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Healing Properties of a Mental Vacation
6-APB & Cannabis
by Anatoli Smorin
Citation:   Anatoli Smorin. "Healing Properties of a Mental Vacation: An Experience with 6-APB & Cannabis (exp112048)". Jul 17, 2018.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:38 46 mg smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:04 105 mg vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 7:24   oral Alcohol  


This report is part of a seven-report collection. The collection consists of a summary report that is retrospective and generalized in nature as well as six more detailed chronicles of my experience with 6-APB [of which this is one]. If desired, please see the summary report, where one can find links to each of the other experience reports.

All dosages were prepared on a freshly calibrated milligram [.000 gram] scale. The chemical was sourced through a highly vetted chemist and this batch was tested at a > 98% purity. An NMR analysis was completed and analyzed by a third party chemist to verify the chemical was indeed 6-APB. All dosages were from the same batch of chemical. The substance was a medium-light tan color and a very fine powder.

A little background: I consider myself to be well versed in the realm of substance use. Previous experiences include opiates, stimulants and psychedelics. A fair amount of my substance usage history includes novel research chemicals often in less than common combinations.

This report was written using extensive notes as well as audio recordings taken during the experience.

Take 3: Healing Properties of a Mental Vacation

My mind has been restless since I woke up this morning. Some sources of stress have flared up over the last few days. Large decisions have been made recently that will have lasting impacts on my life. These decisions, although already made, have left me tense and frustrated with the events that made them necessary. Being that it is a Saturday and given my current mindset, I decide this is a good opportunity to test 6-APB’s therapeutic capabilities. It has been nineteen days since I last used 6-APB. I have not used any substances outside of alcohol [several days a week] and cannabis [most days] during this time span.

T + 00:00 [11:47 AM]
I branch away from the insufflation method used on my first two times using 6-APB and decide to test out oral administration. I prepare 30 mg of material in a “parachute” made of a single ply tissue and swallow it with a swig of water.

T + 00:39 [12:26 PM]
Mental calmness has crept in slowly. My frustration and tense mood this morning has dissolved and I feel content. I don’t feel “amped up” or euphoric and I can still bring about negative feelings when I think about the sources of my stress. I am able to let these thoughts go with greater ease than normal and take a seat on the couch to do some reading online. Netflix is on in the background and I get mild entertainment from it when I glance up from the computer. I would not say I’m any more entertained than I would be sober.

I find myself wishing that some of my friends were here with me. Not friends I see daily, but old friends that live in different parts of the world who I don’t get to see frequently. I know I would really enjoy talking and sharing some time together with them.

T + 01:04 [12:51 PM]
I have probably been off baseline for between twenty or thirty minutes but at this point in time I consider myself to be at a + rating on the Shulgin Rating Scale. The T.V. is losing its appeal rapidly and I happily shut it off and replace it with music.

This is enjoyable! I can do online computer work competently. I am thinking clearly and have not encountered any loss of my mental ability. I have some extra energy to dump into the work I am doing. The energy is a plain energy; not hyper focus like less euphoric stimulants.

I take stock of my physical state and note that the skin on my arms has tingles and chills running across it, just as I experienced in my previous experiences of 6-APB.

T + 01:14 [1:01 PM]
The computer work is no longer holding my interest even though the particular project I was working on is something I am passionate about. I contemplate if I could function at my day job in this state. I decide no. I am too drawn to music, fun, and conversation to make this an effective study or work aid. I do have a single work related e-mail that requires proofreading. I am able to complete this and feel comfortable sending it in my current state.

Music enhancement is clearly occurring. I notice this more so than in past experiences even with the dosage being lower on this day. All music seems to “hit the spot” the moment it comes on. Heavy dubstep, smooth electro, jazz, uptempo & downtempo all seem like the perfect choice for that moment as soon as the sounds reach my ears. The urge to dance is coming in hot. I dance.

T + 01:25 [1:12 PM]
Dancing is bombing now! My maneuvers are less technical than my normal style; much more flowy in nature with imprecise loose movements. I continue to dance as I wash all the dishes in the sink and empty the dishwasher. I write a note in my journal: “If you are not doing your dishes while dancing on 6-APB . . . then you are doing them wrong!” I am elevating from a + to a ++ on the Shulgin Rating Scale at this point.

T + 01:31 [1:18 PM]
The euphoric effects: desire to dance, mood lift, and energy level - all take a quick step down. The first wave has started to recede a bit. I still feel great but the initial rush up has certainly reached a plateau of sorts. For the past 45 minutes I have been in a GROOVE, suddenly I simply feel nice. This retraction of effects was almost instantaneous. So sharp in nature that it almost put me off, throwing the thought of a re-dose into my mind for a split-second. I don’t act on this thought, and I find it comical that I took this dosage curious how therapeutic it could be. My stress and bad feelings from the morning have been obliterated and seem miles away even with this pull back in intensity.

I decide to do a bit of journaling. My thoughts focus on “life” and how I should conduct myself in general. A quotation from my writing: “Don’t play the social game unless one wants to…just be oneself. Life is being oneself and far too short to waste time pretending or faking anything for anyone else…everything is easier [relationships, meeting friends, day to day life, work etc.] when one is acting actually as oneself without any ‘front‘ on.” These thoughts, topics and particularly the way my mind navigates them remind me a lot of past LSD experiences.

I find that my internal monologue is alternating between thoughts and spoken words. This is not uncommon for me especially when on a substance.
I find that my internal monologue is alternating between thoughts and spoken words. This is not uncommon for me especially when on a substance.

