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I See the Most Vivid Hallucinations
Benzydamine & Caffeine
Citation:   nickop01. "I See the Most Vivid Hallucinations: An Experience with Benzydamine & Caffeine (exp113554)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2020. erowid.org/exp/113554

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Benzydamine (capsule)
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 4:00 1 g oral Benzydamine (capsule)
  T+ 4:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)
Dissolved 2 sachets of tantum rosa into 250ml of 99% isopropyl alcohol. Mixed thoroughly in container with lid. Poured solution into glass bowl, leaving almost all of the of salt behind in mixing container. Placed fan and turn to high speed to blow air over solution in bowl while venting fumes outside. Removed from venting after 24 hours or after there was no liquid left, and left uncovered in storage to dry for 2-3 days. Scraped white residue off glass and into sealable container with butter knife/flat head screwdriver, leaving transparent gel behind. This method yielded very high concentration of almost totally salt-free benzydamine. Using this method I was able to extract 4.88g pure benzydamine from 10 sachets (1 sachet = 0.5g benzy). Used gelatin capsules to eliminate bad taste and mouth/throat numbness (benzy is a surface numbing agent).

PERSONAL DRUG HISTORY: Alcohol, marijuana


00h00min DOSE: 1000mg (2 capsules chased with a redbull)

00h10min No bad taste or numbness in mouth or throat, gel capsules are working as intended.

00h49min No effects so far.

00h50min I feel a slight warning that something is coming but it seems like it's probably mostly just paranoia.

00h55min Feeling of an aura, eyes seem to waver, and I have a heady feel like sativa.

01h05min Eyes are suddenly dry, heady feeling has intensified and body is feeling slightly heavy. As I stood up, I instinctually went to unplug the wire to my headphones, except I'm using my wireless ones (it's a hallucination).

00h10min Difficulty concentrating.

01h35min Objects seem to be wavering, wiggling or moving in my peripheral vision. I hear what sounds like music from the kitchen, my roommate must be back home, but when I go check, they're not there, no lights are on anywhere except my room. Starting to notice the classic emotional effects (feelings of impending doom, anxiety, jumpy, fear, terror). Darkness intensifies all of the effects of deliriants, making water trips a significant emotional challenge.

01h40min Emotional effects intensifying, constant feeling of someone or something behind my back, auditory hallucination of breathing behind me

01h45min I look at the edge of my brown desk, behind which is a white wall. I see in my direct vision (i.e. looking directly at the hallucination) what looks like air turbulence if one could see such a thing, tiny translucent ripples, whirlwinds and currents of air. They appear close to the edge of my desk then disintegrate after several seconds into a cloud of transparent ghost-like ash. After a few minutes I see small translucent spiders going back and forth across the edge. If I look at one individual spider for long enough it will disintegrate into the ash cloud.

01h55min Massively difficult to concentrate/use words, hands shaking slightly. Very, very heady feeling.

02h00min More transparent spiders on the edge of the desk, like a busy street, some of them are bigger now. When I look at a single spider, it starts to do weird things, like attack other spiders or shapeshift into a tiny deer or house, then disintegrating once again into an ash cloud. I stick my hand onto the edge of the desk and the spiders move over top of my hand.

02h05min Starting to see the first signs of the classic "trails/streamers/streaks". If this is the main effect a person taking benzy wants to see they really shouldn't be taking benzy.

02h10min Feeling sudden chills and also fearful of things behind my back. I put on my jacket. In my peripheral vision I start to see faces, heads and hands in inanimate objects and textures. Some objects seem to be moving like spirits. A pile of faux fur in the corner of my room suddenly feels more threatening than anything else I've seen so far and I don't know why. It appears as though feeling terror is not a choice during this trip but something I must cope with.

02h20min The hallucinated music from the kitchen now sounds like a podcast. My headphones are around my neck, playing music, but when I put them on my ears, nothing is actually playing. I feel physically exhausted, no stimulant effects so far. The spiders on the edge of the desk are now crawling away from the edge towards the keyboard, but fade out before getting more than a couple inches.

02h30min Spiders are now crawling over top of the mouse when I'm not looking directly at it. In the room I now see black spiders in every dark corner, nook, etc, wherever there is shadow. They seem more real.

02h45min Have been feeling random itches, tingles and pinpricks for a while, but now I'm certain that I'm feeling tactile hallucinations.

03h00min A dark spirit appears: in the corner of my room I see what looks like a fuzzy black leg of a very large spider curl around the corner of my shelf. Then another, now four. Then four more on the wall opposite. They're actually long, jagged fingers. I'm looking directly at the small spectre as their head slides into view, their eyes are like two bright spots in the shadow-like circle that is their head, then it opens it's toothed mouth in a silent roar, and rushes towards the center of the room, but disappearing far before it reaches me. It appears that bright light keeps away the darker hallucinations, but enables the more bright transparent hallucinations.

03h05min I feel what seems like tiny spider legs crawling across my bare hands and socked feet, but nothing is visible.

03h35min Starting to sober up, all effects are fading.

03h50min Feeling 90% sober, as well as feeling more energetic.

04h00min DOSE: 700mg (1 capsule chased with a redbull)

04h10min At this point I am unable to distinguish between paranoid thoughts and actual hallucinations in my peripheral vision.

