felt like a middle ground of 3-meo-pcp, hyodrocodone, ketamine.
I feel relaxed have an overall sense of peace. It felt like a middle ground of 3-meo-pcp, hyodrocodone, ketamine.
I had next to no worries but was still a bit sober minded when it came to decision making.

t 1:40

Mania is at the peak for this dose. Honestly I did not notice what kind of state I was in. This felt like any other 3-ho-pcp trip as of now. At this point I wanted to redose since I often redose with this substance. In my manic, careless state of mind I weight out 8mg of 3-ho-pcp, believing it would be a small redose (8mg is a strong dose, I usually redose 4mg on a 10mg dose lol) and swallowed it.

t 2:40

Everything changes, a lot. The redose has kicked in. There is no terror, no euphoria, no anxiety, just pure confusion. The next several hours could be summed up as pure "confusion". I don't remember much of this period but I shall cover what I gathered during this several hour period. I remember saying "Can you hear me" and "This is confusing" countless times. I remember water magically appearing on my desk, not knowing what it was or how it happened. I also recall not knowing what my room was and quite literally just not knowing what was happening. My vision was an absolute distorted blur during this several hour period. The scenery splicing and loss of any sense of balance was practically blinding, leaving me useless until I came down.

t 6:30

The comedown hits hard. I finally know where I am, and what my room is. I know who I am talking to on VOIP and I am covered in water. I realize I need to clean all this water off my desk. Immediately I realize there are five towels laying on the floor right next to me. Convenient but how did they get there? Anyways I clean my shit up and try talking to my buddies but at this point speaking was still very difficult.

t 7:00

Beauty. It's over. I did not experience anything crazy. In fact I barely remember it at all, other than unbelievably dream-like confusion at certain points. I am washed with this incredible clarity. My body still feels weird but my mind is the most clear it's ever been. It was as if my mind had been cleaned of all it's rubbish and problems momentarily. I walked around, soaked everything in and enjoyed it. I cried due to this clarity I had never felt before.

t 8:00

I fall asleep

Reports from my buddies:

They claimed I basically went insane for a few hours. I did not sound intoxicated (slurring my words, etc), rather I sounded broken. I said "This is confusing" an uncountable amount of times. When I spilled water on my desk I supposedly left and grabbed towels over and over again, spending as long as 30 minutes grabbing towels. I repeated "why is my desk wet" at least ten times. This same looping action happened with several different things throughout this time period. Basically I was looping due to confusion and mania while being clear of any fear or anxiety.

The next day I had no hangover nor an afterglow. I felt completely normal.


Be careful dosing this substance. This is my favorite dissociative and I consider it a rather easy going, comforting and clear headed dissociative, but it can still put me in a state of mind where I will not think clearly about my decisions. I do not regret this experience. It was not scary and caused no harm to me, but who knows what I could have done in a state such as that. The fact that I barely remember a period of time where I basically went insane is enough to realize that these substance must be taken with proper care.

I would not redose this substance, let alone any PCP analogue.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113965
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 5, 2020Views: 5,709
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3-HO-PCP (838) : Unknown Context (20), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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