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The Neon Sign or Pink Flamingo of Psychedelics
by Dr.Rob
Citation:   Dr.Rob. "The Neon Sign or Pink Flamingo of Psychedelics: An Experience with MIPT (exp112655)". Dec 4, 2018.

  insufflated MIPT (powder / crystals)
    oral MIPT (powder / crystals)


MIPT, a Short Retrospective

I have taken MIPT via oral and nasal administration somewhere in the area of ten times and wish to share a few notes about my experiences which I hope will be helpful in increasing the available knowledge about this interesting Tryptamine and DMT analogue.

My first few MIPT experiences were based on insuflation of the material at doses mostly ranging in the low milligrams. These doses provided a nice change of felt internal environment, but only faintly more powerful than the effect of having a strong cup of coffee.

Gradually as I became braver, I pushed the dose up over ten mg over various sessions and found MIPT to have genuine psychedelic activity including colourful visual distortions and a felt feminine presence.
I pushed the dose up over ten mg over various sessions and found MIPT to have genuine psychedelic activity including colourful visual distortions and a felt feminine presence.

The two trips I would like to discuss here are in higher dosage ranges, one by nasal administration and the other oral.

Trip one:
I took 30 MG on the end of a spoon which is well suited for insuflation and put all of the material up my left nostril in one snort.
This might not have been the best idea because immediately the walls began to bend and shape shift around me. I was in the washroom at this time and decided to take a shower as the trip came on.

The feeling was incredible both in its visual distortion and eroticism. The water had a sparkling visual appear even when I was not looking at it and the feeling of it caressing my skin was amazing. I decided to quickly return to my bed after the shower in order not to become overwhelmed in the presence of my family. I lay down and was quite disoriented (not in a bad way though). I was feeling the very quick come up of the material and decided that masturbation would be a good way to mitigate the fear factor of the rise of this powerful drug.

I used my phone and looked at some pornographic images of a buxom naked woman who seemed to become much more real in depth and scope as I touched myself. This was hands down one of the most erotic and genuine sexual experiences I have ever had and I climaxed with ease and vigour.

After the climax I closed the phone and took note of the residual images left in my visual field. Nude women appeared in the most incredible pink, blue, and purple tones. All of this was occurring as open eye visuals and although cartoon like and buffoonish, the visuals were powerful in their reality as they streamed through my visual field.

I began to feel very afraid, just as I would with any other powerful psychedelic. This fear took me to an old and recognized departure point of the eternal teaching of the tryptamine which I have been to before many times and doubtless will arrive at again in the future. Knowing that the trip could go either way at this stage, I decided to prop myself up and sit in meditation. I had the thought of the meditating Buddha sitting on a ledge with all of the aspirational demons of his desire trying to pull him from his enlightened state. I actively spoke control over my own mind and my right to be here, this is something I have learned to do over the years if a trip gets hairy. It is important to be in control of ones own psychological environment and not let delusional thinking take fear. This is one thing that can be used to great effect in avoiding thought loops and bad trips.

Things continued to get hairy and so I put on some music and decided to stand in place and try to perform Qi Gong, which is a frequent hobby of mine.

One thing I have found with genuine psychedelic experiences which are strong enough to enter a genuine visionary state is that Qi Gong and Meditation don't do a bit of good in calming the mind. At this point one is simply too far out and too much at the whim of whatever the magical subconscious linguistics of the cosmos are throwing at oneself. At this time I thought of the advice of Terrance McKenna about singing during difficult experiences. I began to recite a mantra to myself in my mind which went something like this

"I am a change woman,
I am an eagle woman,
I am the woman who is nothing,
I am the woman who is here,
I am the transforming woman,
I am the woman who never leaves,
I am the flowing woman,
I am the woman of rest and respite."
And so on for up to half an hour.

During this time it was like I was at the drivers wheel of the vision and could change the direction of the organic greens and yellows moving through my mind.

Terrance McKenna discusses low dose DMT trips to be like the cosmic carnival but I would say that these MIPT experiences are more like the cosmic Christmas lights. The pink, blue, purple and red visions and their ridiculous and cartoonish characters evokes strong feelings of christmas lights for me and there really is no other way to describe the general feeling, although it is much sillier and stranger than christmas and has none of the other cultural baggage that comes along with this holiday. MIPT could also be the neon sign or pink flamingo of psychedelics. Any of these descriptions is apt I think.

Eventually I came down and went to sleep uneventfully with no hangover the next day.

Trip 2:
This may actually be a synthesis of two trips, it is hard to make it clear in my memory. In any event, this time 40 mg was administered orally.

I find that oral MIPT trips unfold much more slowly than insuflated doses. The unfoldment takes place over an hour or more rather than the two or three minute development that putting the stuff up your nose has.

This makes it easier to handle in some regards, but it also leads to a nervous feeling that doesn't result in the same sudden changes that nasal dosing has, but instead tends to linger for longer, leaving one with less choice about how to deal with it. This trip gave me a strong sense of dread about the political environment as of late and I had mental visions (not visuals but thoughts with a visual element) of the dictators of the twentieth century. I am greatly concerned in day to day life of the rise of radical ideologies on both the left and right and what might come about as American and European politics descend into insanity and fighting.

These unresolved images in my head might be best described as an experience of the archetypical and although unresolved, they received hearing as images rather than coherent thoughts, which I think is very helpful in gradually recognizing the shadow which is ever present in my subconscious. Another interesting and funny visual thought experience was as I lay in a trance state, between sleep and waking, I saw an image of Japanese Sencha Green tea and had the attendant thought which seemed to be communicated by the image that "this is not green tea." In other words, MIPT is pretty different from the high that drinking tea brings to one.

I still think that this is hilarious for various reasons. The first is that tea and coffee are powerful psychoactives in their own right and so the MIPT communicating the message that the high of tea and MIPT are quite different seemed also to be a commentary on my day to day habit of loading myself up with caffeine and drinking lots of good tea and coffee. I also just find the weirdness of MIPT visions to be very interesting, although quite disconcerting.

In summary, I think MIPT is a great material to experiment with because it has multiple ranges of intensity per dose, so it can be quite forgiving. Having said that, higher doses are fully psychedelic and MIPT is not a toy.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112655
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Dec 4, 2018Views: 395
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