04h20min I feel extremely dehydrated. The room seems darker than usual. I am feeling very warm suddenly.

04h25min Head and body heaviness are slowly returning.

04h40min The hallucination of the headphone wire to my wireless headphones twitches in my peripheral vision again.

04h45min This last capsule had small tear, resulting in a small amount of benzy spilled out while swallowing. I know what people mean by the awful taste, also the back of my mouth and throat feel numb.

05h10min More auditory hallucination, I'm now hearing conversations in the kitchen and whispering voices from the opposite corner of my room. The whispers seem to move like an invisible auditory cloud towards the kitchen, I feel as if the voice-cloud brushes by my legs by mere inches. I notice I have to turn the volume up on my headphones by a lot (will regret that later).

05h15min Feeling significant time dilation, as well as painful pin pricks all over. I can't tell if I'm just extremely dehydrated or if my numb throat is just making it difficult to swallow. Probably both. I feel dizzy. I notice much more vibrant trails.

07h30min Much the same effects as the first dose up until now. I went to use the washroom and heard a swarm of bees buzzing inside the ceiling fan.

08h00min I'm getting physically exhausted, almost blacked out, not sure if the cause is lack of sleep (started trip at bedtime), post-adrenaline fatigue or high dosage.

08h30min Reach peak, I see the most vivid hallucinations: animals, spirits, lots and lots and LOTS of spiders everywhere, in every dark spot of the room, every shadow cast by my blanket, by clothes on the floor, inside pockets of my clothes. When I look at a single spider it shapeshifts into a small rodent, then a cockroach, then a snake, then a lizard, then some other strange creature, without end. The spiders are now on my body (though only 2-3 at a time): feet, legs, chest, arms, back of neck, ears, head. I feel tingles, pinpricks and the occasional jabbing pain all over my body, all hallucinated. I look into the darkest corner of the room and see a very large spider with army of tiny spiders on her back (likely hundreds) peek out from corner and walked towards me, and a feeling as though it is coming directly for me. However, it turns back around after walking a couple feet and disappears into the shadows.

08h35min Comedown is taking much longer, and I'm still having episodes of vibrant hallucination and emotional effects, that come and then subside like waves.

08h45min I have been listening to music from the start up until now, had to turn it off, listening to music makes me feel more exhausted, like I can physically feel the effort required to hear and understand the music.

09h15min The lights brightened suddenly, a couple times, which is either a hallucination or pupil dilation. Other hallucinations and effects still going on, though less vivid. I hear the sudden return of music/podcast in kitchen

10h15min I went to get more water, saw a shockingly vivid hallucination in my peripheral vision of an adult person who looked like a cross between the "The Ring" girl and the heath ledger joker, following me and peeking around the corners. They would disappear when I looked right at the corner, then poke their head/feet/body out a few seconds after looking away. Had to keep them behind me to not see them.

10h30min I am no longer feeling any physical hallucination. I feel very strong malaise, like a flu, and also have a migraine, including sensitivity to noise and bright light. I am ready to fall asleep any second, but I hear and feel bugs crawling into ear when I try to close eyes for too long.

11h00min Hallucinations are subsiding, I am able to change clothes and close my eyes without too much issue.

15h00min I kept jumping awake every 10 minutes like I was falling or something touched me or a loud noise, all hallucinations. I have only felt this fatigued a few times in my life. In the end I am only able to get 1 hours sleep and then 2 consecutive hours sleep after waking up every 10min for a while. I feel lingering tingles and spiders, especially on my bare feet, as well as lingering emotional effects. Trails are very vivid, but they look different now than any other time. They appear as outlines of any bright light source after moving my eyes, like a ghost image/outline. My eyes feel really sore and swollen. The shapeshifting snake/cockroach in the darkest corner of my room, which has been there since not long after my second dose is still there I think, but I'm not sure as I'm having trouble focusing eyes on any dark spots in room. I feel very dehydrated, but less so than before. Coconut water helped a lot, I was getting over hydrated. I can't remember how much water I drank in the last 11 hours, possibly 6 litres. Feeling less flu-sick, more mild-hangover-sick.

15h40min Time dilation gone for sure. I can't tell if the cockroach is still there in the dark corner or if it's just vision memory. I still can't focus on small dark things in my room. I hear very faint breathing in the corner of my room. I'm still getting the occasional tingle. I don't see any trails at all, even when dimming the lights, but emotional effects increase when doing so. I'm tired but not nearly as exhausted as before.

15h45min I hear distant talking in the corner of my room, but only for 5 seconds.

16h30min I'm still feeling residual emotional effects and the occasional tingle/pinprick. Feeling vertigo, malaise, definitely not sober.

17h30min Feel mostly sober, sudden rush of energy. The trip is over. After reviewing and editing my notes, I now know that I remembered everything in perfect clarity. This trip went pretty much exactly as I expected from my research, aside from the duration not being related linearly with dosage.

CONCLUSION: Benzydamine is not a recreational drug. Being delirious is not fun. I did not enjoy my trip. I cannot possibly fully describe all of the terrifying things I saw during my trip, but I will remember it all forever.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113554
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Nov 11, 2020Views: 2,499
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Benzydamine (730) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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