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Fun, but a Little Underwhelming
Citation:   Hunter of Psychs. "Fun, but a Little Underwhelming: An Experience with 4-HO-DPT (exp113414)". Aug 1, 2019.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral 4-HO-DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30 25 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)

Tried to dissolve in water. I swirled it around for about 10 mins, but it didnt work, so I just drank it.

900pm, 100mg 4hodpt down the hatch. According to Psychonaut Wiki, this will be a strong dose. TripSit says this is a [strong to] heavy dose. We'll see. They also say 300ug 1P-LSD is a heavy dose, but I found that quite manageable.

About 2.5 hrs ago I had a big meal. Hopefully it wont affect this too much. I've never done this particular psych before, so I'll have to compare it to 4-ACO-DMT. I've done that up to 40mg. That was an intense experience for me. I'm interested to see where this trip takes me. I'm nervous. Watching TV during the come up. Charlie, my dog, is here. If anything bad starts to happen, if the trip goes south, he'll make me feel better. He's the best dog.

918, feeling the first effects. Light physical waves of warmth rolling over me. Light mental effects. I'm seeing very slight waves in the keyboard on my phone. Nothing else in my environment is moving.

921, slight muscle tension noticed in my arms, especially around my wrists as I type or use the TV remote.

925, definitely a strong wave coming on there. Good vibes rolling in too. Muscle tension has extended down to my feet and up to my neck. Seeing tracers and after images. The come up is begining to move more quickly.

932, Muscle tension has my jaw clenched. Visuals are begining to be more noticable. Things growing, warping, distorting, etc. No color acuity or visual acuity. My skin doesnt feel like my skin. It feels like there's more detail. It feels like I can feel every one of the ripples in my fingerprint.

938, CEVs are still mild but they are coming, and they're pretty. I'm starting to see some color effects open-eyed. Its like theres a color gradient over my entire visual field. Orange on the top left, and blue on the bottom right, and the color gradually shifts from orange to blue throughout, but it's pastel like shades. They're beautiful. It's not as ugly as reading about it might make you think.

944, I dont even care what's on the TV anymore. I'm getting totally engulfed into this trip! OEVs are still mild at best. CEVs are getting really good, though. I think I'm just gonna rest my eyes and stare into the visuals for a while.

957, OEVs are coming in stronger too. Definite tracers, though I wouldn't say there's any waving like one might expect from LSD. Its more like the heat coming off the road on a hot day. Like there's energy trying to escape from everything.

1025, This is totally unique. The visuals I'm having right now are more like movie scenes than geometric shapes. Granted, the shapes are still there; I'm watching movies behind my eyelids that correspond to what I'm hearing come from the TV. I wanna see what music is like.

1100, still going just as strong. No increases or anything. Music isn't much more special than normal. Also, to be frank, the headspace isnt either, which, I guess is nice. It's almost like the headspace is completely absent. The visuals are still great, and they flow with the music very well.

Physically, my heart rate is fine. 92bpm. Normal range. I feel some body load, and walking feels just a little off-balance, but not so much that one would appear drunk. I'm hot. I have the AC blowing and I'm hot. I didn't actually think that would happen with how cold it was earlier, but I may have overcompensated when I put on long pants instead of shorts.

Charlie the Dog is doing great! He's sleeping near me on the couch. I just loves hims so muches!

1111, Okay, maybe there is a little bit of a headspace here. More like just an intense focus, though. Maybe that's what this chem is? Maybe its conversational. It certainly feels to me like it would lend itself well to a very social environment.
It certainly feels to me like it would lend itself well to a very social environment.
Small parties or even going out to a bar or something.

1128, I keep feeling like the visuals are falling off a bit, but every time I do, they correct me very quickly. I think I might be around the half way point of this. Maybe begining the come down? I honestly can't tell at the moment.

1142, I'm sweating.

1200, the visuals are still here, bit they need a dark environment to show themselves.

1215, They are less colorful now and more just shapes in the darkness. They're fading a little too.

1223, body load is starting to ease off

1232, I am definitely in the come down right now. Theres not much of this drug left.

130, my wife is forcing me to bed. Just took 1 25mg benadryl, hopefully that'll help me sleep. My pupils are no longer dialated, but I still feel the body load. Dont know about visuals, though. With it being so dark in here they may come out more.

145, visuals are not really present anymore. All there is now is muscle tension.

Next day - The benadryl knocked me out around 2am, so it's safe to say it was relatively easy to sleep after taking this. There wasn't anything left to be had of the trip, and there was no introspection going on, so ending it was the right call, I think. No noticable afterglow today, just a headache from the sleep loss from staying up too late.

My Conclusion - even at a high dose like 100mg, this chem didn't offer much. I was nowhere near ego death, visuals were very beautiful, but were not at the forefront of my sight and had to be focused on. CEVs were bright and colorful, very organic in shape and movement. Early on there was just the same geometric pattern following the same motion with color shifts going on. Later they were more organic and rounded. OEVs were geometric, almost aztec or mayan in style. Very fun to look at. I think this chem has potential, at higher doses, to have very fun visuals, but I would expect to add another 50 to 100mg above what I took to see anything mind blowingly amazing. In retrospect, I think the "movie scene"-type visuals were just me daydreaming a bit. The CEVs were hard to pay attention to because they were milder than I was hoping. Nevertheless, I've never daydreamed quite like that while listening to the TV with my eyes closed. Only on this substance.

I think this chem is one of diminishing returns. I could spend more money to get a higher dose and enjoy a purely visual experience, but I'd definitely need more than 100mg. I can get stronger visuals with lower doses using other chems. That saves money because with other chems, like 4-aco-dmt or 4-ho-met,100mg could give me 2 strong doses, or 5 common doses, and the strong doses would blow me into another dimension. I almost broke through on 40mg of 4-aco-dmt last year. I should use my money smartly moving forward and look elsewhere, unless I have money to blow on a totally visual experience at a very high dose.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113414
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Aug 1, 2019Views: 1,820
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4-HO-DPT (608) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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