Weren't We Talking About Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
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  repeated oral Datura (tea)
Before I even start I want to say that this will be a lengthy report and will include everything from me first hearing about the plant to the aftermath so to hopefully give an insight about the whole experience to future psychonauts (because stories of Datura usage are rarer than say, other drugs).

So far I have had fair experiences with MDMA usage and I have tried other stimulants a couple of times. I have also tried LSD once and never had any other psychedelics.

I first saw the plant some months before completely not knowing what it really was. I was with 3 of my friends taking a walk and we saw its spiked pods fully matured and fully dried, with its seeds inside. We made jokes on how we could smoke this and trip extra hard but completely oblivious of the plant's name and its potential usage. We threw the pod away and went on.

Interestingly, couple of days later I was reading about drugs in general and found Datura mentioned somewhere. It was described as a poisonous plant used by shamans for its strong effects on the mind. Another few days later I decided to read more and saw there was a number of stories on a harm reduction website. I read a few and only later saw a picture of it. I quickly recognized the plant after seeing the pictures of its flowers and pods. Not believing the coincidence I sent the pictures to my friends asking if this was really the plant we saw, also showing them some of the reports. They were as dumbfolded as I and we got pretty excited about this plant. I spent my days reading a lot about Datura and its effects

One day one of the friends (W) calls me on the phone and says he went searching and found a bunch of the plant. He says him and another friend (Q) collected a couple of leaves and pods with about 500 seeds in total. I'm very surprised and they tell me they have eaten 5 each but without any effects. They asked me if I knew what dose might be appropriate and we came to the conclusion that every plant is different and it's probably impossible to know. I warned them the strain might not be the one we need and said it might not even work. They tell me they will continue slowly and see how it goes. They called me a couple times afterwards. They each took 30 seeds, with an hour in-between every new dose of 5 seeds. They were really disappointed because nothing happened so I told them it was also possible to make tea. They asked me how but I really had no idea. They simply decided to throw a whole bunch of leaves and seeds and let it boil. They did not use the spiked pods. They say the tea smelled like hell. They let it boil for a couple of minutes and then filtered it through a cloth a couple of times. [Readers note: Bear in mind this was in late January, the plant flowers somewhere during late Summer, so by the time we got our hands on it, it was already very very dry, almost crumpling at touch. I live in the Northern hemisphere so Winter was already ending. Cultivating the plant at a different time might very well produce different results] In the evening the tea was done and both of them took a half of shot glass of the drink and waited for the effects to kick in. Afterwards they called me again and sadly said there were no noticeable effects but Q did feel a bit lightweight in his legs but it might have been a placebo. They were pretty much disappointed but said they will bring the brew to me tomorrow so that I can try the taste of it (they said it tasted awful and had to hold their guts not to puke.) I agreed, because I wondered if the taste was that bad.

I didn't sleep much that night, only getting about four and a half hours of sleep. I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and had a light breakfast - a bread with jam - and went to school. I met W at 7:50 and he showed me the tea. It was in a small plastic bottle and had a green-blackish color. At 8:30, right before our class had started, I took my first sip. To my surprise the taste wasn't awful at all. In fact I liked really much. W couldn't believe I liked it and thought maybe it became better now that it has cooled over the night. I took another sip to taste it again and I commented how it tastes like pine tea (no idea if this exists, but that's how I'd describe it). Then I remembered they felt no effects yesterday so I stupidly took two more sips and closed the bottle (BIG mistake!) We went to our class and only 15 minutes into the lesson I could feel the first effects coming.

In the beginning I only felt lightheaded. I told it to my other friend (P) who was sitting next to me and to two of my friends behind me (R and T). The high almost felt like a massive hit of a bong but I had a bit of trouble controlling it. Soon my heartbeat rate has significantly increased and my arms and legs started to feel really heavy. I was still trying to control myself but it was becoming harder and harder. About 30 minutes after the first sip my vision started getting blurry. I could see well one minute, but then the next one it was hard to focus. Then it returned to normal and so on. Soon my mouth got very dry and I drank couple of sips of water I had in another bottle. I looked at my friends behind and R said my pupils were „a bit dilated.“ The heaviness of my whole body was increasing and it became harder and harder to control it. When the class ended it was time for me to stand up and leave. Moving my arms and especially legs was really hard so I told P to pack my notebook into his backpack because I just couldn't. I closed my bag, took my jacket, stood up and slowly exited the classroom.

