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In Which I Become a Little Amazon Indian
Citation:   rasputin1963. "In Which I Become a Little Amazon Indian: An Experience with 1cP-LSD (exp113721)". Feb 13, 2020.

300 ug   1cP-LSD
At 5:00 pm yesterday, I dropped 300μg of the new "Curie" analogue, 1cP-LSD. I didn't know what to expect, whether it would be similar to 1p-LSD. The comeup was gradual, taking about 1.5hrs, and I experienced no bodyload at all, no nausea or weirdness.
The comeup was gradual, taking about 1.5hrs, and I experienced no bodyload at all, no nausea or weirdness.
My impression of 1cp is that it is very cerebral indeed: just a huge white miasma of scintillating energy around my pineal gland, and no unusual bodily sensations to speak of.

As it came up, I was watching the 1978 movie DEATH ON THE NILE; I couldn't tell if it was the movie or my state-of-mind, but I found it to be the most wooden, hokey and unbelievable thing imaginable, and turned it off.

It was sunset, and decided to take my camera just behind my house to observe the beautiful cool and pleasant October twilight. There is a ravine just beside my house, surrounded by a wild thicket of untouched wilderness; layers and layers of tangled canopy obscure a little creek that scurries along the arroyo. I climbed into the morass of greenery and was astonished to see that there is a whole little magical world under those leaves! The nature seemed both kind and inviting... and a little scary, like she is a goddess beckoning you to come explore the mystery and magic of her garments. With my camera I tried my best to capture some of the glowing magic that was all around me, and yet today, in the cold light of day, re-examining those photos, I am a wee bit disappointed: my camera just dutifully, perfunctorily captured only superficialities, and didn't "see" the kaleidoscope of infinite colors that I had hoped it would.

What really startled me about the nature around me... was how, for all the years I've lived here, I'd failed to fully appreciate just how much my region of South Texas was very much "Mexico" (as indeed Texas was for centuries before being integrated into the USA). The trees around me seemed to say: "Hey, don't project upon me some kind of English "Beatrix Potter" quaintness! No, babe, I am MEXICO, wild and untamed and a little scary, and don't you forget it!" And I could see how the tangle of vines that hid the sun were very much an Aztec/Mayan/Comanche affair, a sprawl of infinite jungly paisleys doing an untamed dance. And then suddenly I had the impression of myself as not being a 56-yr-old Anglo/White fella... but instead a little Amazon Jivaro man, standing about 2-feet tall, with olive skin and black hair, and a bone-spear through my nose. It was very vivid, and I had a sudden longing to be that little indigenous man, move into this jungle, and forswear all my vulgar, tawdry and careless American/Western addictions and superficialities.

As darkness fell, I crept back up to my house and settled in to watch some YouTube videos. I grew obsessed with watching old Dick Cavett Show interviews, circa 1969, with Janis Joplin, Cass Elliot and John Lennon. LSD always sends me back to the 60's somehow, and I want to feel that late-60's psychedelic hippie-ness as much as I can. I tell myself I need to beam into the Millennium and listen to, say, Psytrance; but something in my soul always bids me to seek out the groovy 60's music I was raised with.

I also became obsessed with looking at high-res photos on Google Images of wild animals, especially big cats, leopards, lions and cheetahs. Suddenly I could read their facial expressions perfectly! And know what they were thinking! And it was so heartbreaking sometimes, I had to shed a tear. The animals of the wild kingdom are just like we are: They just want to live and love and take care of their young as best they can. I could see their frustration in some of these photos. I felt a little ashamed at the way mankind has abused the other animals who share this planet...

At another moment, just out of curiosity, I spritzed some Guerlain L'HEURE BLEUE perfume on the back of my hand. And yes, it smelled really strange--- that curious LSD phenomenon in which you smell each and every single chemical note in the perfume.... Yet you don't smell the perfume itself! i.e., its totality, its "gestalt". Much of the fragrance smelled harsh and caustic to my nose, where in ordinary consciousness it just smells smooth and pleasant.

Before the trip, I had set a little pre-trip "intention" for the trip, and one of my questions was, "How can I get back to this magical LSD mind-state later on, without chemicals?"

And at the height of my trip, about 3 hrs in, my head swimming with activity and aperçus, I wrote this answer in my little notebook:

"When all Comedy and Tragedy are united in the same 'scene', fully integrated, then you'll understand. When all sublimity and all vulgarity are joined and harvested; in other words, when all opposites collide, merge and intersect into a robust whole. You also have to admit all the things you deeply love at a heart and gut level. So what if you are a cliché."

Hmm... I'll see if I can access that frame of mind, haha (fat chance, frankly).

It is just as strong as as ordinary acid, perhaps even stronger than 1P-LSD. Very, very cerebral, electric and intellectual, not body-focused or mellow or restful. Very hilarious; I saw the over-arching comedy in every human situation. Trip lasts about 8hrs. Yes, all kinds of OEV's and CEV's. Had to take some sedative pills to finally shut my teeming brain down and let me get some sleep.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 56
Published: Feb 13, 2020Views: 3,153
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1cP-LSD (906) : Alone (16), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2)

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