T + 01:36 [1:23 PM]
The lull of the effects seems to be reversing. I start to feel a boost. My tactile sensations are, for the first time today, noticeably increasing. Comparatively, this effect is less intense than when I snorted this substance at similar dosages. I begin to have a few sexual thoughts but they are not dominating my mind by any means.

T + 01:47 [1:34 PM]
My arms feel “high” on their insides. A slow energy or sensation is radiating outwards from the very center of them. This sensation is felt beginning near my elbows and continues to my wrists.

My dancing has slowed. I’m slightly physically tired and I head to the couch to sit now. I turn down the music volume and close my eyes. I don’t have any closed eyed visuals, but resting my eyelids is peaceful and tranquil.

T+ 02:10 [1:57PM]
The effects are not getting stronger now for sure. After the initial come-up and pull back, the effects have been steady. A few small dips and rises but overall an even plateau. I take my resting heart rate and document it at 72 BPM. This is only slightly increased from my average sober resting heart rate which is typically around 65 BPM.

T + 02:33 [2:20 PM]
I have thoughts about re-dosing. Increasing the effects would be nice. I decide against this because I don’t yet have a plan for the night. If I were alone tonight staying in, or making all decisions of activities for the night myself, I would binge at least another dose. Kai won’t be using this substance with me though so I don’t want to be rolling hard before I know where I might end up later on. I am happy to find this decision / restraint easy.

I feel a bit dehydrated and make a point to finish off my second tall glass of water [since the experience started].

T + 02:38 [2:25 PM]
I smoke 46 mg of an indica-dominant cannabis from technical glass water pipe then sit back to see how this effects the 6-APB.

T + 02:43 [2:30 PM]
I note a slight uptick in visual effects; tones are warmer and saturation is slightly increased. The edges of objects do not look as sharply defined as they do when I am sober, my vision feels “soft”.

Closed Eyes Visuals begin to occur for the first time. I close my eyes to see one of the spinning chair rides commonly found at amusement parks. The ride is suspended on a black background and is realistic in its appearance and details. Some of the outlines and details on the ride are faintly glowing neon colors. The chairs spin around as they normally would but the entire ride is also wobbling in an off-axis manner. There is an aura of light that surrounds the spinning ride that moves in small circular rotations.

My physical sedation is at its peak and my energy seems to be at its lowest [of the experience]. This combination is relatively significant; I almost feel ‘couch-locked’. I am happy to sit on the couch bobbing my head to the music, which still sounds fantastic, but dancing has lost all appeal at this point.

T + 03:11 [2:58PM]
I am starting to come down now. While I can still clearly feel the effects, particularly those boosted by the recent cannabis ingestion, the overall intensity of the experience is slowing down.

I turn off the music to watch some Netflix.

T + 03:28 [3:15 PM]
Effects continue to rapidly decrease. I feel I am between baseline and a + on the Shulgin Rating Scale. My mind is relaxed and comfortably blank. The headspace combined with slight physical sedation makes me contemplate a nap. I doubt I could actually fall asleep, but resting with my eyes shut and my mind blank, is serene. The worries and stresses that plagued me this morning have been long gone since shortly after my ingestion of the 6-APB. I love the fact that my mind is capable of slow and meandering positive thoughts.

T + 03:37 [3:24 PM]
I am feeling sleepier now. The effects of the cannabis are still slightly present but I declare myself baseline at this point in terms of the 6-APB. The duration was shorter than I had anticipated with the oral route of administration. The intensity was also far greater than I was expecting.
The duration was shorter than I had anticipated with the oral route of administration. The intensity was also far greater than I was expecting.
I have no urge to take more 6-APB. Even though I felt true euphoria, very “high”, it is though my initial intent of using the chemical to release tension in a therapeutic manner re-emerged during the comedown. There is no stressful debate about turning the therapeutic dosage into a launching pad for a more recreational experience. Instead there is a simple, content and fulfilled mind state.

T + 04:04 [3:50 PM]
I prepare and vaporize 105 mg of indica dominant cannabis. The typical cannabis effects are slightly muted. I feel some sedation flowing through my body from the core outwards. This is the only hint of 6-APB that has been brought back into play as a result of smoking the cannabis.

Conclusion / Additional Comments:
I continued to keep timestamps and notes throughout the afternoon and I added a few alcoholic drinks into the mix beginning at 7:10 PM [T + 07:24]. I never felt anything beyond the effects of the drinks and cannabis [which I continued to use throughout the evening]. The only data point I found noteworthy is that even after a relatively small dosage of 6-APB my tolerance for cannabis and alcohol was drastically increased. To achieve a level of effect, my consumption of these contributing substances was easily 150% or greater than it would be without 6-APB.

I achieved sleep without abnormal difficulty around midnight.

The following day I felt no physical afterglow but I did feel that I had put some distance between myself and the stressful situations that were the motivation for the 6-APB usage. There was not any actual anxiety reduction or mental effects from the 6-APB itself the next day. Instead I feel that the mental vacation provided by the euphoric stimulant had some healing characteristics to it. In this experience the substance seemed to offer more than just a temporary reprieve from reality, returning from which my problems and stress are waiting for me in full force. I came back to the same scenarios of course, but I approached them with a fresh attitude and everything seemed much more manageable. I cannot say with certainty that this was the 6-APB’s doing entirely. Perhaps a day using any substance would have provided me the mental space to take a few deep breaths and this stress free-time period was the true hero. Having used nearly every genre of substance with the hopes of a therapeutic outcome at one point or another in my life, I feel pretty confident that the 6-APB [at least in this instance] was more effective than many other options.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112048
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jul 17, 2018Views: 5,665
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6-APB (516) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1)

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