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A Powerful High
Citation:   lostboycarter. "A Powerful High: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp113280)". Jan 3, 2020.

T+ 0:00
2 seeds oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 4:00 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 6:00 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 7:15 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 9:00 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 10:40   oral Melatonin  
  T+ 10:40   oral Passion Flower  
  T+ 10:40   oral Valerian  
  T+ 10:40   oral Lemon Balm  
  T+ 11:30 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 12:15 1 seed oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Background: I'm a 34 year old male, 170 lbs, good health. Previous recreational experience with psychoactives includes: marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, LSA, DMT, JWH-018, DXM, ketamine, opiates, salvia, and MDMA. Have done nutmeg about ten times previously, but this will be my first full documentation of the trip in real time. I seem to experience nutmeg differently than most, and I thought it would be useful to document the nutmeg experience from my own point of view. The effects I've experienced from previous trips are overwhelmingly positive; there is a powerful mood elevation, comfortable sedation, "high" thoughts like those experienced on high quality marijuana, a sense of well-being and unity with people and things around me, an enhanced appreciation for nature, music, arts, and relationships, and greatly enhanced quality of sleep. The nutmeg trip usually takes about 4-6 hours to kick in for me after ingestion, and can last anywhere from 24-50 hours depending on dose. Many people report the length of trip as a negative - I view it as a positive, since I am fully functional on nutmeg (perhaps even functioning at a higher level.) I usually redose more than once a day in order to keep the trip/high going for as long as possible.

*Disclaimer* I'm aware of the potential of myristicin poisoning, and the doses I talk about DO have the potential to be dangerous, from the reading I've done. But I've never experienced any ill effects from doses as high as 10 seeds in a 24 hour period. As always, your mileage may vary...just because I've gotten away with it so far doesn't mean anything, in terms of how much is safe.

Preparation: Recieved my package of 1 lb of nutmeg seeds today (approximately 100 seeds.) (Author's note - many people call the seeds of the nutmeg fruit "nuts." When I say seed, I'm talking about the same thing many people refer to as a nut, because...well, because its a seed lol, and I prefer to use the proper terminology. Its simply a nutmeg seed with its hard outer shell removed.)I selected two large seeds and ground them to dust using the finest side of an everyday cheese grater. Mixed the dust in a glass of water, three teaspoons at a time, and quickly drank the mixture. The taste is not bad to me, a mild spiciness. The texture is a bit harder to handle, but a little willpower and mind-over-matter makes the task quick and fairly easy.

T +0:00: Dosed two large seeds at noon. The only immediate effect is a slight numbness of the throat/tongue, not unpleasant. I know from experience that the effects take hours to set in, so will be doing relaxing and calming things for entertainment in preparation for the effects.

T +1:30: Definite mood elevation and mental shift, subtle but noticeable. I'm normally an introverted personality, but things are making me smile and laugh out loud. Definite "good vibes." There is a nest of abandoned baby sparrows in my yard, and feeding them and interacting with them was a nearly spiritual experience.

T +3:00: Sedative effects are starting to kick in. They are light, but noticeable. It feels like a very mild opiate buzz...nothing overpowering about it. Sitting still feels good, but isn't necessary. Munchies are starting to kick in, as usual. Preparing dinner a couple of hours early because of them.

T +4:00: Effects are pretty steady so far, still very mild. Dosed another whole seed (ground up and mixed with water, as before.) So far, the effects are very similar to a few joints of low THC marijuana.

T +4:40: I'm getting a feeling I'm familiar with from previous nutmeg experiences. Its very hard to describe...its almost a tightness in my chest/abdomen, but its somehow pleasant. The muscles in my face are...scrunching? Almost like my eyes are trying to close and I'm having to physically keep them open. Again, sounds like it sucks, but it somehow feels kind of good. There is a pleasant, light tingling sensation throughout my whole body, almost like I can feel the bioelectricity of my body in action.

