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Arriving Through Fear
by Mouthspiral
Citation:   Mouthspiral. "Arriving Through Fear: An Experience with 2C-B (exp113950)". Mar 20, 2020.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  22 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)


Substance: 2CB

Dose: 22mg

R.O.A: Insufflated

Person: 15/M

Settings: Friend's House Party, Summer

Writing here from quite a few years later, in my early 20s, recalling, recording some experiences from my memories. A summer, having just finished secondary school, fifteen at the time, managing to acquire two doses of 22 milligrams of 2CB in powder form from a supplier. Bought in a graveyard, where I met my dealer, and his friends, where they were congregating. Iíd tried it twice beforehand, but in pill form, orally at 20 milligrams on the tail end of MDMA experiences. Giving it rather entirely different effects than this one time.

Brought it with me to a party, not deciding till I arrived if I was going to take it or not. Skeptical to take it in such an environment. I had two doses. After arriving, settling, drinking a few cans of beer, I was making myself comfortable. Hanging out with friends, the personís house, one of my best friends, his mum was out of town. More people were slowly arriving, and the place was relaxed. Talking to a friend, I ask him if he wants to do some 2CB, after much thought, we decided to take the drug together. It was just after midnight. We go up the bathroom, Iím thinking Iíd like a shorter but more intense high. I say we should snort it, Iíd read about snorting 2CB online, seeming like a great experience but nothing would prepare me for what was to come. After opening the power wrapped in paper bombs, we proceeded in snorting the powder. Hitting the nose, a burning sensation is felt instantly, it is literally like the powder is causing a skin reaction in my nose. No after taste, but just an irritation of skin in my nose. Painful.

Walking out of the bathroom, I instantly feel a little warm, heated, a gentle buzz is coming on. My fingers feel ultra-sensitive, the wall next to the bathroom door, begins to move, with light kaleidoscopic swirls appearing on the surface all over. I start touching the wall in utter fascination. Stroking it, feeling itís texture. The grains and bumps gently massage my hands. Lovely, completely captivated by the wall. I start to realize what the hell am I doing, Iím stroking a wall, I laugh. Others around watching laugh. My headspace is altering very quickly; Iíve never felt this way mentally before. I feel as if I am regressing. I walk downstairs, and begin feeling overwhelmed, with a lot of anxiety. The headspace is taking me by surprise, I did not expect to feel this out of control so rapidly. My friend is having a similar reaction and goes outside. I lose him for a while. Time begins to distort. I feel hot, flushed, sweaty. I am overheating. I go outside to get some air, as I am losing it, with the visual effects amping up already.

I sit outside in the back garden outside the door, when immediately, I donít know if this was there or not. In front of me there appears to be a giant yellow triangle sticking out of the grass that is melting, pouring, with holes being made all over it, as if it is dissolving from the inside. I stare at this in complete astonishment as my mind begins dissolving with the triangle. Experiencing dual sensations of my mind and the triangle. I am losing it with absolute fear. I go inside, and upstairs to get away from my friends, and the music, which has got excruciatingly loud and painful.

I go into one of the rooms upstairs, closing the door in the dark. The room has expanded in length and size. I am so hot, and out of control. I make my way towards the window on the far end. A red hue penetrating the misty window, my breath creates moisture on the glass. I gaze outside gasping for air, as my body overheats, I sweat with strikes coming down my face. I place my hands on the window, my hands are tiny but simultaneously large with this new world. I am a lost child in a giant room trying to breath. Enveloped with fear and anxiety. Accepting my fate of gloom. In agony of my fluctuating emotions and physical sensations of intense heat and ice shudders. I must appear a lunatic. Downstairs a party of teenagers, and me having just opened a new reality. Tears of sweat. Everything has lost its size and shape. The world I was once in ten minutes ago, is some far away idea, time is slowing down in the most agonising way. Am I forgotten, does everyone know what is happening to me. Deliriously kaleidoscopic. It is still ramping up. Chaos building within this crystallised mess. I was like a very small child lost in a hall.

The door suddenly flies open, and one my friends barges in, switching the light on. It is painfully bright, putting my hands to my eyes, and falling back in panic. He is surrounded by a halo, and has become a holy spirit. He is completely enveloped by a light, I get up to greet him before he transforms into a demonic demon, with his face completed highlighted with sinister emotions. Vicious demon, black lined smile, eye brows pointing downwards. I notice that all the forms of his emotional expression are being exaggerated. I push him out of the room. Shutting the door, and turning the unbearably painful lights off. I sit in dark again.

Things are still building; I canít believe I am still rising. I notice that everything has just been heightened to the max but at this point everything is starting to warp and distort including my thoughts. I look out of the door to the stairway, it is a crystallised mess, everything is overwhelmingly bright. Twinkling. It is unbelievable intense. I notice the music, oh I notice the music, experiencing synesthesia, it rises-up the stairs. Sounding so unbelievable, the reverb and distorting effects of this drug are out of this world. It is too powerful. I walk out in the stairway, before realising the music is too scary, I retreat to another smaller room. Inside it is total chaos, the mental effects, physical effects are unimaginable intense. I sit down, completely overwhelmed with anxiety. My friend who has also taken it, comes into the small dark room with me, and says what the fuck mate, this shit is insane. We both lay down on the floor, overwhelmed with intense hallucinations, mental effects, and physical effects. At this point I keep melting into the floor, I canít stop melting into the floor, moving side by side. This appears to be happening to my friend. The floor is a rainbow sheet, with me bleeding into it.

