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Anti Addiction Properties
Citation:   Stray. "Anti Addiction Properties: An Experience with Ibogaine (exp113705)". Erowid.org. Nov 7, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113705

  capsls oral Ibogaine
Had the privilege of experiencing these two legendary psychedelics at a treatment center in Mexico. At the time I had been struggling with heroin addiction for several years, and I can still say with confidence that the freedom from my cravings I felt afterwards were unprecedented. I just want to share my experience to inform others who may be in a similar situation and are seeking info. This is my story.

Upon arrival, the doctor drug tested me, he said it was absolutely imperative that I was not on suboxone or methadone, and had refrained from methamphetamine for at least a week. He made it clear that if I tested positive for any of these substances, he'd refuse to go through with the treatment. Luckily I was able to refrain from the meth, and although I'm sure I still had opiates, benzodiazepines, and THC in my system, he said I was good to go.

I was in a room with about thirty beds, although there was only one other guy in the room with me who was also undergoing the same treatment. I was hooked up to EKG monitors, and a paramedic remained by our side the entire time.
I was hooked up to EKG monitors, and a paramedic remained by our side the entire time.
I am sorry to say I forget the exact dose, although I am certain it was determined by body weight. I was given a few green capsules, and down the hatch they went. I was extremely excited for this experience because not only was it supposed to free me from the hell I had been struggling to climb out of, but I also used to enjoy LSD occasionally, and this just seemed like having my cake and eating it too.

Now, an hour went by in this dark room, and I didn't really feel anything. My mind began to wander, and I began to dwell on a relationship that sort of just ended badly. It was strange, I felt like my mind was going on a loop of jealous, negativity, and I didn't like it. It was getting intense, abnormally intense, so I called the doctor over, and asked him for some xanax. He promptly responded: "I can't give you that, it will interfere the treatment. Besides, your trip hasn't even started yet, this is only the onset, in another hour... It begins."

Shit. In case you dont know, when you take ibogaine the peak is for 24 hours. Not like acid, where it takes an hour to come up, 6 hours of peak, then you slowly come down or whatever. I was in for 24 hours of this, but hey, what's the worst that could happen?

I'm not sure how ibogaine works on the brain but after ingesting it, any and all withdrawls I was experiencing vanished, and never returned. It was like a get out of "kicking free card."

An hour later my legs were jello, I could not walk unassisted without falling. I felt ultra aware of everything, especially sights and sounds. It was then I started to hallucinate. It's hard to even put this in words but I'll do my best. From start to finish the walls, the floor, and the ceiling were constantly expanding outwards, AND shrinking inwards simultaneously, AND rotating around like a treadmill, all at once, while changing colors. It looked like how gasoline looks on water. This made zero sense to my brain but was visually stunning so I was totally okay with it.

I would see and hear absurd, sometimes shocking things in the room. I remember at one point seeing a giant mechanical centipede climbing across the ceiling straight for me, I can clearly remember hearing each leg digging into the ceiling. Sounded like a giant metal rattlesnake.

I also saw something that resembled a transformer, like optimus prime, lumbering across the room. Once again I clearly remember the robotic noises, the thudding of his heavy weight with each step. He stopped in the middle of the room, and began busting down into these sacred geometric shapes, that I'd never seen before, they almost looked like mandalas.

I saw a lot of things I did not understand, but there seemed to be a heavy theme of almost biomechanical beings
there seemed to be a heavy theme of almost biomechanical beings
. Like old abandoned powerplants left to rust, covered with moss and ferns, becoming possessed by ancient deities, and then waltzing into my room to show me things that I could not comprehend.

Some of this was frightening, but I was still aware enough to realize that I was hallucinating. I was giggling constantly, and the other dude and I actually had a pretty good time. The paramedic guy would tell us stories about his life and the three of us kinda bonded somehow in this madness.

After many hours of this we were exhausted, and the paramedic asked us if we wanted to try to get some sleep, I didn't know this was possible, and upon inquiring he offered us some liquid valium to take introveineously in our IVs. Of fucking course I took him up on that.

At that point the trip slipped into a series of strange dreams. Often times I would be just watching certain people I couldn't quite recognize, but knew I had a connection to. Several times during these dreamy conversations I would respond and suddenly wake up, realizing I was speaking to an empty room. I realized I was seeing daylight finally and it was all coming to an end. I slept like a baby and woke up and jumped into the hot tub, and lit a cigarette.

It then dawned on me that the treatment was over, and I was supposed to somehow suddenly be over my addiction. This seemed ridiculous to me, but when I tried to think about heroin, I found I could no longer crave it. It was like trying to crave a drug I had never done before. Before I could easily imagine it and get myself worked up over it but I found myself strangely indifferent to it, like I had forgotten what it even was, or as if I had never done it before.

I had never felt that way in my entire addiction, that absolute indifference to the substance that controlled my life. I was blown away.

I returned home the next day, and I found a dilaudid on my bathroom floor. I briefly examined it, and then proceeded to flush it down the toilet. To anyone who has been addicted to any drug, especially opiates, knows this is absolute blasphemy, but I did it without thinking twice.

DISCLAIMER: I regret to inform you my addiction certainly did not end there, after about a month of being clean, I was still living at home, in the same neighborhood, hanging out with the same old friends who I used to use with. Convinced that I was cured, sad to say, I foolishly tried the doomed experiment all over again.
Convinced that I was cured, sad to say, I foolishly tried the doomed experiment all over again.

The only complaint I have for the treatment was that there was no aftercare whatsoever. I was not encouraged to go to any support meetings or guided in any direction whatsoever, it was kind of just like "congrats you're cured! Have a good life now!"

If I could do it all over again, I would move to another city and start fresh somewhere. I feel hypocritical for having any confidence in ibogaine at all due to my relapse. But I would just like to make clear two things:
1. This is the only drug I've taken that has completely alleviated my withdrawal systems.
2. The freedom from craving for opiates I experienced shortly after the treatment was unlike anything I've ever experienced, even more so than suboxone or methadone.

I hope ibogaine is researched further for its anti addiction properties, because there's definitely something special about it.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113705
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 7, 2019Views: 1,497
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