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A Great Ape Truly Realized
by C & M
Citation:   C & M. "A Great Ape Truly Realized: An Experience with ALD-52 (exp112345)". Erowid.org. Sep 22, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112345

125 mg oral ALD-52 (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: The term "acid" has been used as a common name for d-LSD since the 1960s. Although confusion associated with newer psychoactive substances has lead some people to use the term "acid" to refer to anything LSD-like or anything psychedelic on blotter or sold in drops, we believe this represents an error and not a useful evolution in language.]

The acid day started as I hope everyone's should: wake up early, a light breakfast, and a hard workout with my tripping partner. Followed by the purchasing of the food items required for the day and setting off for the journey that lays ahead of us.

At exactly 1:00pm H and I consumed 125ug ALD-52 (equivalent to 106ug LSD-25) on blank blotter tab while walking back to H’s house from the grocery store. A short post-workout meal at H’s house and both of us set out for the woods, nervous for the journey set a head of us. Entering the forest trail which connects “the towns” field to The park, both H and I were enamored by the strength and intensity of the onset for which we were both presented with. It had only been 30 min since the consumption of the tab and already the two of us were experiencing intense lysergic bodily sensations, mild laughter, and a feeling of discomfort for the adventure we had locked ourselves into. We sat on a bench by a quiet creek anxiously awaiting what tails we would bring back from such an experience.

The visual come up was fast and sweet, accompanied by fits of deep laughter the likes of which had not been present for a long time previous. Moving from the bench further into the forest path I took a step off to observe the telltale signs of visual hallucinations appearing on a fallen stump, H took this moment to squat which I interpreted as us sitting down. From my seat I attempted to open and eat a piece of fruit from the package I had purchased earlier in the day, mangos and strawberries, the fruit tastes sour and electric, but the real trick was the attempt to put the containers lid back in place which was proving to be difficult as the drug had already rendered my co-ordination to that of a toddler's, finally attaching the lid back on its container I inadvertently moved my head in such a way that the sunglasses on top of my head fell off backwards sending me into a uproar of laughter. The adventure had truly begun.

The peak of the substance was more miraculous and visual than I had ever imagined. As H and I left the forest path and headed on our way to The park we both noted a distinct alteration of the conscious atmosphere transitioning from forest to sidewalk, it was as though a veil was lifted and many more things could jump forward to satisfy my visual curiosity of the world. Crossing the street and nearing the park our visual field became immersed in more and more new dancing patterns and fractals of an ancient origin. Finally arriving on the field, H and I were rendered incredibly incapacitated with nothing to do but observe the intense overlay masking our visual field, laying on the grass and looking up at the clouds I witnessed a swirling as though the sky was alive and moving, visions of fish, sharks, and fantastic sea monsters made their home in the now twisting and morphing clouds of this beautiful day. Staring off into the distant skies I watched in amazement as the clouds replicated themselves, regressing to infinity all while dancing and morphing in unison. At this point the grass too had come alive, each blade of grass was outlined with a colourful triangular fractal dancing and growing off its sides. The trees surrounding the park swayed and danced as their branches twisted and morphed into animal faces before transitioning into the geometric patterns of a mathematician’s dreams. The patterns and visual hallucinations of this lysergic world all took on a mathematical, sharp, and endlessly flowing appearance; visual repetitions and mirroring was a common theme, with all the hallucinations most apparent in the clouds.

A great ape truly realized. It was at this moment, under the ocean of the sky, between the mathematical grass, and dancing trees which the trips most common idea was presented to me. Looking to my right I stretched my arm outwards fingers spread, but no longer was this arm my arm, what I was looking at was the paw of a monkey. My mind raced with the exhilarating reality which I was already familiar with, humans are descendants of great apes, and as such we look like apes. From our day to day life we forget how animalistic we truly look, but in this moment, I was free to see the fantastic bipedal beings which roam this earth as well as myself as a product of nature, complex and flawed in all its beauty. From this moment I felt as though the concept of perfection in both the physical and psychological sense was a ridiculous position to ascertain, the imperfections we experience in our minds and bodies are simply the product of an imperfect reality, as such and dwelling on such things is a meaningless practice which will only slow us down.

