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Everything Felt Integrated
2C-B & LSD
by Mujo Lila
Citation:   Mujo Lila. "Everything Felt Integrated: An Experience with 2C-B & LSD (exp112271)". Erowid.org. Aug 31, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112271

30-40 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  4 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


This report is a summary of my first experience combining LSD and 2C-B.

LSD is definitely my drug of choice. I've used it over 100 times, with positive results almost every time. It also works wonders for my borderline personality disorder, scaling the symptoms back until I hardly notice them at all (I usually take 3-4 hits every 2 weeks). In the past, I've only ever combined it with MDMA or cannabis, and these days those substances aren't really my jam.

I've had 2C-B three times prior to this experience, once orally (20 mg), once nasally (12 mg), and once both (30 mg, with two bumps of unknown quantity after the peak). My experience of 2C-B was very different from my friends' descriptions of it (dose may be a factor here). They talked about mind blowing euphoria and incredible visuals. I have yet to experience either. At first, I wrote 2C-B off as underwhelming, but I've come to see it more as subtle. I experience a deepening of colors similar to mescaline, and an openness, confidence, and loss of inhibition similar to MDMA. However, I experience a great deal of anxiety, evasiveness, dishonesty, and general inauthenticity on MDMA, and experience none of that on 2C-B. With 2C-B, I find myself to be compassionate with myself and curious about my emotions. I also have found 2C-B to be much more comfortable at concerts or large gatherings than MDMA, giving me opportunities to appreciate the nuances and nature of my social anxieties in a different, more compassionate, light.

The day of the experience, I'm alone in my rural cabin. I've been having a long term issue with an incredibly persistent poison ivy rash, and I'm slathering my body with medication, but the poison ivy medicine has no impact on the trip. I'm taking no other medication. I set the following intentions for the trip: 1. To understand my own misanthropy and find a way to forgive human beings for being dicks. 2. To understand what best I have to offer the world. 3. Music was once one of my greatest passions. I haven't been playing much, and I want to know where to go from here.

I'm feeling nervous about the trip, since I don't know how the two drugs will interact. Specifically, I don't know if they'll have a synergy that pushes me into an unusually powerful psychedelic state. My hand is shaking as I pour the 40 mg of 2C-B out of the baggie and onto a piece of paper, and I end up spilling a bunch of it and having to get it off the floor. I don't know how much I lost. So, the dose was probably somewhere between 30-40 mg. I put it in my mouth with four tabs of average potency LSD blotter. I do a small grounding ritual, burning sage and paulo santo, and I start putting together a music playlist. The LSD starts coming on quickly. I can feel strong alerts at 20 minutes. Oral 2C-B gives me weird indigestion feelings, and those start coming on at 30 minutes, though it's definitely background noise compared to the LSD. I set an alarm for the playlist, and sit down to meditate.

75 minutes after dosing, I feel myself peaking. As is typical of my LSD peaks, I find myself in a sort of CEV movie, experiencing archetypal human events from a transpersonal perspective. I'm not thinking as Mujo Lila anymore, in fact, my ego's dissolved enough that he's an afterthought. The movie almost feels like a trailer for the human race (violence, suspense, sex, drama, etc). Nothing particularly insightful here, though it's pretty cool. After about twenty or thirty minutes of that, Mujo comes back, and I get off my meditation seat to do some yoga.

About 2 hours after dosing, I start having a cosmic experience, downloading the purpose and history of organic life on the planet Earth. Whoa. This is new. It seems as though I'm communicating directly with an interdimensional being whose job it is to program and optimize organisms in this world. He (it?) very enthusiastically shares with me the story of organic life and what we're used for (some kind of large scale intergalactic data storage. Apparently, organic data storage is to their dimension what microprocessing is to ours). I have no idea how seriously to take all this, because drugs.
I have no idea how seriously to take all this, because drugs.
But I am offered some compelling explanations for the nature of the human psyche, and the importance of forgiveness, love, and compassion. This interaction coincides with the album Fairchildren by Ott in the playlist, and as it ends, it seems like the communication is ending too, so I start the album over, and the communication keeps going. This takes care of intention number 1.

