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Monday Night Slideshow: Lightbulb Poop
DMT & Ketamine
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Monday Night Slideshow: Lightbulb Poop: An Experience with DMT & Ketamine (exp113286)". Erowid.org. Jun 28, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113286

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Alcohol
  T+ 0:00 20 mg vaporized DMT
  T+ 0:10 50 mg insufflated Ketamine
  T+ 0:45 30 mg insufflated Ketamine
  T+ 0:50 25 mg vaporized DMT
  T+ 1:25 30 mg oral Alcohol


t-4hours: 50ml ethanol (roughly)

Go to work, come home, go to work, come home. Oops, the stuff sat in the mailbox all Sunday, got here fast. Go to work, drink coffee, come home, have a couple shots whiskey, clean a bit, run some chores, including grabbing an oil pipe thing from the headshop. Not sure if it's what I want, guy thinks glass pipes are for crack, this thing is for dabs or shards or whatever. Maybe I should get a lightbulb and break out the old propane torch, do a little DIY?

t-50min: 20mg DMT, vaporized and inhaled

Holding it in... feel a buzz as I let it out. Geometric swirls, not-quite-paisley, everything is mathematically transformed. Feel my eyes bounce. Manage to drink some water. Nice. Sit back. Feel pressure. Everything is weird. Feeling tryptamine pull me... somewhere. Jumbled. Look at the clock. Can't really read it. Sit back. Feel pressure.

Toes touch the ground. Not all the way down, but at least near the surface. Look around. Yes, I am here. Wow. That was an intense 2 minutes.

t-40min: 50mg Ketamine, "insufflated" (i.e. snorted)

As the ketamine slowly dissolves on my mucosa I feel the vague, generalized numbness. I sit down and read a bit, wondering how long I have to wait before doing more DMT. Apparently 45minutes. OK then. I spin up the robovac, take out the trash, and wait to see if this ketamine is any good. After about 30 minutes I know it is: I feel, basically, drunk, but without the heat and energy that comes with ethanol. Buzzy, blissy and disoriented.

There's some DMT left in the pipe so I only measure out 25mg. Wonder about writing a trip report. The inside of the pipe has become sticky, so some of it doesn't go where I want. I torch the pipe lightly, melting everything into a concentrated pool.
I torch the pipe lightly, melting everything into a concentrated pool.
Lighter starts crapping out so I refill it. Think about titling my trip report "monday night madness"? Too aggressive. Monday night marbles? Feeling woozy, ketamined up, definitely keta-drunk.

T-5min: 30mg Ketamine, snorted.

Get some water, sit back down, lighter check, all systems go.

T=0: 25mg DMT, vaporized and inhaled

Different on K. The buzz is coming more subdued. Less paisley. Feel pressure. Sit back, breathe. Wonder about water, can't, must breathe. The TV in front of me is on an anti-burn saver, straight lines in a box. It's a box. The lines warp inside the box. I'm in front of the box. The box is white. It's a screen. I'm in front of a screen. It's a screen. The thing is a screen.

I'm here. The screen is here. I'm in a room, sitting in front of the screen. I sense the space above me expanding. Curtains of light fall down on either side of the screen like pillars. Something special is happening. I look at the screen. The room becomes lighter, and I notice the space in front of me. I see the screen.

A transition occurs. I realize it's lightbulb poop. The name of my trip report? The thing on the screen? A trip report is a thing? I look at the clock. 2 minutes have passed.

The space I was in recedes. I see the screen in front of me as I touch down, back to earth. I understand the full tryptamine madness. Synthetic, a glowing world, disconnected. Its own machine logic. I take a while. I sit back. Wow. Lightbulb poop.

After coming down a bit more, I start writing this trip report. The damn popup keeps nagging me to not do it here. As of recently, "Form open for 50.63 minutes", it says. I can manage to not close a browser window, say I.

The whole thing was odd. Ketamine can be fun in a drunkening way (haven't yet k-holed), and the DMT is amazing in just blowing one out of the water for all of 10 minutes (2 minutes if you have my physiology), worth the sore throat. I think the K helped the DMT feel less jarring, and made it easier to pop away from normalspace.

t+35 30mL ethanol

While writing the report I started to feel shivery. I poured myself some scotch and sipped at it while writing the last parts of this report; realizing I'd not eaten dinner I threw some meat on the grill, turned the robovac back on, nuked some butternut squash soup and that's it. Tomorrow I'll get up and go to work. Hopefully without a headache nor too much fuzz, but hey, what can you do?

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113286
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 28, 2019Views: 671
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DMT (18), Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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