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Overlooked Taper Method
Citation:   MaskedJackalope. "Overlooked Taper Method: An Experience with Buprenorphine (exp113327)". Jul 3, 2019.

  repeated vaporized Butyrfentanyl (powder / crystals)
  .05 - 16 mg   Pharms - Buprenorphine (daily)
Well for starters; I'm going to kick off this experience report on buprenorphine with a small warning. Buprenorphine/subutex/suboxone etc are life saving drugs... But do not be fooled it is certaintly a powerful opioid ad should be treated with some respect for its potential to cause non lethal levels of benzodiazepines to interact with bupe and cause potential respiratory suppression or worse death. Especially for those I consider opiate naive meaning you dont take opiates daily or develop withdrawal syndrome after dosing.

But on the lighter note it saves far more lives than it hurts I can attest to that myself seeing it first hand in my community. I lost 13 friends and family to opioids I often feel like I'm the unlucky bastard that made it out alive.
I lost 13 friends and family to opioids I often feel like I'm the unlucky bastard that made it out alive.
The few friends still around are doing good thanks to subutex etc. In a sense I dont know if they could have made it out alive without it. Idk if I would have made it without it myself...

In Dec 2012 I had incurred a spinal injury and with access to the infamous DEFUNCT silk road from their very early days when bitcoins were pricey at 8$ lol if only. Anywho I dug into my shoe box of 56k$ in blue 100$ bills obtained from building an agriculture equipment company and not trusting banks. Seriously dont trust them. I took a good 2-3k$ out poof into coin poof package in my mailbox in 30hrs from buy. I had a lil bit of everything (I collect chemicals and pharmaceutical pills) almost every opioid under the sun.

I swallowed and snorted my way thru almost 3k$ of rx pills. I was hooked and money was shrinking due to my inability to focus on work from the pain and due to my new habit. I turned to some research buddys and was sent some agonism data on some promising compounds that were available certain places for pennies per dose.

Without hesitation I committed 250usd to the worst decision of my life. 2 weeks later it was a particularly painful morning and I'm woken up to my mail callin me thru the window then my favorite man in the whole world reaches thru the window and places a neat bubble pack on my chest. It was here.

I kind of regretted the order almost immediately yet the screaming neural cells were causing me to at least give it a shot and approach it with a clinical attitudes. I'll handle I know I can. I open the 5g bag of butyryl fentanyl weigh dissolve and measure 1mg load it into a foil spoon dry the alcohol an then freebase the residue.

I feel any further description of what happens there is unnecessary the important part is where it leads to just 6 weeks later.

Down to my last couple hundred mg of the original 5,350mg it was originally. I decided this was going to kill me smoking 25-35mg hits would barely keep me still when that first mg made me think I had an unfinishable amount. It proved me wrong. And thru the next 5 years I tried to kill myself twice and overdosed once resulting in a seizure and loss of facial recognition. But thank god I had been planning to quit and spent my last 9x 100$ bills and paid for 3 months of outpatient treatment fo subutex 16mg a day. I detoxed off full agonists for 30hours and still experienced precipitated withdrawal syndrome. Hallucinations, suicidal ideation, pain so much pain... It was hell. Will not describe further. Lucky for me my family held me together as it wore off over the next day or two. Finally decided to take another subutex and success. It started relieving my major wds leaving me more sober than I had been in a while this turned from short term tapers to long term maintenance as I couldnt cope with side effects from my overdose that caused permanent damage. Over the last 2 years or so I have lowered pretty easily from 16mg a day to just 1-2mg. But thats where I hit my brick wall. Any lower and the symptoms are identical to no sub.

After a while I realized I was reducing too fast and I developed a taper method
After a while I realized I was reducing too fast and I developed a taper method
that allows me to dose accurate reduction doses. So basic theory is this 5-10% reductions are more than doable but impossible to accurately measure.

So to fix that I tapered doing the following. I started this method when I was at 2mg a day so I took 25x 8mg pills ( 200mg ) and dissolved it in 200mL of alcohol based mouth wash and filtered out non solubles. I was left with a 200mL 1mg/ml solution. The important part of the solution is that it takes either 50x or 100x of my current daily dose to follow the next steps accurately.

So for week 1 (7-10 days doesnt matter) I start off with my daily dose like in my example 2mg per day for lets say 10 days. At the end of that week of dosing I should have 180ml left so instead of taking less I add 20ml of fresh mouthwash to the main bottle. This reduces the remaining dose by 10% (0.9mg). I continue taking 2mL (1.8mg) a day for lets say 7 days now and then add 14ml of fresh mouthwash. This reduces the remaining solution by 7%. And I continue doing the 7-10 day reductions for as long as I need. Hell I could use this method to taper down to 10 micrograms because I would never run out of solution I would just do further and further reductions til I am unable to notice any effect or withdrawals.

I personally tapered down to 0.05mg before I quit all the way I could have probably jumped at 0.1-2mg but didnt want to chance it. I also have the bottle still in case I consider relapse. But I just simply dont anymore.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113327
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jul 3, 2019Views: 2,799
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