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Trial #2: Appreciation of the Ordinary
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Trial #2: Appreciation of the Ordinary: An Experience with 4C-D (exp113126)". May 9, 2019.

T+ 0:00
35 mg oral 4C-D
  T+ 1:05 15 mg insufflated 4C-D
3:00pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 35mg of 4C-D HCl. This is my second trial. My first trial was at 50mg + a 25mg booster an hour in. I intended for my next trial to be at 100mg to see how the psychedelic effects develop at a higher dose, but I have tripped thrice in the past 2 weeks (or at least taken something psychedelic - only one full dose) so I'm going to hold off, but today is Bicycle Day, and I have decided to see how a lower dose works.
I have decided to see how a lower dose works.
I want to see if the nature of the effects I experienced at 75mg is present still. The setting is that it's been raining and storming very hard since before it got light out and there is flooding all over town. My roof is slightly leaking even through the roof plastic I have on it so I'm a little stressed out but my guess is this trial will have some euphoriant/stress-relieving properties.

3:15pm (T+0:15) - First alert, a warm, soft glow about my head and chest. Doing a little bit of work and Bluelighting. Looked out my window and wow, my whole street is a brown waterfall. Someone's stream has blocked up up the road, mine clogged twice earlier but I dug it out both times (in the rain - my coat and pants are drying under a fan). I'm really hoping it doesn't block up again while it's raining because I took a shower recently and I'll get all wet and nasty if I have to go out there. The water will continue to flow well after it stops so hopefully if it's gonna do it, it'll wait until then. It's supposed to mostly stop raining with occasional periods of drizzle in the next 2 hours, I hope it does, I haven't seen this much rain at once in a long time.

3:25pm (T+0:25) - I'm getting little head flutters that remind me almost of brain zaps except very gentle and pleasurable, and I feel them slightly in my chest too. They feel like euphoric flutters. Like last time, there is a flutteriness in my chest/solar plexus that could be anxiety were it in a closed loop, but instead it flutters outwards so it feels like euphoria. The feeling reminds me of a 5-MeO-MiPT trip I wrote about many years ago where I realized that anxiety and euphoria are two sides of the same coin. Each originates from the solar plexus and each is a fluttery feeling of energy. Anxiety is a blocked energy and euphoria is an energy that is free to expand outward. Reducing complex feelings to simple terms like this makes me feel a little silly but it's the thought I'm having so I want to communicate it.

So far this is very mild, which is expected. I guess I'm having a lot of thoughts right now though. I should be checking data on this project for work. It occurs to me I often test substances while I'm working. I guess it's because it provides me a good baseline for understanding how something is affecting me. I work alone at home and usually only have to interact with people through email, and I do a job that requires thought and also tests my patience and focus. I generally have the house to myself during work hours, too. Plus I am really busy a lot of the time so it's often the most convenient time. In any case it's become a bit of a baseline for me when testing things where I am not trying to have a full-on trip.

3:45pm (T+0:45) - I'm starting to feel more euphoric. I feel motivated and quick but not stimulated in a traditional sense at all. I just knocked off 2 relatively simple tasks I've had on my list for weeks because, why the hell not? Don't know why I was putting them off. I keep getting little brain zappy rushes that I really like. I'm thinking I may try to snort 10-15mg of this and see if it changes the nature of the effects. Mostly because this feels good and it would be cool if it felt better. Rather hedonistic, yes, but I'm also curious if it becomes traditionally stimulating or not. And whether it burns like the 2C-Xs. I've snorted 3C-E before and it did not particularly burn, so there's certainly no guarantee this will be bad like the 2C-Xs are.

4:00pm (T+1:00) - The feeling is growing slightly. I find myself tapping my leg quickly but I do that when I'm excited. There is no teeth grinding or appreciable heart rate increase. I just thought to get my HR/BP monitor out and it measured 123 / 71 at 53 bpm, so very normal for me.

4:20pm (T+1:20) - I snorted 15mg 15 minutes ago. Ouch! It's still burning a bit. It's not as intense and overwhelming as with the 2C-Xs, but it made my left eye water for a few minutes and now every time I exhale through my nose it sends a fresh wave of burning. It's not too bad but I'm surprised it hasn't abated yet. I have a taste in my mouth that reminds me of blood, I had to check that there wasn't blood back there (there isn't, I think it just has to do with the specific taste of the drip). It's getting more intense right about now. I have a rising feeling in my body and face that is psychedelic in nature. BP/HR taken, and it measures at 127 / 78 at 59 bpm, so perhaps a slight elevation but I still don't feel classically stimulated (also I am in pain which could account for the increase). The lingering pain is becoming annoying and I'm ready for it to stop.

