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Potent and Long-Lasting
Citation:   ThePoobaman. "Potent and Long-Lasting: An Experience with 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate (exp113832)". Dec 12, 2019.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate  
  T+ 10:00 100 mg oral Caffeine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 24:00 5 mg oral 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate  
  T+ 48:00 5 mg oral 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate  
  T+ 54:00 16 oz oral Coffee  
  T+ 72:00 5 mg oral 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate  
[There is, apparently, some concern that due to 5-HT2B receptor agonism, this drug can cause pulmonary hypertension, a very dangerous heart condition. That's certainly possible, and some 5-HT2B agonists (such as aminorex) have been linked to the condition, but many others (such as guanfacine, xylometazoline, and even LSD) have not. More research is certainly needed, but until then, I certainly won't be taking this stuff too often.]

I was inspired by my positive experiences with 3-FPM and 4-fluoromethylphenidate. Of all the things I've tried in my quest to find something that will treat my ADHD, this is one of the most highly effective compounds. An incomplete list of things I've tried for ADHD includes amphetamine in various formulations, methylphenidate (both racemic and dexmethylphenidate), 2-FMA, 3-FPM, 4F-MPH, phenylpiracetam, noopept, and a host of other "nootropics," isopropylphenidate, bromantane, and so on. I've also tried the full spectrum of recreational drugs.

Anyway, to give a little more background, I work full time as a trade journalist. It's an entry level job with an extremely inconsistent workflow, and definitely not something I want to do long term. But it's a necessary step on the path to my career goal of becoming an investigative journalist, so I need to be able to perform well. My ADHD is constantly sabotaging that, so I decided to do something about it, and ordered some 3,4-CTMP.

Onto the report, which begins on a dreary Monday morning:

This morning I woke up very tired. Unwilling, and probably unable to deal with my massive workload today, I decide it's the perfect opportunity to take the 3,4-CTMP that arrived last night. I select it because of its lengthy duration and the fact that I will need to be energetic from the moment I get into work until I finish at the gym about 11 hours later.

T+0:00 I eat a small breakfast of yogurt, cereal and an orange. After, at 7:30 a.m, I take 5 mg of 3,4-CTMP orally weighed out by jewelry scale and dissolved in water.

T+0:35 Now on the train for my morning commute, I feel my heart rate increase a bit. No other effects are noticeable.
T+0:50 Feeling much more alert. Still yawning, but my mind is wide awake. Heart rate is perhaps slightly elevated but not excessive enough that I bother to measure. I feel a nice mood lift too. Slight headache.
T+1:05 At work, I think I'm feeling the full effects, but only time will tell. I have no desire for caffeine or any other stimulant. I am totally satisfied where I am, although I will probably have some tea in a bit just to give this a little boost and throw some l-theanine into the equation.
T+1:15 Headache growing. I'm all the way up this point, at least I hope so.
T+3:15 I've been working steadily. I'm jumping between tasks a little more than I'd like, but things are getting done
I've been working steadily. I'm jumping between tasks a little more than I'd like, but things are getting done
so it's okay. I feel unusually cold, perhaps the result of some slight vasoconstriction. My headache is gone. But most importantly, I feel a fantastic mental clarity. I was just in a meeting for a little while and I was throwing out ideas and generally more enthusiastic than I would have usually been. My writing and verbal fluency is also improved, which is a godsend since I work as a professional writer. This reminds me quite a bit of methylphenidate: good, clean stimulation. I'm expecting a crash, as I'd expect from any stimulant, but somehow this feels like it couldn't possible cause one. It just feels too clean.
T+3:50 Time is really flying, but I'm working well. I've noted there isn't much appetite suppression. I'm actually pretty hungry. This is great since I tend to undereat.