T +5:10: Becoming more susceptible to temperature; cold air feels colder, hot air feels hotter. Not unpleasant, just an increased sensitivity to temperature.

T +6:00: The "high" is becoming more pronounced. More giddiness, things are more interesting, thoughts are following strange and creative paths. As the mental effects grow, the sedative effects on my body become more pronounced. Nutmeg has the most distinct qualities of both indica and sativa strains of pot for me...the comfortable sedation of indica, with the uplifted mental high of sativa. Dosing another seed for a total of four for the day so far.

T +7:15: Just dosed seed number five. Each seed gets easier and easier to get down. With the first two, there was a small gag reflex...not nausea, but the feeling of drinky the gritty water made me retch a little. By seed five, the dosing process is actually almost enjoyable. The taste is almost pleasant and my body seems to accept the nutmeg more freely. The waves of euphoria are just starting. They're infrequent, but it feels like a small bump of MDMA, with a sense of warmth and well-being radiating from my chest. Each wave lasts a little under a minute, and right now they're coming every 20 minutes or so. All of the other effects - the comfortable sedation and the elevated mental and emotional states - are still present. Intensity-wise, they're at about a 3.5/10. I still have the munchies even after eating dinner a couple of hours ago, which adds to the feeling of having a "weed high." I have almost no desire to drink fluids, I just don't feel thirsty...but knowing that nutmeg can dehydrate me, I'm making myself drink about 12oz of water per hour.

T +9:00: Ingested my sixth and (probably)final seed for the day. Effects have pretty much plateaued over the past couple of hours; the waves of euphoria are still coming at intervals of about 15-20 minutes, but they're lasting a little longer each time. Same intensity as before. Nothing new to report effects-wise, other than an increased sedation. Sedation/body high is about a 6/10 now, the mental high is at about a 5/10. I feel very good physically, I would not be limited if I had to perform a complex mental or physical task. I feel like driving would not be impared...although I'm not dumb enough to get behind the wheel under the influence (and no one else should either!) Some people report bloodshot eyes, stumbling, loss of coordination, impaired/slurred speech...I have experienced none of that, not this time or on any other nutmeg trip. To even call it a trip seems like overkill to me, its much more of a high. Physically, I look normal...the only thing different that I can note is a healthy-looking splash of color in my cheeks and my pupils are perhaps a tad dilated. One thing I have noted - and forgive me if you feel like this is TMI...I set out to write a complete trip report - is that while on nutmeg, my penis and testicles are noticeably enlarged. I don't mean swollen or anything like that...they're just about 50% bigger than they normally are, for whatever reason. It could be vascular in nature, but that's just a complete guess. I thought it was just my imagination, but my girlfriend commented on it before I ever said anything, so it seems to be a real effect of nutmeg. It happens every time I use it.

T +9:45: The waves of euphoria are settling into a constant feeling. A low grade euphoria which translates into a feeling of interconnectedness with everything, enhanced appreciation for everything around me, and a general feeling that could be described as the complete absence of anxiety. I feel no pressure, no sadness, no anxiety. I feel like I'm the groove of life, like I'm exactly when and where I'm supposed to be.
I feel no pressure, no sadness, no anxiety. I feel like I'm the groove of life, like I'm exactly when and where I'm supposed to be.

T +10:40: Now its the sedation that seems to be coming and going in waves. I'm still relaxed at all times, but I'm experiencing periods of stimulation, as well. I went into the living room to socialize with my girlfriend, and her Jack Russel terrier was being feisty and wanted to play. Had an extremely fun wrestling session with the dog, I felt that we understood each other on another level as we played. I'm aware this sounds a bit silly, but its also true. An almost psilocybin-like feeling of deeper connections and understanding of the world around me. I just dosed my nightly herbal sleeping blend (just common ingredients like melatonin, passion flower, valerian, lemon balm, etc.) I don't need it to sleep tonight, the sedation is strong enough to overpower my usual insomnia, but the herbs work better if I don't skip doses, and I don't think it'll hurt. I'm thinking about dosing two more seeds for a total of eight before getting ready for bed, I already have them ground up and am debating if I want to take it tonight. I don't feel that I need any more, and I'm not looking to get any higher, but from past experience I've found that dosing right before bed lets me wake up the next morning with an extremely strong buzz to start the day. Will update if I decide to dose tonight, or if there are any more effects to report.