My legs were extremely heavy and moving them took a huge amount of effort. I forced myself to walk to the next classroom and quickly sat on a bench in front of the door. R, Q, and another friend of mine, Z, stayed with me. They urged me to go outside and catch some fresh air but I really didn’t want to because it was so hard to walk. I kept thinking it would be hard to return to class because the way out followed a set of stairs I’d have to take. In fact, I didn’t want to stand up anywhere and thought of just sitting until the next class started. Friends suggested I at least go to the bathroom so I snapped out of it, gathered my strength and walked a few steps inside it. There I looked myself in the mirror and I must say I looked horrible! My face was almost yellow, my eyes were red and pupils were dilated a lot! I tried to pee and my penis was shrunk (much like on stimulants use.) I had to sit down and while I was trying to pee I could see small visual hallucinations on my black underwear. I can only describe it as a bunch of small milky ways, galaxies, rotating into themselves. Similar to some hallucinations I saw on ecstasy. It wasn’t anything amazing in particular but was a little interesting. I could not pee and I became worried this could be dangerous as I read some reports where people had to go to hospital because of their organs failing. While all of this was happening I got a number of déjà vus. A huge number, and that actually was very interesting. I soon realized how drugged I looked and decided it was best to leave school so people wouldn’t see me in this state. I asked Q to get my bag and my jacket as I just couldn’t carry them. I washed my face with cold water and put myself together so I can get outside. I tried my best not to look at people because I looked so fucked up.

As soon as we got outside and out of sight of people there, I sat on a wall to again gather power for a walk. There, W was laughing on how it got me and asked some general questions on how I felt. I remember saying it all felt like a dream and a déjà vu at the same time. I gave him the bottle of brew and after some minutes of sitting left the school with R and Z. (We share our first experiences on most of the drugs we tried and I can trust them fully. They decided to babysit me.) I was talking about how I felt. I could only describe it as a dreamlike state but not like on LSD, this state was more profound. They asked me if there were any similarities with other drugs but it was hard to find them. This was different. Everything still looked like out of a dream. All the time we are talking I keep forgetting the subject and must often ask what we were talking about. (Similar to using too much MDMA.) We decide to go to Z’s house as there’s nobody there in the morning. We enter her house and unfortunately, her father is home. R and I start quickly getting out but I trip on the stairs and fall down (it was still hard to walk.) Fortunately, I didn’t feel much pain and I got up easily. R and I decide to go to a local playground while Z would stay home until her father left (R would babysit me for a while from now on.)

On our way we stopped at a shop and R went in and bought me water and chewing gums while I waited. He gave me the bottle and It fell out of my hands many times. Holding things was really hard. I tried eating some food I had in my backpack but it was horrible. My mouth was really dry so the taste was dull and no water could help. I just drank small sips still fearing I could overwhelm my kidneys. At this point my vision got even more blurry so I suppose my pupils got even more dilated. We arrived at the playground and thankfully no one was there. We sat on two benches in the shade. We kept on talking but it was getting really hard to follow what R was saying. At times I would forget what he was talking about mid-sentence. It was also hard for me to talk because my jaw was heavy and mouth really dry. Still tripping my organs would fail, I tried peeing way too many times. Each time I’d stand up, unbuckle my belt, try to pee, realize I couldn’t, get worried, buckle my pants and sit down. I did this at least 8 times, each time almost forgetting I already tried to do it. R tried to calm me by saying I probably didn’t have to pee at all but I guess I’d forget that too and continue on my own. Some minutes later, I started feeling the presence of other people. Each time I turned around after peeing I was surprised to see it was only R and me who were around. I knew consciously there were only two of us, but I could subconsciously feel the presence of somebody else. I used to have similar feelings a long time ago when if I got really high on weed. Once I sat down I noticed my first visuals. If I focused really hard I could see a kid on the playground but I soon realized it was only random objects like advertisements and fences forming it. I didn’t talk much, mostly because I still thought there were other people with us. I don’t remember if I managed to pee in the end but I know R and I decided we’d take a walk along the riverbank and then return to Z’s house later.

As we were leaving, I saw two coins on the ground and tried to pick them up. R looked at me weirdly and asked me what I was doing. I realized I was tripping and there were no coins so we just moved on. This is where my memory of the event gets really bad (as if, I don’t remember anything) and everything from now on will be the recollection of what R and my other friends told me. There were few occasional moments where I’d return to reality and consciously remind myself I’m tripping on Datura but these moments were short lived and followed by states of elongated blankness in my mind.

Apparently getting to the riverbank was a very very long walk, the distance itself isn’t really that big but R says I’d constantly try to pick things off the ground and would stop walking every minute and a half. The worst thing here is, I tried picking up nonexistent things of the ground in the middle of crossing the street, while cars were stopped at the street lights. R had to physically push me so I would move and walk.

