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This Constant Pulse Going Through Me
by Willie the Rat
Citation:   Willie the Rat. "This Constant Pulse Going Through Me: An Experience with Amanitas (exp112536)". Nov 9, 2018.

18 g oral Amanitas


Ingesting Amanita Oct 2018

One previous experience with 5 gm. Not much happened. A feeling of peace.

Next trip:
Started 12:00 Noon

1:00 Nothing happening. Went to bed.

2:10 Got up. Balance off. Sense of something building up. Slight nausea.

22:00 Feeling very strong pounding pulse. Now suddenly stopped.

Feels/looks? Like there is a very slick white street in my mind. I saw slices of time moving like cards falling horizontally, a second or so apart. This was exactly like I saw in an article I came across days later.

3:00 3:00 Pulse thing still going. Nothing else. No thoughts. Lay down again.

16:00 Pulse very strong. Impossible to type. Not like previous mushroom experience. Not visual patterns/ creative thought/reading Buddhist book I have a hard time understanding, was not insightful.

16:48 Dizzy. Going to lay down.

Got up after trip now started at altar. Thankful for Krishna getting me there. In bed/out of bed movement with my eyes. Moving creating other things with altar. Some kind of contact. Visions to do with time and quantum. Visuals of seeing all existence contained in a small space. I had visions or sight from minutes ago in the present.

Still very wobbly. Hands jerky with spasms. Hard to type. Balance not good.
Still very wobbly. Hands jerky with spasms. Hard to type. Balance not good.

Time 1:27 a.m. Pretty much back to normal. Balance okay. Pulses no more.

This was unlike anything I have experienced before. Probably too 30% more than I needed. A pain I have had in my elbow for weeks disappeared.

I think there was a two hour gap that started 2 hours after I took it. I just lay in bed, felt this constant pulse going through me, then decided to get up. Then very strong, insightful visuals. There were no visual patterns, no creative stuff.

I kept a urine sample. The following day I noticed a layer of white powder at the bottom of the jar. I drained off the top and left the sediment to dry out, then scraped it off. I took a photo. Very curious about this powder.

The whole experience lasted for about 8 hours until I was totally back to normal. Intense part lasted about 4 hours.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 80 
Published: Nov 9, 2018Views: 297
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Amanitas (5) : General (1), Alone (16)

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