The whole interaction lasts about 90 minutes. Fairchildren ends for a second time, and I let the playlist continue. The trip moves immediately into its next stage, and I start thinking about a fantasy novel I've been working on (I'm 40 chapters deep on the first draft). I'm witnessing the arc of one of the characters, and I realize that it doesn't go where I initially thought it did. Instead of going to the misanthropic place I had originally intended, her trajectory shifts gears towards forgiveness and rebirth (with a sudden flood of CEVs to go with it). I realize that this change ripples throughout the entire world of the novel, changing the entire ending of the book. It feels like a missing piece has fallen into place, and suddenly all the themes and character arcs of the book make perfect sense. I stew on this for about 20-30 minutes, thinking about how I can best engineer this book to inspire people towards forgiveness. I think about how writing is my greatest talent, and how to use it for the good of other humans. This takes care of intention number 2.

4 hours after dosing, I start thinking about music. I realize that I have at least two dozen unfinished recordings on my hard drive, and that I ought to finish and perfect these tracks before moving on to new things. I don't need to learn a new instrument or a new genre. I need to work on what I already do well. I pick a song with a good hook that needs more development and work on it for a while, adding a good bass line. This takes care of intention number 3.

5.5 hours after dosing, I'm still hung up on the CEVs from a couple hours ago, and I get out a big sheet of paper and start laying the groundwork for some art. It's a little tricky, because my hands tend to shake when tripping on LSD, but it's all just pencil and outlines at this point anyway. I'm feeling very inspired / determined, and work for about 90 minutes, leaving some strong foundations that I can come back to later. I can tell already that this is going to be one of the most elaborate pieces I've ever made, and that's exciting. As I'm working, I can't help but notice how lucid I feel. I joke to myself that I could talk to my congressman and my pastor (I don't actually have a pastor) in this mental state. But the more I think about it, the less true that probably actually is.

At the 8 hour mark, I round a bend, and the trip comes down substantially.
At the 8 hour mark, I round a bend, and the trip comes down substantially.
I felt sober an hour or two ago, but now I actually am sobering up. I'm not sure what to make of that. 2C-B seems to impart much more lucidity and clarity than LSD. I don't feel like I'm tripping, but I'm still definitely tripping, definitely altered. It's a subtle distinction. Words fail me.

I spend the rest of the day relaxing, eating, and dancing. Music appreciation is very high. The better the musicians, the more I enjoy the music. I feel every note in my body, feel exhilarated listening to a great solo or a great fill, playing air guitar or air drums, and having trouble sitting still. I do a qi gong session about 11 or 12 hours after dosing, then go take a shower. I go to bed about seventeen hours after dosing, and sleep for about 6 hours, feeling a solid afterglow in the morning. I'm tired and hungry all day, and after eating a couple small meals, spend the rest of the day in bed. Sleeping feels good. I don't feel lazy, I feel like I'm integrating in a healthy manner.

Some thoughts:

LSD definitely dominated the experience, but the 2C-B still added quite a bit. I often have big cosmic downloads on LSD, and transpersonal experiences conveying piecemeal information on the nature and origin of human behaviors, but this went much farther than usual. So much of what I experience on LSD verges on the nonsensical, like my brain is trying to process way more than it can usually comprehend. 2C-B took all that cosmic cerebral energy and grounded it in the heart. The virtues of compassion and forgiveness made real, heartfelt sense to me. I felt like my processing power was dramatically enhanced. Instead of the usual LSD mania where my thoughts get carried away with themselves all over the place, all of my thinking was clear, lucid, and grounded (yet still cosmic and transpersonal). The emphasis was less on sheer quantity of knowledge downloaded, and more on how that knowledge could be integrated.

I expected amazing visuals, and did not really get them. The LSD visuals remained dominant. 2C-B did take some of the edge off of the body load (LSD makes my shoulders feel like they're stapled to my ears sometimes). Stretching was very easy and felt incredible. Music appreciation was classic LSD, but the 2C-B added an extra layer of joy to the music.

I was also impressed that all three of my intentions were addressed. Sometimes I set an intention for a trip, but once it starts, the trip goes in a completely different direction. This time, not only were all my intentions addressed, but in order of importance. Neat!

On its own, 2C-B is not a psychedelic that blows me away, like LSD or DMT. But combined with LSD, I felt it brought something to the table that was sorely lacking. LSD can be so cerebral and abstract that I have trouble integrating it into every day life. But with 2C-B in the mix, everything felt integrated before the trip was even over. 2C-B is a grounding earth element next to the far-out air element of LSD. Far superior to candy-flipping. I would definitely try this combination again.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112271
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Aug 31, 2018Views: 6,287
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2C-B (52), LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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