I Was Missing School More and More
MDMA (Ecstasy)
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  repeated oral MDMA
Life on Ectasy

My name is Jon 'Kush'... Well, thats not my last name, but anyone who knows me would recognize the name. I am approximately 5'6' and weigh about 155 pounds... I graduated from High School in FL, and with the help of grants, scholarships (my witts ofcourse), and financial aide, I left my belongings and headed out to University of Florida. Anyway, enough about my lovely life, lets begin the story.

My experiences of drugs tends to fall into a deeper whole than most people seem to get into. I started, as most people did, with the occassional pot smoking and such. As time grew, so did my mind. I wanted to experience other things, I wanted to see visions. I grew out of marijuana and into other things, such as pain killers, antidepressants, acid, speed, etc. Furthermore, I ran into a newly found roommate we, as the new generation, prefer to call 'X'.

As I started, the drug had its amazingly good upsides. It was the love drug of the 1998's... I made love on ectasy, I rejoiced with friends on ectasy, and I experienced a world I never belonged to in the first place.
I experienced a world I never belonged to in the first place.
I was a freshman in high school at the time. As school proceeded, I realized that with every drug comes a term called 'tolerance'... Soon, I was up to almost 5 pills a night, 2 nights a weekend... Take into account I was also working 30 hours a week and schooling, this is quite alot for the body to handle. I was taken out of the world of 'real' life and brought into an imaginary vision of lights and laughter and hatred of sunshine. I got cranky. I missed school. I slept over work. I remained close with my 'newfound' X -headed friends, and lost touch with those who cared for me. Gosh, I turned into a full-blown addict.

Well, this lasted for almost a year and a half. I remember looking back and picturing myself laying flat out phreaked out of my mind on a curb outside of a distinct late-night Miami based club, only wishing to die at the time. It was terrible. Well, as life gave its way, so did my morals. I decided to start selling ectasy. Hay, take the profit and use it for more drugs...isn't that the american way? Wrong move. I attempted to touch an area that no human should ever step into place. There was a point in my life where everyday consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, going out and selling ectasy to every single candyhead in the area. I was missing school more and more and losing touch with my family and friends. I lost a year and a half out of my life on a pill that was supposed to 'enhance everything'. Then, one night... On a routine 'trip,' I was unaware that it is true that police do track down teenagers...Yes, for all of you listening, teenagers are not invincible. I was arrested for Drug Trafficking to the 1st Degree. I, being 17, was charged on an adult Felony Account for Drug Trafficking, and at the precise time looking for up to 30 yrs imprisonment. 30 yrs and you attend UF-- doesnt match..

Well, after plea bargains and arraingments, I was sent to a house for assistance. I was detoxed for 48 hrs and sent to prison for 2 days. I was arranged for 1 yr of 8 weekly hour sessions (2 a day) on drug intoxication, etc. Requirements: 3 times a week urinalysis and a measly check to the Broward Sheriff's Office. Well, look like this great pill turned me into a great tragedy. Eventually, I was acquited and sent off for good term.

One year later, and I am still affected. I have been seeing a psychologist for over a year now on my own personal basis, my attitude is ruined, and I am constantly thinking about X...
my attitude is ruined, and I am constantly thinking about X...
To make matters worse, you ask, Would I do it again... Yes...

I have goals, I have dreams. I will never be able to attain them. Look at this note as an experience of good times that led to terrible outcomes. Ectasy is my skeleton, a skeleton I wish I never encountered.

Exp Year: 1998-1999ExpID: 11226
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Oct 14, 2019Views: 1,274
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