R’s writing:
While taking a walk along the riverbank you were tripping hard as fuck! Since there was a lot of nature around the riverbank I thought it would amuse you but I was shocked to find out the only place you would look at was the ground! Most of the time you were just squatting and doing something which I’m not sure what really was. You were playing with dirt and branches, talking nonsense like “Can u pass me the notebook” or “Give me back my ruler!” (He filmed a video of me writing things with my finger on the ground; mind you, I remember absolutely nothing about this)

I would have to get you up because other people were taking a walk as well… But you didn’t care too much so sometimes I had to be a bit forceful to move you around haha. At some point you decided you were done with playing with dirt. You then put your palms in front of yourself and held them up like you had a phone in them. When I asked what you were doing you replied “Well I’m playing Clash of Clans!” I wouldn’t really mind if u had the actual phone in your hands, but playing Clash of Clans and having plain hands was just too much for me… I died laughing.

[There’s a video of me browsing through my nonexistent phone and I actually really remember myself playing Clash of Clans multiple times. The thing is, I clearly remember having my phone in the hands with CoC app open, but R is sure I barely even had the phone in my hands, let alone opening the app at all! Even now, I remember searching for bases to attack (sorry if you never played the game, but you get the gist.) I was pressing the ‘next’ button and then eventually I decided to better see the loot the base had. I guess at that moment my brain couldn’t come up with such a perfect random number and the whole phone simply dissolved before my eyes. Strangely, I didn’t think much of it and went on with tripping randomly.

Another thing I even still clearly remember… at some point R decided to take my phone away for whatever reason (quite possibly because I kept dropping it on the ground; it seems holding things was still very hard.) Even though my phone was in R’s possession I remember clearly having the phone in my hands couple of times afterwards, browsing randomly, and even playing Clash of Clans again. R was convincing me that I really didn’t have my phone by showing me the actual phone in his hands.

This convincing took place many, many times… Sometimes I’d understand what he was trying to say and the phone would literally melt in my hands and disappear. This short moment of clarity would soon be gone and I’d start tripping again. Either looking at the ground, or browsing through my “phone” again. I also remember one interesting conversation me and R held. It went something like this.:

R: “Look! I bought a new phone” *shows me MY phone*
Me: “Oh, is it the new V5 version (I had an older one)
R: “No, it’s…-“
Me: *snatches the phone and looks at it from up close* “wooooow, the new version looks so good”

I talked with R afterwards about this exact conversation. He assured me he never ever said he bought a new phone and was telling me whole different things. So even though I was talking to him and all, I heard him say words he really didn’t say. I know R would not trip me like that, considering how wrecked I already was on its own.]

Back to R’s writing:
100m walk felt like 3km for me, and I must exclaim that I was not high! It literally took you 10 minutes to walk 10 meters. When we got to the middle of the riverbank you stopped again (14923rd time), sat down and started admiring how big a cookie is, which was really a plant (not some exotic plant, just regular grass, weed.) You tried to show me with your hands how it grows and shrinks. Short term memory wasn’t only bad but nonexistent! After 10 minutes of looking at the growing cookie-grass you started your Clashing again. I tried to put my hand on top of yours so you’ll see it’s empty since you did not believe me when I was telling you your hands were empty. Every time I clapped your hand, your face expression was unbearably funny, confused and devastated, but after a short while, you’d forget this and simply continue Clashing.

[I do not remember the cookie thing but I do remember trying to pull the grass out of the ground for whatever reason. The thing is, this plant I was trying to pull out was as high as my waist, or so I thought. I kept trying to grab it and pull it out, but in reality I was just grabbing empty space, there was no such grass. I remember the R’s confused look after which I realized “Oh, I’m tripping.” I even went as far as trying to explain to him that I can see tall grasses here but R just couldn’t understand me. Afterwards I jumped into tripping again. I don’t know what happened in between, probably some more random drawing on the ground, reading and clashing, but I have a vivid memory of myself squatting on the ground and picking grasses from it, this time really doing it. R was in the back yelling at me to start walking but I was all scared and concerned “I have to take my phone charger”
R asked me what in the world I was doing and I repeatedly yelled I was looking for the charger. After a while, even my drugged self realized the nonsense so I just stood up and moved on… until about a second later when I was probably back to wrecked]

R’s writing:
As time passed by, we finally got to the end of the riverbank. Now I thought things would get better, the high would wear off, but boy was I wrong. You started doing your Geography homework in mid-air and accused me of taking your ruler. You were more fucked up than by the riverbank which surprised me since usually drugs start to wear off 4-5 hours after use… But this shit was just getting stronger. Other people (our friends, T, W and Y) started coming which annoyed me a little bit because babysitting you myself was a challenge and not to mention how hard it was when other people joined. We were all sitting by the river and you were just doing your weird ass shit: playing with dirt as if it was a computer, clashing in the air, talking nonsense, putting imaginary headphones and jamming to nonexistent music. Eventually, Z arrived with her bike and we were all standing near you, watching, talking and babysitting.

