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Unexpectedly Uncomfortable
by Basicdog42
Citation:   Basicdog42. "Unexpectedly Uncomfortable: An Experience with Tramadol (exp113030)". May 2, 2022.

75 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol


An experience report from one of the lesser known cases of Tramadol Tachycardia.

For the record, I'm a usual MDMA, cannabis and Caffeine user, though I had only taken 100mg of caffeine 3 hours prior of dosing Tramadol.

This is a very very short experience, because: 1. I'm still under the effects, 2. There's not really much to say about it.

Got home around 10:30pm, and decided after reading and researching a good lot about the potential recreational value of Tramadol. As it was my first time, I decided to go low and only take around 75mg, to be on the safer side.

I don't know why, but seems to me I'm one of the rare cases of Tramadol Hypersensitivity.

T+1:00: started to get really jittery and felt pretty much like the molly take off: a bit of anxiety and my mind racing around.

T+1:30: Checked my pulse, because I was feeling pretty sped up. I'm sitting down and my heart is going up to 140bpm. I'm starting to worry, so the anxiety could be playing an important role here.

T+2:00: Heart still fast, going around 100-120 bpm while resting. Cotton mouth and throat feels dry. Still not feeling any fun or happy effects. Just a bit tired.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: May 2, 2022Views: 212
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Pharms - Tramadol (149) : Alone (16), Health Problems (27), First Times (2)

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