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Respect the Many
LSD, 2C-I & Other Substances
by Leprechaun
Citation:   Leprechaun. "Respect the Many: An Experience with LSD, 2C-I & Other Substances (exp112831)". Feb 10, 2019.

0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


[Substances mentioned in this report: amphetamine, 2ce, methamphetamine, cocaine, thc, MDMA, MDA, 2ci, 2cd, 2cp, LSD, LSA, DMT, 25i-NBOME, Nitrous Oxide, Alcohol, 2ct7, 2ct2, 2cb, DOM, DOB, DOI, 5-meo-dipt]

The short summary...

PART 1: Innocence

Let me begin by saying, that is has taken me tens and tens of years to earn even some kind of respect from the powers that open up us from such small molecules that we ingest in our body. Fortunately the more respect with them, the more respect they show us. Some should left behind, some come in handy, but can you control it? Do you know your limits well enough? How does it all go down hill? When did it happen?

When I tried LSD for the first time, boy was that fun, picture this, "me", your friend is thinking he is dreaming and thinks that since it's a dream nothing would matter. I was driven be my wonderful university friends back home to my mother, whom I told everything, I could never keep secrets from loved ones.

There is was, by first trip, it as 1/2 an LSD tab of a Hoffman. Never heard anyone else having a similar experience before or since. You see, I dind't think things were real. I had the same sense as I would in a lucid dream, I am in control of all preceived reality, as it's not corporeal. But alas, my experience WAS in the corporeal world.

Lesson No 1. : Karma exists in dreams, be wise of the choice you make there, for they are the same as if you did them waking.

Before LSD I actually had this natural urge to try things, to drink this or drink that, to smoke this or that. It was a boundless couriosity who's sole aim what was to be explored, what was to be tasted, understood. I woldn't have know the pain I caused so many young women in high school had I finally not had it done to me. Although I felt regret, it quickly passed, the pain of my own shame continued for eight years. The shame of always looking for something new, nice, fresh, never ever was I one to settle. A nomad from my young days of immigration. Here, it is the crux of that curiosity. I would sniff, chew the leaves of gums, read books on native plants and their constituents. Before that, video games were a great to to learn the world, but so limited and this I took out more to nature.

At 17 In my first Job I heard to DMT which following my endless exploration of the internet I discovered the association between the source good desert spirit music coming from Israel and the festive energy of the coasts of India. The two formed an incredible symbioisis world wide (but that is another story). It was at this point, decided. I want to know, what is this experience they talk about on DMT? My fascination with dream at a young age drove me to learn more and more. On everything from Ginseng to Kava to San Pedro to Acacia Trees and Phalaris Grasses. I even had a go at smoking some grass (to no avail). I was ever any chemist, other than the cookpot dishes for a monthly dinner. Nor was a business man, as I would have picked up the Rave Trend and seen the explosion of late cocktail night parties. Providing the foundation of Feel Good/Connecting energy that will forever sit with in nostalgia.

I was never a weed smoker, I tried it a few times but it lacked little purpose other than a pleasent drift off to sleep, I have never had problems sleeping, and the THC anxiety never helped.

So as University drew on, the work was there, the school was there, the friends, money and parties all in one. Sooner or later I met my second best friend Tom. A truly inspiring human being I always admired in his artistic talent, sometimes envied, but I chose the more business path, so I was proud of his contribution to our music ensemble. During this period I delved even deeper to the community evolving our mind altering substance. Discovering the Great Terence McKenna and Alexander & Ann Shulgin. I feverently read their books, and although I found Terences postulations were quite out there. Pihkal felt close to home, relatable, personal and friendly.

And so, without any idea of the laws regarding our chemical importation market. I made a friend in China, who is a state factory, could build anything for a "Price".

Now, since I did not care too much for the responsibility of excess material possessions, money wasn't really that important, I always had enough to survive, and as a nomad, it's a good living.

So, looking at the top of the list of Shulgins creations, I picked out 2ct7 and 2ci to bring into Australia, long before I even heard of the analog laws. I called the TGA, they said quote "If they are not listed on the federal schedule list there are no import controls" So there you have it, on of the first vials of 500mg of 2ct7 arrived at my door by a friendly FedMan. Those were even better times! We just or were finishing uni, getting out of our parents places, making lives for ourselves, making lasting friendships and being in love.

I remember is sort of started when four of us walked the streets in a delighful daze of 2ci, one of my original favourites. I never realised how quickly these experiences would spread, how the joys, awe and wonder inspired under the influence were so much more fluid, clear and insightful than any of the mainstream intoxicants
the joys, awe and wonder inspired under the influence were so much more fluid, clear and insightful than any of the mainstream intoxicants
like Coffee, Alcohol or Marijuana.

But with that certain sense of the kindness and goodness in the universe, we were yet to go through its opposing side. As excess drew closer, as we began to exhalt in our arrogance of knowledge and how we as simple 20 years olds knew the answers to all that was.

Well, can you imagine the horror, pain, anguish that ensued as we learnt our lesson on how powerfully these medicines intertwine us with ourselves, our kin and the people around us. How careful we should be with them, the respects that need to be paid.

Many incredible close calls, visits to the hospitals, panic attacks and horror inducing experiences. Then it took a culmination of everything, with further exploration into the endless, pointless euphoria of smoking crack cocaine and the pressures of life, brought it all crashing down in 2008. But even before that, we where smashed with the dangers of potent psychedelic amphetamines, resulting in a hospital visit. The shame never leaves you, but perhaps the lesson stays on.

We couldn't count the close calls. The excess... where and why did it ever come to a point that this was our behavior
The excess... where and why did it ever come to a point that this was our behavior
. At no point at the start of my 20s did I think I would be getting a car door smashed into my face.

Even with the full source of "literary" knowledge. Slowly a certain wisdom creeps in, after so many close calls with death, with so many potentially fatal outcomes based on stupid decisions. One grows a little bit more respectful, and this is where prohibition fails. It fails to see the innate need for each human to experience their own journeys, just like a rollercoaster. All the people I explored, 2ce, methamphetamine, cocaine, thc, MDMA, MDA, 2ci, 2cd, 2cp, LSD, LSA. DMT, 25i-NBOME, Nitrous Oxide, Alcohol, 2ct7, 2ct2, 2cb, DOM, DOB, DOI, 5-meo-dipt. These were simple some direction posts of what the mind is capable. For really, everything is all mind, and to explore within us its possibilities.

And such as we have mostly, as a people grown to have a few wines or beers in a while, there will be a few of us who need to keep away real pain.

Such as these aforementioned tools and medicines.

And it is on this note, that after 30 years of exploration, 25mg Amphetamine Sulfate and 1.5 DOM help provoke an appropriate telling of a true story.

If I could have asked for one thing through my exploration of the mind, it would have been to have a mentor to help guide me.

Exp Year: 1998-2019ExpID: 112831
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Feb 10, 2019Views: 1,171
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LSD (2), Various (136) : Various (28), Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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