T+4:36 I'm starting to feel overstimulated and a little fried. I think it's time for a meal.
T+7:00 Meal made me feel both more tired and more energized. I think I'm probably past the peak of this, but still comfortably stimulated. It was almost a little too much earlier. I will say I am not in my usual 2:30 slump, which is pleasant.
T+8:18 I'm still definitely up, but having trouble focusing on work. Soon I will be able to go home and get to the gym, which is nice. It's not a lack of energy at this point but rather a lack of motivation to do my boring job.

(Time stamps from this point on will be a bit inaccurate since they're estimated)

T+10:00 I arrive home and relax for a moment. Still a bit energetic, definitely more than I would be otherwise. I take around 100 mg of caffeine in a preworkout powder (there are other but clinically irrelevant ingredients) and head to the gym.
T+12:00 My workout was excellent. I really focused well on engaging the correct muscles and pushed myself. However, upon returning home from the gym I feel very tired. Strangely though, I still feel a little bit strung out or wired. I have casual sex and it's good enough and I feel pleasant afterward, but I'm definitely coming down.
T+12:45 I'm very spaced out. Definitely coming down. I take a few hits of cannabis from a vaporize, eat some almonds, go get groceries and do my laundry.
T+14:00 I make a proper dinner and eat. No appetite suppression to report. I immediately feel almost entirely better after eating, as though new life has been breathed into me.
T+16:00 I go to sleep - or at least try to. I toss and turn for a bit but do fall asleep within 30 minutes (longer than usual but nothing extreme).

Throughout the night I woke up several times and had strange dreams, but woke up feeling alright.

As far as first experiences go, that was a nice introduction.
The next day I took the same dose, but this time measured it volumetrically for improved accuracy.
The next day I took the same dose, but this time measured it volumetrically for improved accuracy.
This stuff has a lot of trouble dissolving in water - I had to let it sit overnight. I had similar results, but it was less pronounced on the second day. Sleeping was a bit more difficult.

I took it for two more days consecutively after that, every time at the same dose of 5 mg. Each time it became more difficult to sleep, and on these last two days I had to take 1 mg of etizolam to get to sleep. The comedown gets worse, but it's never at the level of a high dose of cathinones or cocaine.

Overall, here were the effects I noticed over four days of use:
-Improved focus and attention, similar to methylphenidate.
-Minimal appetite suppression.
-A very "clean" feeling. No hint of unpleasant physical side effects.
-Slight nausea or headache at times, but that could be unrelated.
-Very long stimulation, about 12 hours for the main effects and 3-6 hours of residual stimulation that makes it difficult to sleep
-Cumulative effects with multiple days of use. This is definitely not something to use for more than a few days in a row.
-Unlike methylphenidate, an interesting increase in the lucidity of internal dialogue.

-Pairs very well with modest dosages of caffeine, particularly tea. I assume the l-theanine has something to do with this. However, I wouldn't overdo it. On the third day I had a very big cup of black drip-brewed coffee (around 16 oz) about six hours in, and it was a massive mistake. I became sweaty, anxious, and uncomfortable. Worst of all, I had waterfall-level diarrhea. Pure misery, but it only lasted about 90 minutes before I was able to collect myself.
-Very little physical stimulation at this dose. I was only slightly stronger at the gym and this could have just been due to my mental willingness to push myself harder.
-Muscle tension and soreness. This is more present for 3,4-CTMP than any stimulant I have tried before. It wasn't awful, but it was noticeable. It could have been from working out harder, but it's hard to say.
-Libido all over the place. I usually have a consistent and fairly high libido, but 3,4-CTMP seems to put it on a rollercoaster. At times I find the idea of sex completely uninteresting, even unpleasant, and then an hour later my sexual appetite is voracious. This compound also caused, sorry to get personal, a little erectile dysfunction. It wasn't awful, but it made things hard (figuratively, of course).

Anyway, despite a few weird side effects, I did very well at work and got most of what I needed to done. It is very much a functional stimulant at this dose, and I definitely wouldn't push it any further than 5 mg. I can only imagine I'd be awake long into the night, crashing horribly. Stay safe, be productive, and have fun.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113832
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 12, 2019Views: 3,994
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