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DOM & Etizolam
Citation:   Leprechaun. "Initiation: An Experience with DOM & Etizolam (exp112625)". Nov 29, 2018.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral DOM
  T+ 5:00 3 mg oral Etizolam
DOM Initiation

9:00 pm - Very bitter taste, more bitter than DOB. 5mg. Everything is set.

+ 1 10:00 pm - Definite body sensations already starting, elevated awareness. Nothing more. Very slow but significant come up. You can feel the roar of the jet engines. There’s serious power behind this one. Yet, there’s a calmness and clear perception, with clarity of thought and ability to articulate thoughts without the disappearance of the self.

10:05 pm - Notice tingling in the genitals, slight tremor and sweating. Mild euphoria. Inquisitive as to the two parts of me I see, I see a broken me and the ideal me. Both are visible. Yet the broken me is mastered by desire, the other is the master of desire.

+2.5 11:26 pm - Music magnificent. All power and glory. Not as visual as mescaline, but the feelings and raw energy are all here, magnified. The music is felt like the story being told of the entire universe being born.

+ 5 02:30 am - Overwhelming energy, had to calm it down with Etizolam. Some feelings of loneliness, feeling of what disease is and why we avoid it. Lots of references to ideal archetypes.

+ 7 04:00 am - Still going strong, though a little calmer now. Not sure if I can do public yet. Maybe another couple of hours. Still flowing visuals, nice and calm now. Peaceful. Serene. Maybe the etizolam isn’t the best idea, things seems strangely disconnected, like my body parts feel like they have been displaced and reorganised in different ways.

+10 07:00 am - Not much really in terms of content, lots of visual effects, some darker stuff too, lots of letting go. Need to shake the nervous energy out, the sun has come up.

+13 10:00 am - Went for a run up to a local park up a hill, exhausted but still full of energy. I needed to get that energy out! Run run run, exercise… visual effects still +3, everything is moving breathing.

But I am much calmer now. Approaching baseline.

+15 12:00 pm - Still some visual effects

Rest of the day, wiped out, but lots and lot of sleep. Next day had some angry and depressed feelings due to difficult situation in life, went for walk through park, anger flowing out, afterwards felt re-integrated.


The experience was wonderful and very much aligned with other experiences in the Phenethylamines. It has a specific energy to it, and definitely put in the effort with exercise, in the end I was so peaceful and calm afterwards.

If you were to take Mescaline, remove some of the visual component and add a more intense energetic power to it, add more emotional connection, it’s, that is a wonderful way to describe DOM.

Wonderful experience at 5mg, next going to try 2.5mg and compare. I wish I had more around.

I get the feeling that 65 mcg of LSD and 2.5mg of DOM could balance out bit, I find that it helps balance the DOB with small amounts of LSD without taking away from the emotive and feeling aspects of the Phenethylamines.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112625
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Nov 29, 2018Views: 3,029
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DOM (20) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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