Nice 2-C You Again Old Friend
Citation:   Krangs. "Nice 2-C You Again Old Friend: An Experience with 2C-E (exp112849)". Mar 6, 2019.

25 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
Ahhh 2C-E, I have a fondness for this chemical that dates back to my formative psychedelic years in high school, experimenting with various RCs and finding that 2C-E was my favorite of all that I had tried.

I hadn’t come across it again until recently, I had a friend who appreciates RC’s and had some on hand, I traded him a 10 strip of some wonderful L to acquire five 25mg doses of 2C-E and five doses of 4-ACO-DMT.

Anyways I was really happy to come back into possession of this wonderful chemical. Although most of my previous experiences with it capped out at 15-20mg, so I was interested to see where this 25mg was going to take me!

I decided to take it at my favorite camping spot out in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain, a ‘dispersed camping’ area as it were, so I could expect little to no contact with people, and fully immerse myself in a meditative psychedelic experience.

So I arrive to my spot, and decide to camp out in the back of my Subaru Outback, instead of setting up a tent and such. I had just gotten the car recently and was excited to test out sleeping in the back of it.

The sun had already gone down and it was dark and cold and silent in the woods, the stars began popping up in the sky one by one as I sat with my 25mg dose capsule in my hand and meditated on the experience to come, opening myself up to all the possibilities that laid ahead and communing with the molecule in a respectful and appreciative manner as I like to do before ingesting any psychedelic. I felt excited and nervous, and as if I was going to be reunited with an old friend, which I could now maybe understand better than I could in my youth. After taking my capsule, I decide to go for a walk so that I’m not just sitting around waiting for it to hit me.

Probably about 30 min in I start to feel familiar come up sensations, nervous system tingles, slight mind expansion and changes in mental focus and stimulation, as well as some nausea. Shortly after I feel its a good time to head back to camp, as I can tell it will hit me soon. On my way back to camp, I start to feel very mucusy and start to salivate a lot, which I have experienced before. It doesn’t bother me
I start to feel very mucusy and start to salivate a lot, which I have experienced before. It doesn’t bother me
, and I just clear my throat and spit out all the saliva until it passes.

I make it back to camp and sit down in my front seat. Unfortunately I’m writing this experience about a year or so after I had it, so I can’t recall every detail from this point on, except for the more profound moments.

As I sit there I feel what I would refer to as standard come up energy flowing through my body, my body expresses this energetic flow and transfer, most commonly through shaking and breathing and occasionally making sounds like mmmmm or whatever feels right in the moment.

As I delve deeper into the psychedelic headspace, I decide to lay down in the back of my car. Walking is proving to be a task at this point, my equilibrium is all over the place and laying down in my comfy space is just what I needed. As I lay I can look out and see the stars in the sky through the pine trees growing brighter and trails forming on them all. My vision begins to become more and more blurry and energetic movements course pleasurably and intensely through my body as the 2C-E sweeps me up and takes me away.

I wish I could explain this in more detail but from this point on, but it was hard to recall after the experience. Basically I spent the rest of the night in the back of my car, even though I had the desire to maybe get out and move around, it seemed quite impossible at times and it was quite cold and windy out there!

I recall thinking this dose was a good bit stronger than most of the other times I had taken 2C-E, 25mg is after all on the heavier side and I can see now that this drug does indeed have a nice curve, that extra 5-10mg makes a big difference!

As I lay back, the drug is taking over my reality more and more, I look out the windows to see a blur of pine trees swaying back and forth in the wind, dancing beautifully. I feel it is hard to get physically comfortable as the experience gets more and more intense, but mentally I am feeling continual mind and dimensional-expansion and awareness. These feelings continue to get stronger and stronger, but I am really enjoying it. I am listening to my favorite flavors of psychedelic bass music with headphones on, and am deeply drawn into an internal journey through the music.

At some point I began to lose all feelings of being human and having a body and such. Which was almost strange because I still had a very clear stream of mental awareness and clarity as people have mentioned before on this chemical. I have reached a point of almost total ego loss, and am pleasantly aware of it!! This is astonishing to me now, thinking back to how clearly I was experiencing this state. Really a wonder of 2C-E. At this point I have left my body and am existing as pure energy, in an endless psychedelic energy field. I realize I have arrived at a sort of pivotal point in my trip.

I see before me a great and beautiful TORUS energy field (do a google image search to see if you’re not familiar) I am drawn to this gorgeous and seemingly infinite, pulsing, energetic torus, but a large part of me is scared to journey towards it. Off to the side of the torus I can feel the presence of two or more energetic beings, one which I identify as my lover, and the other just as an omnipresent motherly kind of energy. I look to them and they both caress me with incredible amounts of love and reassurance that I am okay and everything is LOVE.

After this calming and reassuring cosmic ‘nod’ from what may just have been my ‘spirit guides’ or whatever you would like to call them…I happily float into the great energy abyss of infinity that is this massive torus field. My ego completely dissolves, and I am no more, as stereotypical as it sounds, I become one with everything and my spirit spreads out and expands into never ending infinite love, I am the multiverse, and the multiverse is me and at the same time I am nothing at all.

After that I cannot recall what happened whatsoever. I ceased to be. I mean, how can you really relate to what happens after that point in this somewhat constrictive reality we have at our fingertips here?

I recall then coming to again in my car, still dark out, hours had passed since I was enveloped in the torus. I felt I had fallen into a deep and lifeless bliss for the potential hours I spent traveling out of my body, out in the great beyond. Being exhausted mentally and physically from all this travel, I soon fell asleep.

Waking back up in the forest was beautiful as ever, birds chirping, trees greeting me and sunshine welcoming me back to life on earth. I spent the rest of the day hiking and reflecting, comprehending and integrating my experience from the night before. Aside from typical minor mental and physical fatigue, I felt great and was so happy to have had that encounter with my old friend 2C-E :)

Just a note, I can see this type and intensity of experience being unenjoyable and far too much for someone who is not familiar with these psychedelic head spaces and sensations, or anyone who is overly anxious or somewhat weak-minded. Please take this and any substances in the utmost respectful, understanding and appreciative ways you can. Have a sitter with you if you are worried about anything happening. I felt this ego death experience on 2C-E to be infinitely more smooth and enjoyable than ego death I have experience on mushrooms for example, but this was just my experience.

I hope you have gained some insight from this :) I know I have. Happy tripping!!!

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112849
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Mar 6, 2019Views: 2,870
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2C-E (137) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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