Light and Clear
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Light and Clear: An Experience with Pentylone (exp112779)". Jan 15, 2019.

  repeated insufflated Pentylone  
    oral Etizolam  
    oral 4-Ethylmethcathinone  
    oral Caffeine (daily)
Last year I made an order for some insanely cheap Chinese chemicals, mostly mescaline deritivatives. After 6 months of waiting for them to be synthed (it's pretty shady to take someone's money when you don't in fact even have the substances synthed yet... but I guess you get what you pay for), I decided to change my order. I ended up with 4-EMC and some others instead, plus some 3C-E and 3C-P, proscaline and escaline. I had a few dollars left over so I decided on a few grams of pentylone, an uncommon cathinone derivitive. I found it surprisingly nice and smooth. I took notes on three trials, and forgot about them, and just found them today, so I thought I'd clean them up and share (over 1.5 years later).

Trial #1 - 4-18-17

6:00pm - Ingest 10mg nasally. The powder is clumpy and shalky. It tends to form into small balls which need to be broken up, and it sticks to whatever you crush it up with. Kind of like what I would imagine it might be like to crush up powdered sugar. Pretty immediate effects, I fart and feel I have to defacate (and I do). This is a classic stimulant effect for me (and many others). Not much burn, a bit sharp for a minute but then it fades. Within perhaps a minute I began to feel a quickly building slight rush, feeling confident, nice, talkative.

6:20pm - Ingested another 10mg nasally. Slight increase in effects but not much different. I left the house to pick up my good friend R after he dropped his car off at a shop, with the intention of sharing my new chemical toy and hanging out at his band's practice, and jamming with them later on. Currently I feel comfortably stimulated and slightly euphoric, but nothing too special.

6:50pm - Ingest another 10mg nasally. At this point I begin to get more talkative. No negative effects thus far, no lossy feelings, no overstimulation, no discomfort. Reminds me of hexen but less euphoric and less edgy.
Reminds me of hexen but less euphoric and less edgy.
R also does some, probably 20mg in a line, and within minutes he proclaims that he really likes pentylone. He had been feeling absolutely exhausted and rather low, but the single line is making him feel great, he says it's like he's fully rested and having a good day, plus a little stimulation.

7:30pm - We've arrived at my friend's band house. Turns out practice is cancelled so all we have to do is hang out, play some pool, play some music. Me and 3 friends (R plus two of his bandmates) each take 10mg bumps. Effects slightly increase, no discomfort still, basically the same but the feeling is a little stronger and I want to socialize a little more, which is good, because socializing is the only thing on the agenda. I find myself cracking more jokes than usual, and moving around in a more animated fashion, but I still feel entirely comfortable, no anxious edge, no lossy feelings when it starts to dip. However, I do take ~10mg bumps periodically, as do my friends, who all find it quite nice, but again, nothing too special. R thinks it's a lot like coke, but much milder. I think it's not entirely dissimilar but it feels more like superpowered caffeine to me, but with fewer side effects. One thing that's great about this is that it doesn't seem to share the undesirable effects of most stimulants, namely, difficulty urinating and difficulty achieving erection.

The night continues in the same manner and is very pleasant. Eventually, around 3am, I decide to leave, and drop R off at his house, and go home. Once I get home I crack a beer and end up having a few before bed. It mixed nicely with the pentylone, no synergy or anything but nothing negative either.

3:55am - Did another 10mg bump, kinda compulsive, not too bad, trying to really understand this chem. I'm wide awake, enjoying typing, thinking, etc. Having a good time with no discomfort. About to eat food, appetite seems entirely unaffected. This is really quite a transparent stimulant, in fact among the most transparent of any stimulant I've tried. Similar to caffeine that way, but more druggy and euphoric. It also reminds me of cocaine, sort of, or hexen (more like hexen), not as clean, not as empathogenic as good coke. But slightly empathogenic, also quite calm. Smoother and gentler than hexen by a lot, also significantly less euphoric. All participants were pleased and wanted to redose several times. Compulsion to redose is fairly low, it's there, but it's got nothing on cathinones like 4-EMC. I did redose quite a few times, but it didn't feel like fiendy redosing. Like many stimulants, it increases my desire to smoke cigarettes.

4:07am - I find myself really wanting to stay up and socialize and post on Bluelight, even though it's damn late and I have to wake up at 8:30 to 9am to work. Feeling very communicative and gregarious.

4:25am - Making funny Bluelight posts, enjoying wordplay humor. Wondering how much is my somewhat drunk and stimmed self, and how much is legitimately funny to others. Am I just amusing myself? If so, that's cool, I like to be amused.

6:30am - I take some etizolam and go to bed. I felt like I wouldn't have been able to sleep without it as I kept redosing and felt stimulated. Comfortable, but my heart was beating noticeably faster and harder than usual and I was wide awake. Given that I have to work the next day (in 2 hours), I figured I should at least get a little sleep. Benzos can be so useful.

Trial #2 (next day) - 4-19-17

Woke up very groggy and very late from etizolam the night before (slept through many alarms, oops). Decided to give this a try for a more utilitarian purpose. For science! 8)

12:45pm - Drank a small cup of coffee before deciding to do pentylone, probably 100mg of caffeine, I can feel it but it's only half of what I would normally have in the day. Still feeling drowsy after the coffee which is probably the initial thought that led to "do more pentylone".

