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S P a C E D
Cannabis & Dimenhydrinate
by Evan L
Citation:   Evan L. "S P a C E D: An Experience with Cannabis & Dimenhydrinate (exp11384)". Oct 15, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis (tar / resin)
  T+ 1:25 450 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


It started off with a fake-sick day off of school. I was home alone at 4 o'clock and my parents wouldn't be back 'til 11. I thought it was a great chance to smoke. My pipe (named Bilbo, after the Lord Of The Rings books.. pretending it is the one that him and Gandalf smoke pipe-weed out of) was loaded with resin. I scraped out a small bowl of resin with a paper clip. To get resin out of a bowl, it is best to circle around it, towards the edges. Then I tap on the bowl and put the resin on some sort of tile. At this point, I press it between my fingers and roll it in a ball. I put this resin ball in a tin foil pipe I made. Here is a brief description of how I make a pipe where ever I happen to be..

You need tin foil, and a pen.

1. Cut a sheet of tin foil so it can be wrapped around the pen.
2. Take the pen out of the tin foil so I have a piece of tin foil in a cirle.
3. Bend the pipe at one end, but not enough so that air cannot go through it.
4. Put my plant material (weed, salvia, etc..) in the end and smoke.

Though it doesnt have a screen, and it is possible to breath in very heavily and take the plant material in my mouth, it can work very well.

(0.00)Back to my story... I smoked the small resin ball in my basement. It is very well ventilated and I have done it numerous occasions before and have not gotten caught. I took three long tokes and noticed the walls turning a certain shade of yellow. It was the color of yellow that a book gets once it becomes very old. Small rectangles appeared to cover the wall and I was once again satisfied with the power of marijuana.

(0.30)I then walked back upstairs and sat around my christmas tree. The lights looked like candy and I was amazed with its beauty. When I shook my head lightly, the colors would smear wherever which way my head went. This proves that resin DOES work. (several of my friends think resin is just a waste) Happiness overcame me and I decided to head to my room. Once there, I sprawled on the bed and felt tingly all over.

(1.25)Suddenly, it came to me that I had some left over Dramamine from a previous experience and I took 9 of the 50 mg pills. Finding Bilbo again, I continued to scrape while my high led me feeling many different emotions. My heart was filled with well-being. I started laughing about stupid mistakes I had made in the past as well. Another emotion I was filled with was peace. Thinking about the September 11th tragedy made me want to do something about stopping the hatred. After that, I was off to smoke the other tiny resin ball I had created. Down into my basement I went, and it felt like I was walking down a million steps. When I got there, I took two tokes and got a sudden stomach ache. The dramamine had kicked in.

(2.45)Dream like images filled my mind. It was as if I was half awake-half asleep. When I said words, they echoed in my mind and kept repeating. After the smoking, I ran up in the stairs in my bedroom. I wanted to feel safe under some blankets. The fuzz of the blanket felt weird against my arms. It felt like the fuzz was billions of centipede legs walking on me. Between this point and me waking up, I'm filled with very vague images. Since the dramamine made me feel half awake-half sleeping, all I remember is a very uncomfortable nights rest. Luckily, my mom didn't catch me sprawled up on the floor of my room.

(What I learned)Well, I learned that dramamine is not a very good drug to have fun with. All it did was make me feel uncomfortable and sleepy. If I could change one thing, I would have sticked with the THC. Marijuana lets me at least be able to think, and not knock me out.

-Evan L

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 15, 2019Views: 1,012
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Cannabis (1), Dimenhydrinate (17) : General (1), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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