Left in disbelief of the inner world my mind was creating. I witnessed an endless stream of images, mother holding a child, the child holding their own child, as the scene gently drifted to the right each character grew older as though to represent the endless cycle of generations. At a point during the same imagery my mind conjured up the image of a classical grim reaper holding a metal scythe, possibly because of the euphoric nature of the compounds or possibly because the image generated held meaning, the entire scene was a comforting reminder that our time is but a single story in the magnitude of generations who have walked before us and of those who will walk once we are long gone. Opening my eyes from the internal world H and I decided to embark back down from The park to “the towns” field, we found that once again the spatial transition from field to street was accompanied by a distinct alternation in the headspace and overarching nature of thought. Deciding to take the same forest trail down as we took to get up we re-entered the narrow path, overgrown with huckleberry bushes, back past the bench where we initially sat, both H and I discussed how quickly and intensely the drug had captured our minds just hours before. Leaving this trail, we were met with a looming dark cloud in the skies to our right, possibly because of the drugs associative power or by pure coincidence the music playing on my portable speaker (playing shpongle) became a dark and sinister soundtrack to this looming storm cloud.

Nearing the field H spotted a small bench sitting just off the road, we both agreed to take a seat; pulling out my phone with the intention of changing the soundtrack I was met with one of the most captivating visual features of the entire experience, all the icons on my screen danced and bobbed as though they were each floating, distracted with photographs I quickly forgot that my goal was to change songs and instead watched the clouds in pictures I had taken the day before morph and dance as though I was watching a video and not a still image.

Mesmerised by the twisting chaotic mountainscape. Arriving at the field after what felt like hours of walking, H and I decided to take a seat at the swings behind “the towns” elementary school. The swings felt not much different from how they normally would, and the wood chip ground cover of the playground was surprisingly absent of any significant visual hallucinations. Looking up from the ground my vision locked upon the incredible mountainscape looming in the distance. Beautiful sculptures erupting in dancing and swaying trees, silhouetted by violently morphing clouds which were suspended just above. I was simply awestruck; never before had I been presented with such a vast array of visual stimuli. From the swings H and I embarked back towards my tripping companions house to use the washroom and collect ourselves, the drugs peak was over now and we were gradually regaining our cognitive capacity. Arriving at the house I went to the washroom only to find the same strange monkey staring back at me in the mirror, in that moment I was aware of how every slight muscle affected my posture, followed by watching every object and line in the small room bounce and morph. Finishing with the strange small room we humans spend so much time in I returned to the lower level of the house, with the lights off my mind raced to fill every painting with warping creatures, and melting paint strokes, the shadows cast by the little light present jumped from side to side, and the popcorn ceiling drew images of long forgotten cultures. We headed out once again to get watch the world dance a little longer before darkness fell. We walked back to “the towns” field only this time we decided to sit on the grass, toss the football, and stare at the slowly diminishing cloud visuals. Before long the two of us were only experiencing a tiredness from the onslaught of stimuli and a mild discomfort in the body.

Wrapping up the night with a little help from my friends. As the days light weaned, H and I headed back to his house once again to wait for the arrival of our friends. One by one our friends arrive and joined us in the festivities of relaxing on the deck and chatting about the adventures which the last 8 hours had presented to us. At 10:30pm I departed Hs house and headed home with the afterglow of such an introspective and positive trip upon me. While not a classically productive day, LSD sure is a good way to spend 500 years in an afternoon.

(END NOTES): During the course of the adventure H and I would occasionally say something such as “this was fun” as if the experience had already ended only to be thrown right back into the psychedelia. I would say “it’s so sneaky” followed by copious fits of laughter as the word “sneaky” seemed to always be funny.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112345
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 22, 2018Views: 774
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ALD-52 (748) : Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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