1:00pm - Insufflated 15mg. Very quickly the drowsiness has dissipated, I am feeling pretty good. Immediately had to poop, like the day before. No surprise there.

1:30pm - Insufflated 10mg more. No peripheral stimulation to speak of, nice feeling, I feel motivated. I get to working on some stuff for work, extra projects I've been procrastinating on. Got a few new ideas too. My mind feels sharp.

2:10pm - Insufflated another 10mg. More of the same, slightly stronger. Work feels a lot more interesting and even fun. I am going to smoke a cigarette though, then come back in and keep working on this project. Seems to mix well with caffeine, no overstimulation or anxiety noted. My thought process is clear, not racing thoughts but a very utilitarian state of mind, my thoughts are moving quickly but calmly. I have a desire to work on work projects which lately I have been ambivalent about.

2:50pm - Insufflated 5mg more. I begin to feel slightly overstimulated for the first time with this stuff.

3:30pm - Took .5mg of etizolam to deal with the overstimulation. It was too bad but was becoming distracting. Certainly much less severe than too much caffeine and more of a discomfort than a feeling of anxiety.

4:30pm - Another 10mg. Feeling quite nice, no crashing sort of feelings at all, and indeed, I haven't felt any sort of crash at any point since I first tried this yesterday.

6:00pm - I decided to ingest 220mg of 4-EMC orally, for some euphoria. I just arrived at my girlfriend's house for a night of hanging out.

For the rest of the night I felt VERY euphoric, extremely talkative and jovial. 4-EMC does produce a lot of euphoria on its own, but the combination of pentylone and 4-EMC was truly nice. 220mg is a solid but not strong dose, if you don't redose. Throughout the night, the 4-EMC provided a very pleasant backdrop after the initial rush ran out. My girl and I walked from her house to downtown, where we ended up running into someone she knows from work but who I just met. I felt very social and it was great fun. There was much laughter and warmth. I took a few more bumps of pentylone through the night just to keep it up. I have had more euphoric states by far, but the nice thing about this combo was that it had some dopamine, it had some norepinephrine (but not too much at all), and it had serotonergic warmth, but there were very few side effects, and there was never a crash (4-EMC is one of the few cathinones that doesn't crash out afterwards, or at least not much).

Trial #3 - 4-20-17 (next day...)

8:00am - Take 10mg bump, then another 10mg bump. First thing upon waking, before going home from my girlfriend's house. Clearly this stuff is somewhat compulsive. On the other hand I use caffeine every morning, so...

8:20am - Take 5mg bump. Feeling awake, less stimulation than caffeine but more of a high.

8:45am - Take 220mg of 4-EMC orally

9:10am - Take 7mg bump of pentylone

Feeling pretty great, ever so slightly edgy but euphoric and communicative. Bluelighting, then to focus on extra projects at work, rather than waste time all day due to low client workload right now.

10:18am - I feel so great right now. Did another 10mg line of pentylone. The 4-EMC fills in all the gaps, this combo is truly nice, no antsiness or unease. Pentylone on its own is also pretty gentle but there is definitely an element of feeling a strangely stimulated when you go this high with it, by itself.

My notes ended at this point. Suffice to say, I was starting to binge. 4-EMC is very moreish.


Well, what an interesting stimulant we have in pentylone. I read mostly mediocre to negative reviews about it (though one report states it is the author's favorite all-around stimulant due to utility and range of effects - that report suggested higher dosages are more rolly, but I did not try any high doses). Granted, the way my friends and I were using it was with low doses, insufflated, which is probably way different from vaporizing it or doing high doses, but we all found it quite nice, and most notably, very gentle with few side effects. It seems to be a halfway point between caffeine and cocaine, mostly (or hexen... the three share a lot of similarities). It's more euphoric than caffeine, but similar in how it's surprisingly transparent without causing much in the way of peripheral side effects (for example, I can take caffeine daily, and unless I take too much it feels like it doesn't take much, if anything, from me as a cost, and it doesn't have any of the typical stimulant side effects such as nervousness, fiending, difficulty urinating/gaining/maintaining erection, vasoconstriction, etc). Pentylone feels along these lines but harder, I started to feel drained after a few days and I could feel more of a load on my heart. It feels like there is some dopaminergic action, and a light, but real, euphoria, unlike caffeine, which feels entirely adrenergic, which is the comparison I make to cocaine/hexen.

I got like 5 grams, and gave 2 of them away. I ended up doing the rest, generally a couple of times a week, over the course of months. I didn't miss it much when it was gone, but I did enjoy it while I had it.
I didn't miss it much when it was gone, but I did enjoy it while I had it.
I considered getting more and my friend considered it too; he really liked it, he found it a great coke substitute, as a person who uses coke and other stimulants for energy when on the road/playing a lot of shows. He said coke is definitely better/more enjoyable but pentylone is much, much cheaper, and perhaps more importantly, less fiendy/prone to causing him to misbehave. I guess he wasn't pulled to it enough to actually follow through either, though. It was practically free with how much it cost.

Overall, a nice stimulant, nothing special, but its lack of side effects makes it very unusual among the cathinones. The positives to negatives ratio is very favorable, even though it does not reach any great heights. It does a great job of waking me up and giving me energy, and it has a positive effect on mood. It doesn't produce any great sense of motivation like amphetamines or phenidates, but I found it overall positive for work simply because it made me feel content and energized. If presented with it again, I would not hesitate to do it.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112779
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Jan 15, 2019Views: 2,449
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