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Inner Workings of the Energy Field
DMT & Mushrooms
by Ian123
Citation:   Ian123. "Inner Workings of the Energy Field: An Experience with DMT & Mushrooms (exp112487)". Oct 17, 2018.

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  repeated smoked DMT
  T+ 24:00   oral Mushrooms
  T+ 24:00   smoked DMT


DMT and the Energy Matrix

Have consumed the sacred mushroom many times with many emotional and mind expanding journeys to reflect on which have enriched my life beyond expectation.

The mushroom or psychedelics for that matter open a doorway or better put remove obstacles or preconceived ideas and mental shackles that block this divine realm from our normal conscious states. This divine realm is the pure state of energy or the energy matrix of the multiverse. Mushrooms are a invaluable tool for humanity to show guide and help us remember our
inseparable involvement as co creators in the quest for experience.

The mushrooms I feel need to be consumed before a DMT journey as they can instruct us on the DMT experience. DMT shows us the landscape and the inner workings of the energy field (matrix) and is so alien on every level, nothing could prepare me for the full WTF moments when witnessing the intensity of this reality Language seems inept or too limited to relate the visual delight and absurdity or bizarrely foreign machine elves or dome-like warehouse where I believe energy is focused or directed to create reality/ realities and in these realities is consciousness (us).

After continually smoking the DMT pipe one evening (Approx 1/2 a gram over 2 hours) to try and assimilate the experience I tried to focus on the small black molecule-like things that were being moved or directed
I tried to focus on the small black molecule-like things that were being moved or directed
these seemed to vibrate in a tick tick tick type sounding manner when they vibrated in this fashion they seemed to change shape and become disc like. Then I was shown a large array of disc like things that when at a certain point vibrated in unison to create this magical song or sound which I could see and appeared almost Egyptian like and had three notes consisting of two short breaks in each, sorry going to have to think about that crappy explanation.

That was the first evening of DMT only. The second evening I consumed a large dose of pyslocibin then smoked DMT. I could experience the inexplicable and strangeness of this reality but the mushrooms then instructed or allowed a pause between intense moments and more importantly extended the session from what was previously of minutes to an hour or so which was invaluable to digestion and assimilation of the experience.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112487
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49 
Published: Oct 17, 2018Views: 822
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DMT (18), Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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