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Crossing the Line: Intramuscular Injection
by scarabtree
Citation:   scarabtree. "Crossing the Line: Intramuscular Injection: An Experience with Ketamine (exp113109)". Apr 30, 2019.

55 mg IM Ketamine


Some background: I decided I wanted to do ketamine before I really got into drugs. It took me nearly four years to get my hands on it, and in that time I got dabbled with various other dissociatives, psychedelics, stimulants (including a misguided evening/morning with methamphetamine that ended with getting strep throat and flushing the stash down the toilet), downers, pretty much anything I could get access to outside of crack or heroin.

When my ketamine arrived, my friend and I decided to snort a few tiny lines to test the purity/potency. We got some small effects off of the bumps, but wanted to get the true ketamine experience. Rather than snort copious amounts of the powder, we decided to venture into the world of needles. I had wanted to inject ketamine before, and so I had done a little research into the methods required for a safe injection. After we came down from the bumps, we set out to gather our supplies.

I had been under the weather for the week prior, but I was recovering and I was in a good frame of mind, or so I thought. My friend appeared to be his usual self, what that may be only he can say. As we prepared for the experience we discussed our trepidation and excitement for the experience, and agreed to keep the dosage to a reasonable ~50mg, rather than the 100mg that had been recommended to us. We purchased 29 gauge 1ml insulin needles from the drug store, along with distilled water and alcohol swabs.

Preparing the shots was like a trip in and of itself. I thought about my best friend and I, shooting up together, as adults. Was this degenerate or a step forward into a beautiful new experience? Por que no las dos? The only ROA’s I had experience (not with ket specifically) with up to this point were insufflation, smoking, oral, and sort of IV (at the hospital so I don’t really count it). Today, for better or worse, we were crossing the line.

We started by cleaning the spoons with swabs. We put 50mg on each spoon, added 1ml water, and applied heat and mechanical agitation to form a solution of water and ketamine. The hardest part was getting it from the spoon to the syringe, and removing the air bubbles without spilling any of the solution. Finally, we swabbed our legs, and prepared for the unknown. At first I felt no change in my perception, and my friend concurred. I put on some music, and decided to wait. About a minute later I felt the a rush of mild euphoria and a physical looseness began to set in. I decided to change the music from psychedelic kraut rock to Juicy J, and began dancing like the inflatable arm man you may see outside of a car dealership.

The effects came on quickly, the dissociation from my current physical whereabouts began to set in, but I noticed very few visuals, although my perception was definitely distorted. Strangely enough, while I felt very intoxicated, I also felt clear headed in a certain way - unlike a psychedelic trip, where I have often felt very alien or like a stranger in my own body, I felt completely like my self with the ketamine. I decided that it was time to go outside.

As I walked, my legs and body felt detached from the building I was in, like I was using google street view or a playing a video game rather than walking. Simultaneously, I felt a fleeting sense of connection to the floppy sides of my hat, like they had become a part of my body.

My friend, who weighs considerably less than I do, appeared to be more intoxicated, and had trouble getting down the stairs. By the time we left my apartment, we were both very dissociated. I knew I was in a place I had been to hundreds of times, but everything felt brand new as I walked. We had a conversation, that I cannot quite recall, but visual changes became more pronounced, and the anesthetic effects of the ketamine were quite apparent. I asked my friend what he thought time machines meant, symbolically, and I think he was too high to give a coherent response. At this point, which I consider to be the peak of the experience, about 30 minutes in, I was experiencing a sedated, almost melancholy state of mind, but also great inner peace
about 30 minutes in, I was experiencing a sedated, almost melancholy state of mind, but also great inner peace
, something I later realized I had not felt in my whole life.

The experience continued as we ventured back inside, into a room that I knew belonged to me but felt just like the place I had come from. We returned to watching media on my television, and began to come down. The come down felt as quick and smooth as the come up, and lasted about an hour and a half from the peak. The changes in my perception, which felt like a speeding up and slowing down of time simultaneously (as well as a clinical sort of euphoria), began to recede, and I felt like I could drive a car by around two hours after the peak.

When I reflect on this trip, it was one of my best experiences with substances of all time, rivaling my first trip on 4-aco DMT. While I don’t think ketamine will be a miracle drug that fixes all my problems, it has made me feel more like “myself” than I think I ever have before, even a day after taking the drug with no redoses or consumption of other substances besides caffeine. The effects I described here did not occur to the same extent when I insufflated the ket, and they did not come up or down as smoothly either.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113109
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 30, 2019Views: 1,561
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