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Best Morning Ever
4-HO-MiPT & Meditation
by Poset
Citation:   Poset. "Best Morning Ever: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT & Meditation (exp111838)". Erowid.org. Apr 25, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111838

30 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT


Even though taking psychedelics at my age isnít advised, my unique mindset allows me to enjoy them fully without even one bad trip so far (after 4 LSD-25 trips: 120 mcg = best ballet Iíve ever seen/more, like, felt (ĄSwan Lakeď), 200 mcg = best night I didnít sleep through, 50 mcg + marijuana = best shopping in TESCO and 100 mcg + marijuana = best party so far).

But after the last trip I felt a bitÖ detached from my subconsciousness, as if we had stopped being those good mates weíd always been. After a quick insight into this wonderful thing people call Ącalendarď, I noticed that all of those four psychedelic trips happened during a four-month period - which was way too often for such hard psychedelic indulgence at my age. I had to recover for almost a month, but fortunately without any psychotic or schizophrenic episodes. Iíd say meditation helped me the most and that Iíll never give it up.

So, I decided to wait, gave myself time (four months), and now weíre back to this very beautiful morning :) I was writing this report to my friend live, so Iíll just translate it from Polish, put it into quotation marks and beef it up with some afterthought.

Pill delivered into the system'

I woke up just a few minutes earlier, came to the conclusion that I donít have anything better to do, as my family still asleep (no, they do n o t know), so I took the small green pill. I chased it with some apple juice, because I didnít have anything better and started chewing on a bar of 90% chocolate in order to activate the secretion of gastric juices (remember the hour).

Doing thorough stretching due to anticipation of body load.'

Which, in compilation with the next:

Iím beginning the most important phase of my preparations, which is meditation. Iíll try to speed up my heart rate.'

made for a non-loady trip, which will be described later on:

Time is slipping right through my knuckles this morning. Visuals start to crystallize very, very gently. First symptoms are lowered body temperature and tension in the body
First symptoms are lowered body temperature and tension in the body
, which manifested itself first in my testicles being elevated to the very limit - fortunately it went away as fast as it had appeared. Trismus is trying to catch me, but so far Iím overpowering it easily by breathing deeply.'

Iíve just thought about getting some chocolate which lay on a chair near my bed and experienced seeing my body hand it itself.'

'Trismus is haunting me and itís getting closer, but still Iím chasing it away with deep, rhythmic breath, just as other unpleasant symptoms, which is illness-like shivering and a bit of cold sweat.'

A compulsory entry at T+1:00, unfortunately this isnít anything of an interesting experÖ
Iíve just felt a wave of incoming sensations.'

'Iím getting my typical psychedelic symptom (putting this colorfully pulsating screen aside), which is some kind of an accelerating metronome that sometimes sounds just like instruments in Pink Floydís 'Astronomy Domine'. Indisputably on its way to my queue.'

Effects like in the sixth-seventh hour after investing LSD-25, which means an already subtle comedown. Waiting for mooore.'


At least I was trying to maintain a poker face.
But visuals came by and I simply couldnít (everything is undulating).'

The following was a pretty memorable synesthesia:
'I have just s e e n the t a s t e of coffee, without drinking it since yesterday. It mustíve been the chocolate that triggered it, as I still have it on my gums.'

'Right now a car engine has hallucinatorily gone near my headÖ itís the said metronome.'

As now I recall it, that sound has to be the psychedelically enriched moving of my neck and the spine, which in everyday life gets canceled out. Btw., it went away pretty swiftly.

'Iíd gladly come out of the house, to the playground perhaps, but as I have imagined myself at 7 am on a swing in a playground, sitting still and smiling, I figured it might not be the best idea.'

The sensation of wanting to do something with my body is common amidst my out-of-body experiences, and the need of stepping onto the street is very strong at those moments; but then I conceit human disgust and fear considering people strolling down the streets under the influence of drugs and the need gets substituted with the engulfing belief that I have to sit my ass down for the whole peak else Iíll get hurt in physical or any other sense. Itís a shame humans are intolerant of such prohuman substances. But of course another argument is that itíd be tougher for me to keep myself from walking into a car accident.

I wonder, itís hard to get that feeling in normal life but comes back in the exact same form during every peak - maybe the psychedelic dissociation makes the memories form somewhere else than in hippocampus, just like after we are born and the hippocampus isnít yet developed enough to form memories. And my guess is thatís where recurring feelings or same patterns of falling into bad trips (concluding from what I know about people who canít trip on specific substances anymore, because they would always get a bad trip) under psychedelic substances come from.

Itís high time for the music.
xíD Iíd heard the music Ďfore I played it.'

'Fuuuuuck, I canít stop giggling since the guitar line in (Herbie Hancockís) 'Chameleon' came in.'

All in all, music was very spacey and impactful.

'The trismus started to haunt me again (or rather Iíve noticed it is there), but at the same time Iíve noticed my chest has been barely moving. Started breathing deeper and it let go ;)'

'Chewing on the chocolate is so impossible right now'

So cool
The whole body load is gone, pure tripping.'

After writing that message I mustíve figured I was capable of transporting my mind in my body downstairs and to the garden, which I did. Thatís where the most beautiful moments happened, with culmination point of pure serotoninergic contentment occurring during Pink Floydís 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5'. Thatís also when the thought about this being the best morning of my life came about.

To summarize, Iíd say I liked it more than acid. Predominantly thanks to the short duration and that it wore me out less. Itís a pity it comes down so quickly though.'

The official end to the celebration, the music isnít that satiating anymore.'

My logical mind isnít doing now as well as normally (23*34 took me 60 secs to calculate, even though correctly, for comparison the normal maximum would be 30 secs), but thatís even better than after LSD-25 and should be perfect by the evening. Now excuse me, a thoughtful and surprising new day awaits me.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111838
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Apr 25, 2018Views: 1,992
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4-HO-MiPT (342), Meditation (128) : First Times (2), Personal Preparation (45), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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