4:35pm (T+1:35) - Whew, the pain is finally almost gone. Wow okay so that was almost as bad as the 2C-Xs. It didn't quite feel as drill-like or as much like getting kicked in the face, but it lingered and lingered and got worse and worse for a bit (it got worse since my last entry before it got better). The last 30 minutes have been mostly characterized by being in pain. I probably won't repeat snorting. However it did kick up the effects. Things have taken on a somewhat significant look and the feeling in my body has become decidedly psychedelic in a warm and velvety way. The rain has stopped and the sun has come out. I actually feel less excitable and more centered and calm than I did before. This feels at least as strong if not stronger than my 75mg total trial last time. The exact nature of the effects is difficult to characterize, like last time. I feel like I am on a psychedelic, and I feel good, and thoughtful.

4:50pm (T+1:50) - Wooooowwwww. I went outside to survey the state of things and although the sun is out and the rain stopped, the road is still a waterfall. My own stream that goes under my driveway has been carved out a good 2-3 feet deeper and all the leaf litter and debris is totally scoured away. The sound outside is a roar, where usually it's a trickle. My underground spring that comes out at the top of the driveway is flowing under the driveway just fine but there's so much water that it's overflowing and my driveway is a small waterfall too. There is a deep (3 foot deep, no exaggeration, like up to my upper thigh if I were to stand in it) hole on the side of the end of my driveway and there is an equally deep ditch on the side of the road for a ways down which is only going to get bigger. A neighbor up the way didn't unplug their driveway culvert and that's why the road is still a waterfall. I'm thinking about going up there to help because I see her out there, a mom and her kid, she's just sort of kicking at the water. While I was out there, the water flowing over the rocks strewn about the road, with the sun glinting off, looked absolutely gorgeous. No visuals but a stark appreciation of beauty and it seemed like details stood out sharply. I watched a single bubble as it went by me and down the road until it was too far away to focus on, transfixed.

5:35pm (T+2:35) - I just got back from helping the neighbors. I walked up there and the mom and sons were looking at it, and I realized we'd met once before when we got snowed in and the neighborhood was all sledding down the road. I was reaching my hands in and pulling out rocks but the water was icy so I could only go in for 5-10 seconds at a time before I'd have to rub my numb arms back to warmth. The husband came out then and together we managed to pull out a huge rock, which helped a lot, and then he reached in and pulled out a rather small stick and for some reason that did it, like the drain in a tub when you pull the plug, all the water whirlpooled down under the driveway and the clog was busted.

We introduced ourselves again and talked a little, I believe we'll remember each others' names now. Turns out the guy sees my girlfriend regularly at the place she works, which is right by the courthouse he works at, and he goes there for coffee. It was really satisfying to meet the neighbors and work together on something. Their older son is really precocious and was talking to me non-stop about whatever it was he was thinking about it, it was really cute. I felt like we (as in all of us) made a connection. I think the parents are about my age and they seem really nice. The dad and I smoked a cigarette and then I headed back down to my house.

I felt pretty comfortable socially, just a tiny bit awkward in that way where whenever I was thinking of something to say, it felt like time was moving really slowly, but I handled it just fine and I got a lot of satisfaction from the entire encounter, as well as from the work done in preventing further erosion to our road. At this point, back inside my house, I feel comfortable and nice.

7:45pm (T+4:45) - I feel most of the way back down, with a pleasant glow remaining. I cooked a Chinese rice noodle stir fry dish I made up for my girl and I and it was delicious. I would say this dose wasn't any weaker than my previous dose. I wonder what the difference would have been if I hadn't snorted that booster, but I'm glad I did because now I know I won't do it again.

The next day

Well I think I understand the nature of this drug now, at least in doses that aren't too high. I would characterize it as instilling a deep appreciation for the small things in life and for interactions with other people, along with a body high and some euphoria.
I would characterize it as instilling a deep appreciation for the small things in life and for interactions with other people, along with a body high and some euphoria.
Looking back, the events of yesterday were nothing out of the ordinary (I mean they kind of were, in that I don't experience deluges of rain very often, but you know what I mean), but they became extra-ordinary to me because of my state of mind. I ended up watching TV with my girlfriend until about 11:30 and then went to sleep effortlessly, as I was rather tired. I woke up with some pretty bad sciatica pain but I don't believe it was in any way related.

Overall my second trial was a success, moreso than I really expected, and this time I will actually wait a little longer and try 100mg or so and see what differences emerge. I'm glad I tried snorting it, so we know that one probably should not do that. Although it seemed to add a lot of potency, it hurt for almost a full 30 minutes and it was really unpleasant.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113126
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: May 9, 2019Views: 2,978
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4C-D (744) : Alone (16), General (1)

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