[So these guys are all talking and what not while I’m near them, squatting and tripping as hell… All of a sudden I look up and say “Wait, it’s masquerade today?! Were we all supposed to come?”
They all burst out laughing but I don’t seem to mind, I probably forget it in an instant. Mind you, they were not talking to me in any way, who knows what the hell did I hear and how did I hear to respond such a stupidity.

I was also supposed to have a driving lesson that day. They took my phone and were about to cancel it by sending a message to my instructor. I tried to assure them I can surely drive:
-“No, no, I’m going to take the lesson!”
-“Look dude, you took Datura and you are tripping hard. There is no way you could drive now!”
-“………………. Wait, weren’t we talking about Yu-Gi-Oh Cards?”
Clearly there was no way I could drive, I couldn’t even follow a conversation. And no, there was no talk about Yu-Gi-Oh cards either!

Another thing I clearly remember is calling my dad on the phone to pick me up for whatever reason; in reality, my phone was at R’s possesion and I never made that call. Interestingly, I really do recall putting a phone on my ear and hearing my dad’s voice and him saying he’d pick me up. I can’t stress enough how real the call was for me, even now I can remember it.]

Then all out of sudden you were sure your dad would pick you up by the bank nearby, so you started running away from us.
Me and T started following you and later on Z joined too, I was riding a bicycle while T was running. You were running away from us, in full panic mode. You stopped in front of the bank and lied on the ground. At this time the classes were over and all kids were going home from school, or in the school while you were lying on the floor… I got you up and told you we need to move away from the crowd which didn’t concern you much. You were talking nonsense again about how you are at the bus station and waiting for your dad to pick you up. You didn’t even realize you were drugged, that is probably the charm of delusional drugs. Being drugged and not realizing you are under the drug’s influence. We managed to get you back by the river (safe place) but a minimum of 10 times you started running away from us and back to wait for your dad, or for the bus, I’m not even sure anymore, and neither were you

(At some point I asked R to give me my phone back because I liked having it on me and I felt empty without it. This was in a short-lived moment of clarity. Afterwards I continued tripping as hard as before.)

One of these times while chasing you, I was running through the town center where our class mistress was sitting in a café. I awkwardly said “Hi” and continued chasing you down. You were dropping your phone many times on the ground and I just took it from you so it doesn’t get cracked.

(A random friend from my class told me that at some point while he was going home from school I approached him, pointed him the back of my phone and said:
“They…………. They put computer chips in here” and just walked away. I remember none of this)

While in your haste you ran through 2 police officers into some random building. At this moment I thought “Now we are fucked” but as fast as you ran into the building even faster you ran out of it. police officers didn’t seem to care though. [I still can’t believe this happened]
Somehow we managed to make you understand your dad should’ve picked you yesterday at the bank (we needed to show you the empty call log every time you started switching to reality from imagionationland) and you started realizing you are hardcore tripping. [I couldn’t understand how this was possible since I clearly remember hearing my dad’s voice]
I think you were coming down a little bit. From now on only delusions you had were that you were reading words wrong. On my phone case stood “Keep Calm And Die Anyway, Marlboro Smooth 100’s” and you were trying to read it but it all came out of as a nonsense and every time I put my hand in front of the case and moved it you were reading something different.

Back to my recollection:
Eventually we decided to take a long walk and make our way to Z’s house as we intended in the beginning. At this time, I was switching back from tripping to normal more often. Couple of times I again remembered I had called my dad and tried to run back to the bank so R and Z had to reassure and convince me again and again that it never happened. Z had to hold me under her arm so I wouldn’t wander away constantly. We made a stop at a bakery and R asked me if I wanted anything. At this moment I totally forgot I had tripped on Datura and just thought I was extremely high. I told him to buy me a shitload of food which in the end I never even ate. I don’t remember much after we first came to Z’s. They said at one moment they’d ask me how I was and I’d reply I’m totally fine and normal. The next moment I’d draw things in the air like there was a whiteboard in front of me. This went on and on for a couple of hours until I completely regained senses.