Very quickly I notice the fear has begun to subside, the anxiety diminishes. I start being able to enjoy the full effects of the drug. I notice how completely amazing this is, new. Leaving the small room with my friend, who goes further afield. I sit on the steps for a moment downstairs, the party is in full swing. No one has been aware of what has happened to me. It was all in my mind.
I sit on the steps for a moment downstairs, the party is in full swing. No one has been aware of what has happened to me. It was all in my mind.
I sit on the stairs, fully embodied in the psychedelic trip, and ever so comfortable. I look down at my shoes, everything is so detailed, crisp, with my shoes moving about at every point. Looking up, everything in my field of vision is moving. The picture in the hallway is in 3D, and changing colour dramatically with such speed. The detail of everything is unbelievable. This is psychedelia. Looking outside through the front door which is open, the view of the street, I see a zebra crossing, with the orange bulb lights. They are surrounded by green and red haloís. The world is utterly transformed. This clean modern house was looking more pulled apart and smooth, with the sterile surfaces of every element of the house being glazed in a cartoon like fashion. Heightened. Tables, lines, curtains breathed, moved, danced as if they were all a living organism. This place was a living being. Me just the point where everything emanated from. Iím moving with it. I like the fact that I look normal but my mind was everywhere. I found it hard adjusting to this, most of my anxiety is stemming from the fact that I thought I looked and acted as crazy as the total perception. This is not the case, and once this is noted, everything eases much more.

This all makes so much sense. I get up and walk to the dance room, where everyone is dancing. I notice how unsuspicious I am, I start to dance, feeling totally present with the room. The room is so much larger, and more defined, the lights flashing. I am on a different speed or pace to everyone else. I look down at my hands, they are oversized with patterns all over it, I feel like a child in a playground. I laugh, and begins saying ďI am little boyĒ, whilst staring at my hands. I dance. The fear and anxiety has completely subsided. I feel warm, happy, relaxed, altered, with powerful hallucinatory effects happening everywhere. It is a totality on every sense working together. Walking out of the dance room. I begin to talking to people, enjoying myself, interacting with others is strange but I start being able to make myself comfortable. Walking out into the back garden, it is the size of a field now, everything is so enlarged. Someone I know arrives, we hug, feeling so much warmth towards her, it is wonderful.

Moving about the house, everything is moving alongside my own mental side. I sit outside with some friends, telling him Iíve done some 2CB. He asks me what it is like, the best way to describe to him I say, is everything. Everything. Everything is hallucination. Not one object in the field of vision is not shrinking in size, melting, undulating or covered in patterns, or colours, the world is hued with green and red colours. It is all melting in all places, with objects, people, surfaces smearing into one another. Bleeding from object to object. Breathing. Mental effects move with the visual effects. The music and auditory effects were my favourite. Music took on a rounded, crisp, and slow dimension, gazing into the dance room, the music was now a visual element. The repetitive beats move the spiralling patterning effects in the air. Me and the world is moving in waves, rising-up and down in intensity. This is one special experience. The mental effects were stimulating but very clear headed, no confusion but just purely mind expanding.

I walk upstairs. Everyone is crowded around a bed in one of the rooms with a doll or tiny child laying down on the bed. I ask someone who the hell is that. Someone looks at me confused, before realising the thing laying down is my friend who has had too much to drink. Just experiencing more intense cartooning effects. It was truly Alice in wonderland syndrome. Just pacing about at a party, observing, taking in, laughing at all the absurdity of what was happening to me, and the world. From one to another, strange occurrences unfold. I hold a delicate bowl of cereal with milk, filled to the rim. I do not want to touch the milk. I am by the exit of the kitchen, leading to the garden. With not much thought, disgusted by the sight of the cereal, I proceed in walking outside and emptying the content of the bowel into the grass. No thought. The smallest anomalies around the party, are what take my fancy throughout the night.

I spend the rest of the evening socialising, and slowly the effects begin to settle, with the world slowly starting appear again. More than coming down, it was more general reality was emerging after a while. I start to feel more normal and less heightened. I feel different than before. Iíve come out in some way. Once I experienced myself and the world in this form, I donít ever really come back.

As the party comes to end, effects come to an end, Iím a little tired but not in any way drained like I would feel on stimulants. It beautifully diminishes. Lovely, gentle, goofy, absurd is this drug world space. Looking back, it does lack a little of the deep mental component that I feel tryptamine's have, other 2C chemicals, or other psychedelics. Iíve done 2CB many times since then, maybe 50 plus times and it has always been gentle and forgiving, with one oral 50mg trip giving me a stronger trip than this one, where the mental component truly stood out. Great for tripping around others at parties, where I still want to have conversations, or generally staying awake without having to take a stimulant. With the bonus of never a hangover. It is a brilliant all round drug, no wonder it is so popular now. Very balanced, easy, music sounds great, lovely body and mind high, smoothly mind altering. It has such love, empathy, and laughter. The jokes that come from this drug are wonderful. Iíve never had any ill effects from 2CB in my long-term use. Shulgin won here. Truly a great drug.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 113950
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Mar 20, 2020Views: 3,514
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Music Discussion (22), Large Party (54)

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