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A Gentle and Pleasant Ride
Citation:   PropofolRC. "A Gentle and Pleasant Ride: An Experience with 2C-EF (exp113665)". Feb 4, 2020.

15 mg oral 2C-EF (capsule)
[Erowid Note: Two of two samples of material sold as 2C-EF and analyzed by Erowid's DrugsData service were actually other 2C- compounds.]
P – 155lb male – experienced with psychedelics (me) – 15mg 2C-EF
R – 155lb male – psychedelic naïve – 15mg 2C-EF
A – 100lb female – psychedelic naïve – 15mg 2C-EF
B – 200lb male – psychedelic naïve – 15mg 2C-EF
S – 170lb male – psychedelic naïve – 15mg 2C-EF

Some background on the trip. I packed these pills two months before our group took them for a music festival so I was a little worried about them losing their potency, but based on the other trip reports I have read, I do not think they lost any of their potency. As for the group, R and I are close friends and classmates. A is R’s girlfriend, and B and S are also friends of R

T: 0 (~6PM) – All of us are sitting in my living room talking and mentally preparing for the trip. I was the only one who has any experience with RCs or psychedelics so I am walking everyone what they might expect and how to handle it. We all take 15mg of 2C-EF on an empty stomach except for B who had a sandwich before coming and S who showed up 20 minutes late.

T: 0 – 1H We thrown on some chill music (The M Machine), and play some cards. No one feels anything for the first hour. R and I are the first to start feeling anything. We both begin to get some light music enhancement and get a little giggly. This is when the come up seemed to start. We all also notice that tactile sensations feel much more pleasurable than normal and skin-to-skin contact feels especially nice. I feel a little couch locked at this point

T: 1H – 1.5H Everyone else starts to feel the come up, there’s a slight body high. Everyone’s mood seems to be elevated from before and we are all starting to act silly and playful. Around this time, S says he is hungry because he has not eaten all day, and we decide to walk to a pizza place about 15 minutes from my apartment. We all get up, my legs feel a little weak, and my balance is thrown off a little bit. Walking down the stairs, I notice my visual acuity is increased.
Walking down the stairs, I notice my visual acuity is increased.

T: 2H The come up is still going strong as we walk to the pizza place. I notice the body high is continuing to climb and whatever appetite I had when we left my apartment has disappeared. R, B, S are having an absolute blast walking by all the storefronts and ogling at the windows. All of us make a point to stop to pet all the cats and dogs we see on the way to the pizza place. We manage to make it to the pizza place and we have a group discussion about what kind of pizza to get, we eventually decided on a mushroom pizza with half pepperoni because A, does not want pepperoni. We sit outside and the wind feels amazing on my skin. We unanimously agree that none of have appetites anymore, but we eat the pizza anyway. The pizza did not taste like much, but the feeling of pizza in my mouth is amazing. We all cannot stop laughing hysterically at the silliest things. When I go to the bathroom, I notice the walls seem like they are breathing. I still feel very lucid at this point

T:3H It feels like we have finally peaked and we decide to walk to the beach which is about half an hour away. Getting up from the pizza place is difficult for everyone because we had gotten so comfortable sitting there. We also agreed that the pizza was too heavy and we were all uncomfortably full. The body high definitely peaked at this point. I also notice some jaw clenching/tension. We slowly walked towards the beach. On the way there R went into pharmacy with B to buy something for A, they got distracted discussing the merits of different toothbrushes, and B started to wonder if he could find the meaning of life in the individual bristles of the toothbrushes. After retrieving them from the store, we continue to beach. B and S grab some coffee slush drink on the way. Again, the feeling of food in my mouth was incredible.

T:3.5H We make it to the beach and find some rocks to lay on and watch the sky from. We talk about what everyone is experiencing and spend a long time discussing the different shapes of clouds we see. B says he started to get some open-eyed visuals watching the clouds. The sea breath is incredibly calming. After about half an hour of lying around R and I decide we want to put our feet in the water. A, B, and S stay on the rocks while R and I wander down to the water. It felt like I could see each individual piece of sand on my feet and the cool ocean water was refreshing on my legs. R and I talked about what he was feeling, and he said he loved his first psychedelic experience so far, and was glad he finally opened himself up to the experience. After this, and R and I returned to the rest of the group and we decided to walk down the beach for a while.

T: 4.5H I am starting to feel like I am coming down a bit. We happen upon a community folk dancing event near the beach and we stop to watch. I have always been fascinated by how dancers can move their bodies. We also happen to run into one of our classmates coming back from celebrating her birthday. We wish her a happy birthday, and then after watching the dancing for a bit longer we continue down the beach.

T: 5H We find some swing sets along the beach and take turns swinging. I felt so carefree swinging on the beach with a group of friends under the stars. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.

T: 5.5H We stop to watch the moon finish setting. It was a harvest moon so it was a beautiful dark orange. S was especially excited about this because he likes to watch the moon. I feel like most of the effects of the drug have worn off by this point.

T: 6H Everyone seems to have come down and we get ice cream near my house and talk about everyone’s experience.
T: 6H Everyone seems to have come down and we get ice cream near my house and talk about everyone’s experience.
Unanimously, everyone enjoyed their first psychedelic experiences.

T: 7H Everyone goes home

T: 8H Still some peripheral stimulation, but I’m exhausted from studying all day, so I manage to pass out.

Overall, 2C-EF was an enjoyable, albeit mild experience. For me there were no OEVs or CEVs, although B said he had some OEVs. The body high on it felt similar to 2C-B. During the peak there was a sense of joyfulness and playfulness which complimented being in a group of people I felt comfortable being silly around. There was not much of a headspace, no intrusive or racing thoughts. I would happily take 2C-EF again, potentially at a higher dose. I did not notice many side effects besides from GI discomfort and jaw tension at 15mg.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113665
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Feb 4, 2020Views: 887
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2C-EF (621) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), General (1)

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