T +11:30: Decided to take one more seed for a total of seven. Depending on how much I actually feel like sleeping, I may take the eighth tonight as well. Even though sleep comes easy on nutmeg, I sometimes prefer to fight it and stay awake, watching an interesting show on the History channel or something. Its such a fun, amazing high for me that I often feel like I don't want to waste it by sleeping. The effects haven't diminished, but they seem to have plateaued for now. I know from past experience that nutmeg has more levels than the one I'm currently on, but right now I'm feeling very good and relaxed, happy with where I'm at.

T +12:15: Took the eight seed for the day and went to lie on the couch and watch TV. I ended up absolutely fascinated with everything I watched, and ended up staying awake another three hours just to enjoy the high. Very vivid dreams of a mostly sexual nature.

The next day: I woke up after about eight solid hours of high-quality sleep (lots of deep REM sleep, no wakings during the night...things that are valuable to an insomniac lol.) I felt rested, refreshed...and still high. It affected my feelings and mood mostly; everything was interesting and fun, even mundane tasks. I felt like a little kid, finding ways to make games out of boring chores or whatever. I had a very mild body buzz throughout the day, almost like I'd taken a muscle relaxer. My thoughts were fairly normal, other than being colored with more positivity than usual. I went to sleep that night still benefiting from the increased sedation, I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly. I woke up eight hours later feeling baseline and normal.

Final notes/thoughts: This particular trip lasted about 48 hours
This particular trip lasted about 48 hours
, and was fairly normal for what I usually encounter with nutmeg. For me, the hardest part of the experience is grinding and drinking down the nutmeg dust. Everything else about it makes this my favorite high, other than high-grade pot. Its important to realize a few things as I wrap this up. One, just because this was my experience with nutmeg doesn't mean you'll have one just like it. I've read dozens of reports of people freaking out, having bad trips, and being hospitalized on nutmeg doses far lower than what I regularly take. I'm not sure if its biology, difference in product, or whatever that makes it affect me differently. The reason I wanted to put this report out there isn't because I want people to believe that nutmeg is this amazing wonderful miracle drug...because its not going to be like that for everybody. I just want people to see that what I experience is a *possible* effect of nutmeg, that's all! If I'd listened to the people who talked down about nutmeg, I'd never have tried this stuff and had these wonderful psychoactive experiences. I wanted to end this with a couple of random notes about nutmeg that I had to learn from experience:

- When I grind fresh nutmeg, it has a marbling effect. The essential oils (which contain the majority of the psychoactive chemicals) seem to be concentrated in the black "squiggles" throughout the flesh of the seed. The more of those black squiggles are present, the more potent the seed seems to be. The seeds with a higher concentration of black marbling taste spicier, they have a stronger numbing effect on the tongue and throat, and the effects can be noticed up to two hours faster. This is totally anecdotal and could be completely wrong...but based on my experiences and those of people I trust, I don't feel out of line by saying that the more marbled seeds are potentially more potent.

- When I was new to the substnace, I discovered that the biggest hiccup is the amount of nutmeg one needs to ingest. After deciding to try six seeds on my first trip, I ground them all up...and I stared at that pile for quite a while, wondering how the hell I was ever going to eat all that sawdust. Each seed is about 5 grams, so 30 grams of ground up seed pulp is pretty intimidating. The most painless way to ingest this much (that my friends and I have found) is take it stirred in water. I don't mind the taste of the nutmeg, but friends who do say a small shot of lemon juice in the water helps.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113280
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Jan 3, 2020Views: 11,699
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