I’d say I completely ‘woke up’ at around 17:30, exactly 9 hours since ingestion. R and Z were smoking a bowl. Again, completely forgetting I took Datura, I asked them to pass it. They seemed reluctant and asked me if I was sure I wanted it. This confused me a bit but eventually I came to remember why it was better not to. We decided to watch a movie. At this moment I think they were still not sure whether or not I was back to normal. They kept asking me questions, which really weirded me out. I kept repeating I’m fine, but I could see they are a bit suspicious. Looking back at it now, I’d probably answer I’m fine every single time someone asked me how I was. But then I’d return to delirium and it was pretty clear I was not fine at all. So it’s only justified that I was constantly asked these questions, even though I thought it was weird. Keep in mind, the only things my sane mind could remember were these moments, but I didn’t remember any of the crazy shit that happened afterwards while tripping. I think all future trippers and sitters should keep this in mind.

The only thing that was not fine at this point was my vision. My pupils were STILL dilated and I couldn’t see anything on my phone. Seeing long distance was fine, I could even read the subtitles in the movie clearly. But seeing close distance was impossible. Words on my phone would morph and were extremely blurry. I could read absolutely nothing. After the movie was over I talked some while with R and Z. For some reason, I was fully sure the tripping had happened the day before. They reminded me it was indeed today and we continued on.

I received a call on my phone from W. He said him and Q (same guys who made the tea) now increased their dosage. W (a bulkier, larger guy) took 1 shot glass while Q (a shorter, skinnier guy) took 1 and a half shot glasses. They were waiting for the effects to come up.

Eventually I went home, with the only side effect being not able to see. I tried increasing the font on my phone but that barely helped. I was genuinely scared for my vision but thought things would return to normal after the sizes of my pupils normalize as well. And indeed, after I woke up I’d say my vision was 95% back to normal, by the end of the day it was as fine as before tripping.

W and Q also had a blast tripping. W (only 1 shot glass) said he pleasantly liked the high, comparing it to “10 bong rips.” On the other hand, Q (1,5 shot glasses) had a trip similar to mine. Exactly like me, he remembers almost nothing and he did weird shit funny to everyone around him.

In the beginning, Q said the door of the room was somehow morphing into the floor W tried to make him drink water and gave him a glass. Q held it for a moment and then spilled it on the floor.

After tripping for a while indoors, they decided to go outside for a walk. Q was unable to put his socks on and constantly kept forgetting they were to go outside. W found this extremely funny but this all meant he had to babysit Q.
At one moment, he yelled “let’s go outside!” to which Q replied “let me just find my friend T” and he started looking for him in the ashtray!

There was a blanket on the couch in the room and Q randomly started hitting it and laughing. When asked, he said he was hitting a random friend of his and continued laughing.

This and many more things happened, but much is lost in the second-hand storytelling. (((((((((((sorry ‘bout that btw, but the story seems too appropriate not to include it as well))))))))))

Q was in the end brought to his house still tripping hard. W had to physically push him (like R pushed me!) because Q kept getting distracted by absolutely nothing on the road. He went to his bed and watched TV for a while until he realized it was off. He went to bed and woke up with pajama bottoms pants on his arms, remembering barely anything of the evening before, just like I.

In conclusion, Datura is not really worth it all that much. After it is all done, you remember ABSOLUTELY nothing. I did have a handful of moments in which I was being present and did see what was around me but these were way, way too short for me to fully understand how serious the trip was; All other times I had absolutely no clue what was happening around me. This is similar to being blackout drunk and in the morning not remembering it. But I didn’t feel nauseous and sick as I would on alcohol, and the time spent in this state was much more longer (full 9 hours, compared to maybe 2 hours in total blackness of the alcohol!) and there were too few clarity moments. However, the huge differences between drunkness on alcohol and the one on Datura are very, very, very confusing visual hallucinations, bad perceptions of EVERYTHING around you, and absolutely not understanding what is happening (on an unimaginable level.) Whatever I would see visually could be interpreted in any way possible. And anything my drugged ‘brain’ could come up with was interpreted as truth. I could in no way MYSELF interpret the information around me. My brain was tricked and so was myself. I was locked inside my mind and I'd see so many nonexistent things (grasses, cookies, phones, coins) and even hear them as well.

The Datura would be much more interesting if I could only remember more of the trip, but because it leaves me senseless, it is pretty much impossible.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever take Datura again, the risks just seem too high for something I will not even remember afterwards. I did say though, If I ever do it again I’ll want my closest friends around in a closed environment, and I’ll want the whole trip to be filmed so that I can at least have something to remember. And I would definitely opt for the dermal absorption.


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