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Under the Skin
by Huxley4
Citation:   Huxley4. "Under the Skin: An Experience with Ketamine (exp113656)". Oct 21, 2019.

20 mg SC Ketamine


This was my first time with ketamine. I did a fair amount of research into dosage and ROA. Many different methods are described online, but none of them really appealed to me. The most common seemed to be snorting but that seemed horribly inexact, painful and rather cocain-ish. Atomising via a nasal spray seemed rather better but when I tried liquid intra-nasal it did nothing except drip down my throat and leave a horrible taste. Intra-muscular seemed to be the best of a bad bunch. But that too was a failure. I ended up drawing blood and found it far too painful. So in the end I tried a route of administration which seems obvious but which is barely mentioned in the literature. A simple sub-cutaneous injection. No risk of nerve damage or hitting a blood vessel. Relatively painless and very easy.

For my first time I dosed at a very low level.
For my first time I dosed at a very low level.
Just 20mg dissolved in 0.15ml of saline. I really wasn't expecting anything at all. Reddit users seemed to think that sub-cutaneous is a waste of time. And the dose was right at the threshold level.

Well I am pleased to report that not only does SC work, but it worked even with such a low dosage. The injection was easy and nearly painless (ketamine is of course also an anesthetic) and left only a barely visible mark. I began to feel a floaty tingly sensation within about three minutes and by five minutes I was fully immersed in a pleasant slightly disembodied sensation. I could just about sit up and walk if necessary but lying down was definitely preferable. Listening to music was very rewarding and I felt at times an almost blissful mushroom like sensation. The peak lasted perhaps 30 minutes followed by a gentle come-down over the next hour.

I have since tried 30mg and 35mg by the same ROA with similar results. Can't really think why anybody would use IV or IM.

TLDR: Ketamine by SC injection works nicely :-)

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113656
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Oct 21, 2019Views: 745
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