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We Are All Prodigal African Primates
Tabernanthe iboga (TA extract)
Citation:   Shamanz. "We Are All Prodigal African Primates: An Experience with Tabernanthe iboga (TA extract) (exp111918)". Jun 1, 2018.

1 g oral Tabernanthe iboga (extract)
Iboga: harsh initiation for the prodigal African primate

Humans, especially perhaps white Western affluent modern educated humans, have forgotten or never learned or didn't want to know who they really were: that they were African primates whose ancestors had gone wandering about the planet and strayed a long way from home. Iboga, of course, has not forgotten, and when the time is right, it is Iboga who takes the modern Western educated affluent human on an initiation, and firmly reminds them of their origins….

Hands in front of my closed eyelids…yes I can see my hands moving. Could that really be my brain ‘making it up’ by remembering my hand contours and calculating accurately what they would look like if I moved them about and so fooling me into believing that I could see them with my eyes closed? Maybe, but why would my brain go to such lengths just to ‘fool me’? I didn't ask for it and don’t see what is to be gained by it. Far easier to accept to, very disturbing, reality that under Iboga I can ‘see’ with my eyes closed.

Then I notice it. Something that 200 Ayahuasca experiences could not have prepared me for. With my eyes closed I see a large blueish rectangle about 10 feet away and on the other side of that ‘window’ there is a complete really taking place, next to/adjacent or joined to my reality, in which there is a group of maybe 10 black africans, possibly pygmy, seem small, all in a circle undergoing a ceremony. The impression is that I am privileged, this time, to be allowed to be near a ceremony taking place but I am not allowed to directly take part in the ceremony. The experience is frightening due its realism. A sense of ‘what have I done’ engulfs me.
A sense of ‘what have I done’ engulfs me.
Various animal beings are nearby, nothing is hostile, and yet nothing is comforting either, it just is. After some time, a tall dark humanoid-like being enters my space and seems to check on me, finds me to be ok, turns and walks away. Terrified, I mutter or think, thank you.

Eventually, the head of a chubby African native, possibly 40 yrs old, with white paint stripes on his face appears and looks at me, It is Mr Iboga, or is it me, or my deceased brother in African form? The look is firm and serious, not hostile, maybe one of acceptance of me. I saw what I had come to see, but it was so real it was extremely scary. I want it to stop. I want to go back to looking after my partner, I don’t understand what has happened or why, I want to be normal again and alive.

I see various entities, misty animal-like, very furry colourful and extremely animated. Unlike with Ayahuasca, here I don’t know whether to greet them, to reach out to them, so I generally don’t do either. Then a yellow unicorn appears. I have and never have had any interest or connection with unicorns, that I know of, so I am surprised by it. Its horn is an extensions of its 3rd eye energy, this time I reach out and my index finger makes contact with the tip of its horn. I know the contact is significant, but don’t know why…

Hours of restless wakefulness as the energy fades, no more visions, and my head buzzing very gradually lessens….

I am weak and emotionally strained, I feel as if I have endured and survived a major ordeal. I know it is significant etc but for now I am just too physically and mentally worn out to do anything other than focus on sipping water and chewing some Brazil nuts…

It is 10pm the next day before I can get some sleep. I am generally looking forward to being ‘normal’ again.

Next day, I go for a gentle walk. The sky catches my attention. Clouds seems to be more interesting than usual, their shades of white, and grey. Trees and plants are more ‘significant’. People seem less hostile, I almost want to greet and talk to everyone I pass, but I don’t as this is London, and they would find that strange. Fear is gone, I feel a subtle but significant sense of happiness.
I feel a subtle but significant sense of happiness.

I have not taken a Neurofen tablet since.

My experience on a relatively low dose, removing an addiction I didn't even know I had, who knows what it could do to other addictions when taken at the ‘flood’ dose levels. I have no doubt that when people report the ending of heroin addictions via Iboga that they are telling the truth.

Summary; very serious, seems close to death, should not be taken alone, is the best candidate among the known entheogens for stopping addictions, is not for everyone, is absolutely by no means at any stage ever approaching anything which might be fun or anything which one would want to do again without a very very good reason.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 111918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45
Published: Jun 1, 2018Views: 1,409
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Tabernanthe iboga (200) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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