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A Weird and Long Trip
MDMA & Unknown (blotter)
by Mouette
Citation:   Mouette. "A Weird and Long Trip: An Experience with MDMA & Unknown (blotter) (exp112130)". Aug 27, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA  
  T+ 2:30 1 hit oral Unknown (blotter / tab)


My friend Rosa and me decided to go to a rave with a guy she was casually dating (Eric) and his roommate (Deb). I bought some MDMA for Rosa and me and Eric bought some psychedelics for us that he presented like so: 'I don't know what it is, my dealer told me that it was mescaline but it's impossible to put mescaline on a tab. So I don't know what's exactly on it, but it's some sort of psychedelics. Wanna try?' I agreed, since I've already tried LSD a few times before and I loved it.

Rosa and me popped one MDMA pill each (11:30 pm) on the way to the rave. We arrived at midnight and I just loved the colors and the psychedelic paintings on the walls. I felt the usual MDMA euphoria and low hallucinations, like bright colors and fuzzy contours. I was very thirsty and I must have bought 6 or 7 water bottles during the whole night. I danced and enjoyed myself, it was amazing. We just danced for about 2 hours, then we decided that we could take the mysterious tabs, because our MDMA high started to get weaker
we decided that we could take the mysterious tabs, because our MDMA high started to get weaker

So at around 2 AM, everyone (Rosa, Eric, Deb and me) took one tab each. Eric and Deb didn't take anything else, they were sober the whole time before we all took the tabs. After around 45 minutes, Rosa was super high, but I wasn't feeling anything. She had a freaking orgasm by listening to the music, she had several during the night. My buzz kicked in after about 3 hours, so it was now 5 AM. Rosa and I looked at a painting of a siren and we would both see her dancing and inviting us to her world. Rosa and I couldn't talk much because of the loud music, but I think that we were thinking the same thing: how can we accept her invitation and join her? I never figured it out. I tried to orgasm with the music like Rosa was, she told me to try to make one with it. I did make one with the music and it was a surreal experience, but I didn't cum.

At one point, Rosa felt exhausted (probably from all of the orgasms) and decided to sit with Eric for a while. I decided to keep dancing and a guy came to talk to me. He asked me if I wanted to smoke some weed with him and I agreed because I wanted some. I didn't realise that he was actually trying to flirt with me. We went outside and smoked some, he talked to me a lot about his personal life, how his mother died and he showed me a tattoo of her that he had on his arm. He then talked to me about how the eyes can say a lot about someone and he took off his glasses to show me. That when it hit me: I've seen him in a reality show. It's a show where 5 people receive the other participants for dinner and they rate each other. Anyway, I realized that I shouldn't have accepted his invitation to follow him if I wasn't into him because he tried to kiss me and I said I couldn't and found an excuse to go back inside.

It was now around 5:30 and I told Rosa that I needed to go because I was working in less than 7 hours. Smart to take a tab before working, right? (it's not) The rest of the gang decided to follow me outside to show me where to head towards the subway. While we were waiting in line to get out, I was talking with Rosa and Eric and Deb were behind us. I turned around and I saw Eric and Deb kissing. I was like 'What the fuck?', but they looked at me smiling, not as they just got caught, so I thought I must have been hallucinating.

I walked alone on the street and I saw a couple in front of me. I noticed that they were often turning around to look at me, then the girl said 'Oh no she's still following us!' And I realized how I must have been looking. I was walking like a drunk person, but I had my hair covering my eyes and my head down because the light from the light poles were hurting my eyes. I thought it was funny that I was scaring them, so I walked faster towards them and they just ran away.

I entered in the subway and I didn't realise that there would be more than 5-6 people on it with me, because some people were going to work. It was funny to feel like an outsider. Normally when you take the public transports at 3 AM, you're not the only one fucked up and it's not unusual. But at 6 AM, you're the weirdo. I didn't care though, it was just funny. I looked through the window and I saw lights fuzzing, it was beautiful.

I finally got home at 7:00 AM and I slept until 11:00 AM. When I woke up, I was still very high, but I thought I just had to face what I did and go to work. Half an hour later, I was walking to the bus stop, I was 10 minutes early. 15 minutes later, the bus still wasn't there yet, so I looked on the transport company app to see where the bus was. It had already passed and I missed it, I didn't understand why. I figured that if I couldn't understand how to take the bus, I couldn't operate a cash register and I didn't want to do stupid things like giving back 200$ to a customer for his change. I didn't feel like calling work to tell them I won't be there because I was scared that they would tell me to get my ass there, so I just walked back home.

It was now noon and I was in my bedroom, I turned on the tv and it was a documentary about a man who has a condition that makes him ugly. I thought it was so sad and I managed to put myself in his shoes. It made me down, so I decided to do something else. I was really sweaty and gross, so I took a shower. I felt like my skin was super thick and I had goosebumps, it was weird but the shower still felt good.

I watched TV for the rest of the day and I was kinda tired to be high because I felt weird and I couldn't fully enjoy my high by taking a walk because I was too tired and my muscles were a little painful, but I was too excited to sleep.
I couldn't fully enjoy my high by taking a walk because I was too tired and my muscles were a little painful, but I was too excited to sleep.
I didn't badtrip or anything, I was just in a bored state of mind.

At around 8 PM, I was still high and my FWB texted me, asking if he could come over and I said yes, but I warned him that I was high and asked if it bothered him, he said no. We had sex and it felt AMAZING. My physical sensibility was enhanced a lot and I felt like I was in trance and in connection with the universe. I didn't feel any particular connection with him like some people experience when they have sex on psychedelics, it felt like I was using his body to connect with the universe. It was awesome. He eventually went back home and at around midnight, I finally been able to get some sleep, I was exhausted and I slept like a baby.

The day after, I had work and I had to explain to my boss why I didn't show up. I decided that I would tell her the truth because what the hell. I figured that she must be lied to by her employees on a regular basis and that she could appreciate someone telling the truth. Plus she was young too, maybe she would understand. And if not, it's not like I liked that crappy job anyway. So I told her the truth, that I was tripping balls. I told her that I went to a rave and I took something that wasn't what I thought it was, it took too much time to kick in and it lasted a lot longer than it would have had if it was the substance that I thought it would. She looked at me, a little perplex and said 'So you were high, but you didn't plan to be?' And I said yes. To my surprise, she said 'Okay, well be careful next time.' I couldn't believe it. She didn't say a word to higher management and I haven't been in trouble at all.

Overall, it was fun but it would have been way better if I took it sooner. And I doubt that your boss is as cool as mine, so yeah don't act careless like I did.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 112130
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Aug 27, 2018Views: 2,212
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Unknown (120), MDMA (3) : Various (28), What Was in That? (26), Combinations (3)

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