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Stress Testing My Body's Capability
Citation:   thisisscience. "Stress Testing My Body's Capability: An Experience with 25B-NBOH (exp112186)". Aug 3, 2018.

500 ug IV 25B-NBOH (liquid)
Let me start this off by saying this is a beautiful chemical. As with any other chemical treat it with respect and it will pay you back with consistent enjoyable effects.

I started my research on this compound, 500ug sublingual

For me, not much to write home about. Body load didn't outweigh the visual and mental payoffs. But this didn't lead to dismissal, yet more investigation.

Then proceeded to 1mg sublingual, still much left to be desired.

I then waited two days, intentionally leaving residual tolerance for my next foray. Intramuscular has some documentation.

500ug intramuscular. Now this is where I begin to see the personal value of this chem. Much less body load, in terms of heart rate, core temp, and forced physical stimulation. Also to be noted, the visuals are of a totally different spectrum now, as opposed to sublingual roa.

Proceeding from here along a timeline playing with various doses and tolerance levels ranging 3.0 mg intramuscular with 2 day tolerance to 1.5mg intramuscular 0 zero tolerance.

To the buildup of the end goal: What will this drug unlock, when I allow it 100% bioavailability?

This day, unfortunately I didn't document the exact day because it was rather unremarkable at the time, I had run my body through a regimen to see what it would put up with in terms of the toxicity of the chemical itself.
*NOTE HERE* Very risky behavior considering the lack of clinical testing done with this chemical.

About 11AM, 500ug intramuscular. Go about days events.

2pm 1mg intramuscular. Recurring effects, but obviously not as intense or profound.

4pm 1mg intramuscular. Stress testing my body's capability to handle the chemical.
7pm 250ug intravenous. Unremarkable.

That leads us to today. 120mg 25b-nboh renowned and verified source. Said 120mg then dissolved in 6ml ethanol, thus providing 20mg/ml. From that I set aside half of that to make blotters with later on, but then went to dilute the other 3ml with distilled water down to 10mg/ml, for my own scientific purposes. Then I draw up 500ug, access vein, and administer.
I draw up 500ug, access vein, and administer.

This is where things get weird. Any other psychedelic that I have administered IV, 4-aco-dmt, 4-ho-met, 4-aco-mipt... All of these had full visual experience before I was done administering the dose.

This was different. I had time to come to the conclusion that by iv intake we may skip an important metabolism step, and I have time to load another 125ug, and then look around as I start to notice the familiar hints of the intramuscular doses I was used to, so then came to the conclusion a booster was unneeded. Visuals continued to intensify to ways I hadn't seen this chemical show before. I was excited, and messaged my dear friend at 7:22 'this is gonna be a good one'.

This was my last contact with outside reality until approximately 9:22 when first contact was made with the same person, and myself being a wholly new emotional being, but that's the uninteresting part. The meat between the bread is always the tastiest.

It was when I recognized the start of ego death that I realized this was my chance at an attempt to abort. Frantic scramble lead me to my emergency stash of 4mg klonopin immediately ingested. It was from here I realized I should be concerned of my vitals, and then realized I had no concept of how to record them.
I realized I should be concerned of my vitals, and then realized I had no concept of how to record them.
I then scrambled for my phone to try to request backup from a friend. More benzos, check my vitals.

And then.. For the life of me I couldn't determine what would be most convenient for her as a platform for me to request help? Should I SMS? Whatsapp? Facebook? This that the other? Apparently I decided on sms which made it as far as 'please bring benzo' and never got sent.

Rational thought took hold for the most fleeting of moments and acknowledged if I was still alive after I had the time to debate what would be at best convenience for my backup request instead of just demanding urgent help, well, I'm gonna live this one. Don't fight the drug. Lets see where we go.

It was at this point I was subjected to a paradoxical self-contained time-verse where, since there was no reference of time, that meant there was no beginning of time and therefore no end of time which logically meant eternity. So after letting the drug have its way with me where I was trapped in a state of rotating disambiguity of revolving situations that all needed answers to which none of them could be answered since I have lost all concept of communication or what that means aside from inner dialog. Any thought meant to be recieved by myself was perfectly coherent. However, it was unfathomable how I could possibly relay these thoughts to any other sentient beings without it sounding like 'whizzlefart whabbleganoosh'

This carries on for percieved eternities until I start to make connections taken from past experiences that I have to find ways to relate anchor points to relative reality to stop the thought loops and regain some sort of form of structure and reference to define as 'reality'. I realize I can in fact make sense of my physical being, and my physical boundaries and surroundings. Then I also realize I hear EVERYTHING, when there is nothing to hear. Now if I can find a way to dig through these layers of intense whimsical visuals that have no reference to tactile reality, I then rely on muscle memory to navigate my pc and use keyboard shortcuts to resume what was last playing.


Great. Anyone who has been in a psychedelic experience this deep knows what I knew when I heard this. We're gonna be here for a while because there's an entire story to be played out here.

Countless eternities pass of enduring daft punks countless stories until I familiarize myself with this strange new fully immersive windows 10 heads up display which is controlled by appendages that I didn't know I had controling devices strangely familiar to me (thank you, qwrety keyboard and muscle memory) instinct took over as I alt tabbed to the browser somehow managed to browse to youtube and cue up miss k8 and angerfist bogota. Now, I had audio and visual cues that I knew coincided with a real tangible world. Something about this song made me realize something was still missing.

It was my friend Shay. By golly, that's the aforementioned person I messaged at 7:44, and then at 9:22 when I managed to put reality and time back together.

Here I am now 3:36 am and visuals are still 100% astounding, uncomparable to any other psychedelic I have ever had. Everything is in motion, and yet it all has its own neon colorful flashes, almost as though I'm underwater looking up on a sunny day.

Maybe the next zero tolerance plunge will be 250ug

Dare to investigate the uninvestigated, but do so knowing the risk you take, and leave no informtaion regarded as useless. There will always be a use for it later. Only we get to investigate the inner levels of our own psyche that are otherwise unobtainable. I took from today's experience so much about myself that I had never known before.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112186
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Aug 3, 2018Views: 3,078
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25B-NBOH (614) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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