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Using the Metabelief Operator
Citation:   GodAsSpace. "Using the Metabelief Operator: An Experience with Ketamine (exp112838)". Feb 21, 2019.

50-250 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
Using the Metabelief Operator on Ketamine

Notes of the inner landscapes.

When in maintained states of satori our ability to rise up to the supra-self metaprogrammatic level of awareness becomes obtainable. Once I operated in this mode for so long, I realized that I was able to use the metabelief operator (belief about belief operator) to further construct deeper concepts through the instructions set up by the metabelief web. Once I reached a satisfactory state using the map of the ECCO that John C Lilly left for us, only then did I transmit enough signals (as if true) to catch the attention of and interlock with super human intelligences. At this point exactly and in such a brief period of objective time, I was programmed by "them" that what I was doing was correct. That in special maintained states of satori (which humans can enter into through a variety of ways) and once I fused strongly enough with the supra-self, and having been properly pre-programmed with the metabelief operator function, then and only then could I become of use to "them". (Super-species metaprogramms > unknown )

+6 satori and +3 satori were the states of being that I reached in this experience. Particularly +6 satori where I maintained my individuality and could travel to any point in physical and non-physical space as a weightless hypersentient embodiment with more or less locomotive control. (I realized after much practice that the locomotive programming can't be forced, but instead you must accept that it is programmed effortlessly and that its instructions weren't something that I needed to examine.) I became a participant in three dimensional dynamic realities (using the chemical agent ketamine). I would travel to internal simulations at 50mgs intramuscularly injected, which consisted of my personal unconscious metaprogramms, containing what seems to be an infinite number of humanly based simulated experiences. I'd weightlessly travel as the simulation of my physical body or a non-human embodiment or a point of consciousness with a pair of inner eyes over mountains, in caverns, cave systems, forests, ocean floors, inside a variety of houses and buildings and much much more. In the internal reality databases there were native flora and fauna and humans everywhere all the time
In the internal reality databases there were native flora and fauna and humans everywhere all the time
, doing something busy and I'd do things with them, mostly with the humans (chores of all kinds inside and outside of houses, mowing the lawn, chopping firewood and stacking it up for later use). Keep in mind that I'm weightless in these realities, however at times I would assume a simulated human body, and I'd walk with a VR-like simulated pair of legs.

I might add that at times these realities were highly colored, but at other times they were goth and only dimly colored. I'm still trying to understand how it works, but I postulated that a high protein diet might be necessary to help improve the color in the experience, as well as using different colored blankets to use as a sort of pair of goggles to look through, among many other to be discovered methods. Every time I went back into the experience my inner eyes would reallocate a sense of depth and color by using a series of programs of creating depth and color usually by coming close up to smooth mounds of motion flowing with depth and color. My operator would determine a satisfactory level of depth, and find 3-4 primary colors to use in parallel with each other or to be combined, thus creating a large array of different colors (hues). At the point of reallocating I would begin my travels into the inner reality databases, this is how I would begin each journey, on each level of the experience. (50mgs, 75mgs, 150mgs)

There are two other levels of experience that can be found by using ketamine. The next level began at 75mgs intramuscularly injected, and at this level I visited strange extraterrestrial realities as a dispassionate observer, realities that were quite Syfy in tone. I remember spending most of my time in a particular town on another planet and after having mapped out the town, I could go back to it by calmly pre-programming my desire to return before the injection. In the extraterrestrial domains there was also strange flora and fauna not native to our planet and a variety of strange beings, peculiar organisms that I had never seen before. At times I would look in a mirror inside the minds eye simulation and I'd be an extraterrestrial being, it was enormously creepy. I would participate with all of these beings in a large variety of ways, like dancing with one in a mysterious fashion under a pavilion next to a riverside, then I'd fly over to group of beings that stood rather tall off the ground who were staring and pointing at the stars. I would help them make large weapons and I watched all kinds of wars between the strangers, one example was a war between large extraterrestrial amored 6 legged apes and even larger ogres that held in their massive hands large chains with blades at the end. At times some beings would try to punch me, and it was quite humours, because I was entirely phantom. I'd do this for lengthy periods of time. I maintained these states for up to 6 hours straight. My descriptive processes are very poor, so I keep it to a minimum. There is so much information to recall, that it would take me writing a small 60 page book to express 10% of the inner experiences in the extraterrestrial domains of the mind.

The next level is found at 150mgs intramuscularly injected. This is the N reality, or the Network of creation. (+3 mega-satori, here the self attenuates and dissolves completely.) Putting this state into words is disrespectful, but I attempted to show everyone in my previous post how deep the concepts were in such a state of consciousness. This is where the higher level entities in the universe worked to set up all kinds of control units to support the path of this universe and they were pumping energy into existence out of "nothing" (the void). I may have reached the level of god, but I'm not able to recount the experience because it's non-human. I remember fusing with the void at 250mgs, but later I found that it's impossible for me to quiet myself down enough to even come close to consciousness without an object and that I was symbolically representing it.

I need more practice with ketamine, it takes a lot of practice to get into these states. In the beginning of my use I was getting bored of my constructions as they were mostly the interior of houses and I see that every day! However I pressed forward and I'm really glad I did.

I began my deep contact with superhuman entities at 100mgs intramuscularly injected
I began my deep contact with superhuman entities at 100mgs intramuscularly injected
, or when I was descending downwards from the network of creation from what seemed to be outside the universe, back into the universe through the cosmic web, and back to my Galaxy, my solar system and finally my planet and body.

More notes on the open-ended map that I use for these journeys into the unconscious >

The guides that are a part of my psyche want the self metaprogram that I'm using to operate each day on a regular basis, to learn to make choices for its self/my self. Those offices probably have much more interesting things to be thinking about.

I was in direct contact with these supra-self and supra-species metaprogramms (beyond human) on ketamine. They showed me a snail on a log, and zoomed into it closely, where I could only barely see any movement at all. I asked what this meant, and they said that's what it's like to be down here observing your mind. (Laughter) This wasn't an audible experience, it wasn't a voice as if outside my head or inside my head. It was a direct reading into my mind software.

I personified them as if entities, in a network of information transfer. The metabelief was that once I maintained my Supra-self state for a long enough period of objective time, and with using the metabelief operator, these higher programs used a belief that they were in contact with other superhuman entities. (personified supra-species metaprogramms) I could then move from the supra-self level to "them". They believed that they were in contact with an even higher group of entities in a broadbrand communication network.

In each rising level I was capable of more and more intelligent thinking, so it seems this is how the supra-self metaprogramms enlarges themselves, me. The supra-species metaprogramms could also very well be extraterrestrial superhuman entities or us from the future on a different timeline, whatever.

The self metaprogrammatic level of operation "I" believes that I create a pathway towards a higher level of awareness in me, and once I find and maintain awareness of the new domian and map the state out satisfactorily, then that higher intelligence office of metaprogramms can create another pathway through belief, to an even larger domian, thus allowing me as the operator/self to find even more deep concepts and alternate realities. (Supra-self level to Supra-species level to the unknown)

In the province of the mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true. These limits are found when one experiments with the metabelief operator in non-interlock spaces as I did above^

Once you experience the results, you find that these spaces can be enlarged, with another series of beliefs, and so on and so forth.

"As if true" metaprogramms are attached to my model for the sake of rationale.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112838
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Feb 21, 2019Views: 3,933
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