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Music Guides Us
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   HBWR God. "Music Guides Us: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp113535)". Apr 10, 2021.

15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose
HBWR 15 seed June 21 2019

Prep - washed fuzzy outside with cold bottled water and scraped with finger. Then used razor blade to "shell" the seeds by splitting them and breaking off the darker brown outer shell. Prep time was about an hour.

Ingested at 1452 with ice cold mint tea. Chewed seed innards then washed down. Flavor was slightly bitter, but manageable. The tea took care of that. Heart rate 100.

Slow onset at approx 1504. Ears ringing. Lights brighter. Sounds muffled but also somehow enhanced.. Having trouble focusing thoughts. Heart rate 72.
1508. Weird feeling in stomach. Not nausea. Phone screen is breathing. Can see each individual fingerprint on my phone screen. Heart rate 77. Buzzed feeling in head starting, similar to a slight weed buzz. More trouble focusing. Colors much brighter and more detailed.

1520. Nausea. Not bad. Don't need to throw up. Sounds much more clear and vivid. Heart rate 90. Noticed musical pattern in palm tree curtain.

1527. Nausea gone. Head buzz more apparent. Heart rate 90. Hungry.

1532. Going to eat a small salad. Went outside. Colors are so vivid. Lights are so bright. Smells are nice. I notice the living creatures more. Even the tiny mosquitos.

1544. Walmart cobb salad. It's good. Added salt, pepper and chick Fil a sauce. Feeling energized. Heart rate 87. Had to come back inside because of the mosquitoes.

Almost immediately after last update.. It hit me all of a sudden. I am now calm and relaxed. Mind wanting to transport me to a different dimension. Time slowing down.

1622. I have been transported into another dimension. The colors. They exist. Music. The pink Floyd and black sabbath with space caravan.

1626 arms jelly. Room spins. Feels good. The music connects us. It drives us. We are one with music. We can't exist without the music.

1648. Things exist. Things sway with the music. All things sway with the music. Music is the ebb and flow that keeps everything alive

1655. I feel as though two hours has oassewssens slsoksn the last time I spoke to you. The music still moves us.

Love. I will find love someday soon.

Body going numb. Good feeling. I'm floating away in space

I am the creator. There is no God. We are all our own God. We are the creators of our own destiny, and the music will guide us.

1704. The Andromeda galaxy. That's where the others are. We will receive contact from them by 2022, and they will teach us. They will allow us to travel. We will unlock the secrets of the music. The music will help us travel.

1708. Three minutes is three hours. Time is moving backwards while also moving forwards. Relativity. Odd cramping in all muscles. Not a bad feeling actually. Continuing to explore space. We will be to Mars soon. Elon will take us. Elon is the savior of humanity.

1713. Kardashev scale. Very soon we will reach civilization level one. They will teach us. We will find clues soon that will help us arrive. Before 2022 when we finally make contact, we will find clues. The pyramids will guide us. The stars will align. Jupiter is our gateway.

1713. My hands are huge. I can touch my own soul with them.

1721. There is no true death. Once we die, we become explorers of the universe. The music guides us and keeps us safe.

1727. We are subatomic particles. All of us. We are all part of a bigger picture, and we are all held together by the music. The music provides fractally based scaffolding for us to hold on to and appreciate.

1730. The high school best friend. She is truly forgiven.

1746. It feels as though several hours have passed since weast spoke. The music is still guiding me through the universe.

1756. Ravens. The ravens will help us harness the music. The ravens will be our friends. The purple ones. dark purple.

1813. It feels like two hours. This is one of the best things I could have ever done to myself. Space is fun to travel through. Music. Music will save us all. Music and Elon.

1910. The hindu know the secrets of the pyramid. They will give us the secret knowledge when jupiter aligns. The secret to interstellar travel. This will be our key to contacting our friends in Andromeda. The music will guide us.

1924. Jordan freakin dragged me out of my trance to work on that stupid computer. I think I hid the fact well that I am high as fuck. That computer is fucking fixed though, I am the master. Anyway…..

1927. Time no longer exists.

1943. I love the cramping of the muscles. It feels good. The dry skin sucks though.

1954. Feels like two hours ago. Nightfall is almost upon us. Perhaps I will see Andromeda and wonder. Perhaps I will see Jupiter, and maybe unlock the secrets.

2000. Visual ghosting. I see trails of everything. It's cool. The music continues to guide.

2038. These chicharones. Best ever. Peanut butter flavor. With spice and salt.

The next day. At some point, probably around 2300, I finally fell asleep. The experiences that I had while on this trip were like no other that I've ever experienced before. My mind wandered in ways that I never even thought possible.

So, what can I say about HBWR seeds? Take the time to prep them. Soak in cold distilled water for 15 minutes. After that, if you have decent thumb nails, you can scrape the outer "fuzz" off of them easily. After you do this, take a very sharp razor blade and then take the outer shell off. It's quite easy, place the seed on a hard surface and hold the razor blade to where you can just shave off the outermost edge of the seed. Do both sides on top, flip the seed, repeat on the other side. Then the rest of the shell can be flaked off with your fingernail. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes per seed if you're careful. No matter how careful you are, though, you will not be able to remove all shell fragments, and you will also probably lose some inner seed fragments as well. Don't worry about having some shell left. I probably two seeds worth of shell fragments left in my whole batch. Dispose of the outer shell, you won't be needing them.

To ingest the seeds, chew them. They are slightly bitter, but not unpleasant, especially if I quickly follow with cold mint tea. Based off of my previous experience ingesting 10 whole, crushed HBWR seeds, and other previous experiences with 500 (yes, 500) Ipomeca Violeca morning glory seeds, I can safely say the mint changed the experience for the better.

The muscle cramping during the trip, I'm not sure if that was vasoconstriction or dehydration. It didn't feel like the vasoconstriction I've experienced during other HBWR or morning glory trips. What was really weird, is that the muscle cramping was actually a pleasant addition to the experience.

---- Everything above was written during the trip, and shortly thereafter. Below is my recollection, two months later. ---

This was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had, the HBWR allowed my mind to wander in ways I never thought possible. Looking back on what I wrote, I do seem to remember a lot of the trip. My eyes were closed most of the time but I remember seeing space. Galaxies, stars, planets. I remember seeing the pyramids, with planets perfectly aligned. I remember that this somehow opened a gateway, and the opening of this gateway is what will ultimately save our future as humans. I remember at around the last update, the 2038 one, I completely lost control and had no other choice but to lay there and let the trip take me where it wanted until I eventually fell asleep. The entirety of this trip was extremely pleasant even with the cramping and vasoconstriction.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113535
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Apr 10, 2021Views: 529
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Unknown Context (20), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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