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Ethnobotanical Psychedelia
Anadenanthera peregrina
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Ethnobotanical Psychedelia: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp112611)". Dec 1, 2018.

0.3 g inhaled Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)


I was very taken with ethnobotanicals for a time. I tried the more nefarious plants; Magic Mushrooms, Mimosa Hostilis + Syrian Rue, San Pedro Cacti (which are not illegal where I live, so I grow them). As well as the legal trips; Salvia Divinorum, HB Woodrose seeds, Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, and the concoction in question, Yopo.

Yopo is not fun. It might be entheogenic, but it hurts too much to be sure. Some people say it's got some reward to it, but I found its kind of a lame trip that is unenjoyable and unenlightening because of the searing pain associated with the snuff.

Yopo is legal in most places and is easy enough to make; I took the flat brown seeds of the Anandrathera Perregrina tree, lay them flat in a pan and slowly heated them until they started to pop...literally, they'll hop in the pan with a popping noise. When the seeds were toasted, I shelled them and kept the nutty stuff inside, discarding the shells.

Yopo needs to be made into a freebase compound by combining it with an alkaline source. I busted up the Yopo seed matter with about an 1/8 part of edible alkaline (I used baking soda, but purists use lime), busting this mixture up as fine as possible. Added enough water to make the Yopo into a thick slurry and put this mush back in the pan I toasted the seeds in. At low heat the water will evaporate while the mush turns into more of a powder.

Now the fun part, snuffling up Yopo. I just snort mine. I cut out two 200mg "lines" of the stuff and snooted both before I could regret the decision.

Yopo hurts like ass. Seriously. Methamphetamine is easier on the schnoz than Yopo. I've never snorted something so painful. Then the 5-meo-DMT kicks in, one of the most brutal tryptamines I've ever tried. So, there I am, head on fire and 5-meo-DMT doing its terrible work, wondering why the hell I keep doing these things to myself. In half an hour or so, I blew out the hideous, nutty brown snot that had been searing my nose for 30-some minutes.

I tried it once more, but found it just too painful to make a habit out of and threw out the remainder of my seeds--quite sure I'd maxed out my interest in Yopo.

I do no regret this decision. I can say I tried Yopo, but got little else from the snuff and stuck to more navigable psychedelics, the kind that don't light a coal fire in my head.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 112611
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Dec 1, 2018Views: 1,136
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